New Year’s is a celebration of times that have gone by and a toast to times that are to come.

All around the world across cultures and countries, the occasion of New Year’s is celebrated with much zeal and panache, as people come together to celebrate advent of a New Year, that will bring with it new experiences, memories and adventures.

When planning on a New Year’s getaway, Europe can provide you with some of the best options, which are diverse in their cultural and geographic sphere.

So listed for you here are a few options that you can consider for a perfect New Year’s holiday.

  • Amsterdam

With the traditional sweets like Oliebollen which are basically donuts that are coated with sugar and Appelflappen which can be best described as apple fritters, being the sugary delicacies to indulge in; Amsterdam is a totally different ambience to be in. As the fireworks light up the sky, you can be a part of the New Year madness. With displays near the Amstel River and the grand shows at Museumplein and Nieuwmarkt, you can witness the sky being lit till almost the break of dawn. So as the people line the streets and celebrate, you too can be a part of the whole Amsterdam experience.

  • Berlin

Berlin is renowned for its open air parties which are perhaps the largest in the world. Parties that are full of drinks, fireworks and music, Berlin surely knows how to kick-start the new year with style. The famous ‘Party Mile’ that starts at the Brandenburg Gate and ends at the Victory Column, and is jam packed with open bars and dance arenas. With fireworks and laser light shows lasting through the night, Berlin is surely a city, whose New Year’s Eve celebration you need to be a part of at least once in your lifetime, and it is definitely an experience that you shall never forget.

  • Istanbul

The Middle Eastern feel of Turkey and Istanbul to be specific has a unique charm. At the cusp of the two continents, whether it is the European side of the celebrations or be it the Asian side of the festivities that you partake in, you will definitely have a jolly good time no matter which side you choose. The Taksim Square and also the Istiklal Street are packed with people at night and in case you want to have a whiff of the kebabs being grilled at the open street parties then you should head off to Nisantasi, which is basically a posh area in the city, which is completely decorated and decked for the occasion.

  • Paris

The city of love needs no introduction and the Parisian love for grandeur surely does not need to be elaborated upon. One simply goes to Paris because it is Paris after all, no questions asked. The champagne and fireworks studded night near Champs-Elysees, which is an all-time favourite, because of its great location and also the view of Paris’ crowning glory; the Eiffel Tower which is lit up at midnight. If in want of things that are slightly different you can opt to celebrate at Montmartre, which is basically a hill that will probably affront you with the best view of the Parisian skyline along with the fireworks that shall stud the sky at midnight. Also one cannot exclude the raving street parties and the famous chic Parisian bars that provide you with an array of options.

  • London

The south bank of the river Thames is generally crowded to a tee on New Year’s Eve as everyone waits for the spectacular fireworks that erupt into the sky and is perhaps one of the best firework shows that you will ever witness anywhere else. With an attendance that is estimated to be almost a quarter of a million, once the famous Big Ben chimes the time to be twelve, the advent of the New Year is celebrated with the famous fireworks that lasts for almost ten minutes. One of the most popular ways to be a part of London’s New Year experience is to climb aboard one of the numerous party boats as they take you to the Thames Barrier from the Festival Pier and then bring you back in time for the display. Once the celebratory fireworks are over, the bars become the favourite haunt, as you can party and drink the night away in merriment.

  • Bologna

For the most different yet authentic Italian experience of the advent of the New Year, you should visit Bologna, where you will see the procession of oxen who have been dressed up and decorated through the streets. The “Fat Ox Fair” is a classic tradition and winning it is considered to be good luck and better yet the winner gets to be a proud owner of an Ox. If the rustic customs and traditions not be of much interest to you, the musical performances at Piazza Maggiore, where there are fireworks and bonfires lit is a good alternative. Couple with the traditions another ritual of anyone who is present at the piazza receiving a Panetonne which is a kind if sweet bread, along with sparkling wine for free, you know that you are in right place, which is quite vibrant in a unique way.

  • Budapest

This East European city definitely knows how to party in style, as a three days celebration is what the New Year’s is all about. With almost the entire city out on the streets, Budapest really comes alive on New Year’s, and gathers in the city’s main squares. As the clock strikes twelve, the national anthem booms through speakers and then begins the revelry, with drinks and fireworks that set the ambience ablaze. The live musical performance keep the atmosphere full of energy and the most unique factor about New Year celebrations in Budapest are the parties that are held in the city’s traditional Turkish Baths , which are a one of a kind experience.

  • Madrid

With bottles and bottles of cava flowing like rivers, and eating of grapes, the city of Madrid comes alive on New Year’s Eve. The gatherings at Puerta Del Sol at midnight along with the atmosphere of revelry set you up for the latter half of the night, which is studded with parties. Most clubs in the city open post-midnight on this occasion and literally do not shut down until they see the first day of the New Year through. With enough drinks and music to tire the soles of your feet off dancing, Madrid and its energetic Spanish flavour make it quite a place to be in for New Year celebrations.

  • Prague

The city of Prague has always played the host to some really exciting events, effortlessly elegant and chic; the city will never disappoint you. You could ride the Vltava river, as you are offered with an evening full of spectacular, food and music; with the dazzling display of fireworks as an added bonus, or if the street char appeal to you more, you can be a part of the gatherings at the Old town square as the Czechs welcome the advent of another year with much enthusiasm and merry-making the kind that you will surely enjoy.

Hence when planning a European Sojourn for New year’s Eve, you can be assured of the fact that you will have one of the most memorable trips of your life, as the continent in all its diversity cannot let you down, and will truly make sure that your New Year’s Eve will become an unforgettable experience.

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