You shall want to be positive no matter what in all your ventures during the year. This may make you intolerant towards people who may try to talk about any cons.


Positive attitude is good, but you should always be aware of flip sides too before you embark on any journey.

    • January – You have a lot of backlog from the previous year, and this may make you feel overwhelmed as you attempt to clear your list of to do stuff. Keep your mind composed and make a priority list to sort out issues one by one.


    • February – This month you are more in control and you are eager to plan for the months ahead. Remember not to let your temper snap if you face any difference in opinion.


    • March – You are willing to experiment out of the box this month. Your creativity is on an all time high and you come up with project plans that would charm your colleagues and superiors alike at work.


    • April – This is the month when you do a lot of planning to put your creativity to performance. This is also a time considered astrologically auspicious to make some financial investments that would bring futuristic returns.


    • May – This is the time when you may face some opposition probably stemming from jealousy from coworkers as you lead to give your projects a shape. Remember you cannot accomplish it all on your own. As such deal such situation with charm and patience and get your work done.


    • June – Life would finally seem to come to a routine and you have some time to breathe and think about your personal life. A vacation with the significant other would fire up the romance.


    • July – Your confidence shall be at its peak, but do not allow it to make you arrogant or you may lose the support of your friends and coworkers. Professional networking may bring your way fresh opportunities.


    • August – This month the focus is on your home. It is an auspicious time to invest in a property or vehicle. You may even get renovations done to your existing home to make it sparkle and shine.


    • September – You shall be hit by the Cupid’s arrow this month and those of you who are still single may find the love of your life.


    • October – Your profession would keep you very busy, and you may be required to travel a lot due to demands of your profession.


    • November – This is the month to evaluate your relationships and discard the fair weather friends and imposters from your life so that you can concentrate more on people who truly matter.


    • December – You need some time to yourself and figure out the way your life is changing to accommodate the change in your surroundings.


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