2015 Horoscope helps you to plan your year in advance by making you aware of the right time for the various aspects of life.

For example, when to invest, and when to refrain from it; or what would be an auspicious time to get involved romantically; or when you should be a little more cautious about your health.

This enables you to make informed decisions thereby steering your life in a better direction.


The year 2015 will begin with the grace of Planet Jupiter bringing you happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of life. It is a good to time invest – financially, in property and also in your relationships. The second half of the year is good for new beginnings – career front would bring hefty positive returns. Weddings may happen for many during this time. Married couples may expect to welcome a newborn in the family.


The year 2015 will see you steering towards the direction of success in all spheres of life. It would also bring you fame and inflow of finances. However, the position of Planet Saturn in the seventh house of your natal chart also indicates an increase in expenses. Students will perform beyond expectations. The entrance of Rahu in your chart towards the end of the year may bring some trouble with your partner, but will fade away with time.

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The year 2015 would almost be magical for Gemini. Most of your dreams would materialize in this year, and in fact it may bring you more than your expectations. You should make the most of this auspicious time by toiling to make things happen for you. It is a good time for changing jobs for the better or even to start out a venture of your own. Financial investments would bring hefty returns. Health would pose no trouble. Love life would be fulfilling.



The year 2015 would bring you blessings manifold. The success story in your place of work would continue. Promotions and perks will come to you in due time. Travelling for professional reasons is on the cards, but would not be particularly gainful. Financial condition shall improve, and it is recommended that you seek professional help to manage money matters smartly. The only cause of concern could be your health would require some care.


The year would begin with Planet Jupiter resting in your twelfth house and Planet Saturn in your fourth house. This combination means that this is the time when your skills and abilities would be put to a test. It is recommended not to get too adventurous – be it in the professional, financial or personal sphere. Behavior of someone close may hurt you – but with charm and intelligence you shall take things to your stride. The key is to stay composed and focused.


The year begins with Rahu being positioned in the eleventh house of the natal chart, and this may mean that some minor health issues would bother you during this time. But again this would be more than compensated by the happy times that your love life would bring your way, including marriage and children. The second half of the year would bring you many opportunities in the professional sphere. Expenses however would be on the rise.

Horoscope 2015

Horoscope 2015



You shall begin the year 2015 with renewed energy, creativity and zeal. This means you should prepare yourself for accolades in the professional front. Health too shall not give you any trouble. If you have been contemplating to buy a new home, property or vehicle, it is time you stopped dilly dallying and took a firm step forward. Personal relationships, however, may not be very rosy. Also, you should learn to limit and organize your spending pattern.


The year 2015 will not pose too many challenges for you in the work front. Students appearing for competitive examinations and aspiring for higher studies would be met with success. Financially too this would be a gainful year for you. However, health may not be at its best and there may be times when you shall feel a little under the weather. Also, the placement of Planet Saturn in the first house of your chart indicates some differences in opinion with your spouse or partner.


The first half of the year is the time for you to toil without looking for the gains or rewards. It is recommended to handle every situation during this time with sharp intellect and composed demeanor. It is not recommended to make financial investments during this time. Behavior of a family member may hurt you. Cumulatively, all these add up the stress factor in your life which in turn may affect your health. The things would however look up in the latter part of the year, so be patient.


The year would be mostly amazing and would bring you happiness and successes thereby making you feel contented. Your intelligence, leadership abilities and creativity would be appreciated at work and you shall achieve new milestones in your professional sphere. Financial gains are also indicted. However, you have to invest and spend wisely if you want to save some moolah. Romance would blossom for most of you and those intending to tie the knot may choose the first half of the year.


The year 2015 would bring mixed results for Aquarians. On one hand you may suddenly develop a caustic tongue, which along with some other factors may create a rift in your personal relationships. Health of a loved one may cause concern. Legal issues may crop up and require immediate attention. On the other hand, you shall be in the best of health, and would achieve a lot of successes at work. The latter months would bring romantic bliss.


The year would begin with a celebratory mood as some happy occasions may take place in the home front. Work load and responsibilities would increase, but this would also bring you opportunity to showcase your abilities and earn accolades. Finances, if dealt with care and caution, would reap rewards. Health may require some attention.