Halloween is one of the most popular celebrations in the world. This festival with its religious roots is now a more secular celebration. On this day people especially kids get to dress in spooky costumes and have fun. Halloween is incomplete with Halloween crafts. Both kids and adults can make a variety of crafts for Halloween apart from enjoying other activities like ghost tours, trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, watching horror movies etc.

So get ready to make your house look great this Halloween. Children can make beautiful yet scary items to gift people who refuse to make an offering to them. You can make Halloween crafts easily from materials in your house. It can be made from boxes, cardboard, ribbons, crayons, cartons, paints, ribbons, paper string etc.

Common crafts for Halloween include jack-o-lantern mask, carved pumpkins, spider crafts, skeleton, haunted house, witch’s hands, banners, candles, bat, ghost, paper scarecrow, egg carton, pencil topper, spooky mosaic, bat clips, candle jars, masks, bats etc. Below are some great ideas for Halloween crafts.

Create paper creatures like spooky creatures, bats, ghosts, spiders with construction paper. You can make half ghosts peeking out or paper pumpkins. Cut out bats from black construction paper and make a hole at the top. Hang these over door and vents to make them look like flying.

Make ghost balloons by blowing some balloons and placing a light white bed sheet over it. Draw a ghostly face on it and tie it in various places. Make tin can lanterns by making a design on empty cans. Then paint the cans in your choice of color. Decorate it with jewels and glitter and put a battery-powered candle or light inside.

Cardboard Graveyard – Take some old cardboard appliance boxes for making your graveyard on the front yard. Cut these in a tombstone size and paint it in black. Outline it with white paint. Write funny or spooky epithets on the tombs with a paint brush.

House-o-Lantern – Make a big smile on your haunted house. For this you will need a corrugated cardboard, craft knife, glue stick, masking tape, orange tissue paper, markers or pencils and lamp. It will take an hour to make this. First measure the window where you want to put the face. The cut the corrugated cardboard accordingly so it fits tightly. Make a face on the cardboard and cut the pieces of the face with the craft knife. On the inside of the cardboard stick orange tissue paper to cover the cut out portions. Stick the cardboard in the window with masking tape. Now just place a lamp near the window to light the house-o-lantern.

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