Christmas is the time for celebration and decoration. When it comes to the indoor decorations you have a host of options in wreaths, trees, bells and the like. One of the attractive forms of decoration that are widely used now is the Celestial Balls Christmas Ornament.

These are nothing but simple tissue-covered foam balls. They are generally painted with festive designs on it. The designs are done by glitter and are available in various colors. This is one of the fastest and easiest means of Christmas decor. You can also use them as gifts to friends and family, so that they can use it as a part of Christmas decorations. An idea way of using it would be displaying it on a square mirror.

Another way of decorating your room with these celestial Christmas balls is to keep them in shallow bowl. This will make it a beautiful centerpiece Christmas decor.

When to use the Celestial Balls Christmas Ornament?

Though the Christmas ornament balls are meant for the Christmas Eve, they can be also used for other occasions as well. You can also use them for Easter parties and other family get -togethers. They form attractive interior decor items. You can also use them on the Christmas tress or tie them along with the mistletoe.

Homemade Celestial Balls Christmas Ornament

You can also make these celestial Christmas ball ornaments at home. This way they become your personalized Christmas crafts. Later on you can use it for your Christmas decorations. You can also give to kids who attend your party as a part of Christmas party favors.

Are you thinking about the materials that are required to make these celestial homemade ball ornaments? We can suggest you the some of ingredients that you can use in making the same:-

  • Tissue paper of various colors like white, red, green (or any other colors of your choice)
  • STYROFOAM Balls, having a size of 3″, 5″. You can also use other size if you wish to.
  • Gold marker pens with medium and narrow tip.
  • Wooden skewer, chopsticks, and/or other pointed tool.
  • You can use paintbrush brush with wide, firm bristles. You can also count in the thin ones.
  • As an adhesive use a white craft glue

These would be the basic requirements. If you would want to decorate them you can use materials like:-

  • Colored Beads
  • Glitters and sparkles
  • Golden ribbons or any other colors that you want to.
  • Sea shells.
  • Sparkle stones

Where are they available?

For the materials that are required to make the Celestial Balls Christmas Ornament you can get them from any stationery or mall outlets. If you are planning to get the ready made ones, you find them plenty in the Christmas stores. You are most likely to find them in groups of three, six, nine, twelve and many more.

Make your interior decorations for Christmas different than last year by using this personalized Celestial Balls Christmas Ornament.

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