Halloween is knocking at your door. You might be in hurry to decorate the hall with scary delights. For creating a haunted atmosphere, you don’t need to research here and there. Homemade Halloween decorations will offer you exceptional party ambiance in affordable prices.

It encourages you to enjoy a scary party. Fill your house with several Halloween decoration ideas. Each and every idea treats you with great pleasure. Find below on how to arrange a Halloween night with scary items.

Tips for homemade Halloween decoration

  • Hanging ghosts on Halloween night: Hang some ghosts on the walls. First take some tissue papers and make a ball using them. Position the ball in a white tissue. Tie the tissue with the help of a string. Don’t forget to gather the ball inside the tissue. Turn the tissue upside down position. The tissue will be hanged and it would take the shape of a hanging ghost. Except white tissue papers, you may also use other colorful pages for creating the ghosts. Using a marker pen, draw the face of the Halloween ghost.
  • Monster Footprints to decorate Halloween party: Footprint of a stranger always leads you to confusion. Choose a big size sponge. Draw some foot pints on the sponge using a marker. After cutting them in proper size, take some washable paints in an aluminum pan. Now put the sponge in the paint and create footprint with it. Place the prints in a proper way. It should reflect the image of a ghost’s footprint.
  • Glowing ghosts on Halloween party: Incorporate glowing ghosts to add more mystery to your Halloween party. Choose a small glow stick. Place it inside a balloon. Using black marker, draw facial features. It will act as a wonderful outside Halloween decoration. When it will blow up, all guests will enjoy the horrible sight of the party.
  • Living room Halloween decoration: Wrap all furniture with white cloths. Select torn pieces of cloth. Position a hidden fan and apply it to create haunted effects. Cut out some ghost silhouettes and decorate them in the window side. Place some ghost mask around the living room.
  • Egg carton bats and Halloween celebration: Bats are symbol of scary atmosphere. Utilize this symbol on Halloween night. For 31st October night, prepare some bats cutting egg cartons. Draw the shape of a bat on the carton and cut out them efficiently. Keep a hole in the middle to hang them later. Use black color to bring out the real feature.

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