After choosing the right costume the next thing is to choose a Halloween make up for real transformation. Halloween makeup gives you a new look. You can choose clown make up, body make up or tattoo make up depending on your choice.

Tips for Halloween Makeup

Gorgeous Witch Halloween makeup: Want to go for a Gorgeous Witch make up. Apply foundation with a foundation brush. Smudge the under eye area for a smoky effect. Apply black liner to line the eye. Complete your Gorgeous Witch make up with a coat of mascara and a red lip color.

Cat Face Halloween makeup: For a Cat Face Halloween makeup you will require black eyeliner, fake eye lashes, white cream makeup, liner brush, glitter and gloss. Apply foundation or cream face to paint your face. To give a rosy look to your cheeks use cream blush. Line the eye with black or brown eyeliner. Apply dots on both the sides of your cheeks. Apply pink gloss on your lips. Don’t forget to highlight your eye.

Halloween Monster Make-Up: You will require fuller’s earth, plain yogurt, food color and water. Blend them nicely. Apply the mixture on your face avoiding the eye areas and lips. Apply dark color lipstick. After the party, rinse it with water. To paint your body you will require baby shampoo and powdered tempura paints. Stir the mixture well and apply on your body.

Halloween Blood make up: To make fake blood you will require red food color, white corn syrup, blue food color, yellow food color and water. Stir the colors and syrup in a pan. To have a scary look smear the fake blood all over your body.

Halloween teeth make up: For a scary Halloween teeth make up you can choose mangled hillbilly teeth, Vampy fangs, Vampire teeth and Werewolf teeth.

Halloween Clown make up: If you are wearing clown costume for next Halloween make up then you can choose clown makeup. For a clown make don’t forget to wear a colorful and funny wig. Use powder and cream make up as your base. Use dark color lipstick on your lips.

Other Halloween makeup ideas include:

  • Mineral make up
  • Special effects make up
  • Stage make up
  • Theatrical makeup
  • Body paint makeup
  • Goth make up
  • Tattoo makeup
  • Costume makeup
  • Ben Nye makeup
  • Mehron make up

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