January I is a big day in the lives of those living in United Kingdom, as it is the day of New Year. The tradition of celebrating New Year on January 1 according to Georgian calendar began officially in the year of 1752. People in United Kingdom eagerly wait for its arrival. When New Year actually arrives, they make sure to welcome it with lots of grandeur, cheer, and festivities.

New Year Celebrations in United Kingdom

New Year celebrations made in United Kingdom are grand, best, and one of its kind, which is very much evident by the number of tourists vesting the country during the time of New Year. Almost each major city in United Kingdom is hosting at least one major grand celebration event on New Year’s Eve. These events are now being celebrated since many years, and thus has become that essential part of the life without which no one might feel like being into a New Year. Most of these events usually have thousands of people gathering together, dancing together, celebrating together and cheering together to give a grand mutual welcome to the first few moments of New Year.

As a part of New Year celebrations in United Kingdom, anything and everything, from streets to buildings to towns and hills, is illuminated with vibrant lights. Lavish parties are thrown everywhere, with finest of food and drinks served to all those participating. It is well complimented by high energy music, and equally high energy people who incessantly dance to its tunes. Almost everyone remain engaged in one or the other club or house party, or a short trip, or any other New Year celebration event. Other than these, theme parties, salsa dance, live shows, and music concerts are some of the other fervent events of New Year in United Kingdom.

The most cheerful moment arrives at the stroke of midnight, when all people cheer out loud, whistle, and beat drums. People raise toasts, and wish one another with New Year wishes by hugging and kissing.

New Year Parade in United Kingdom

New Year parade is the biggest attraction of New Year celebrations in United Kingdom. It is organized in almost all major cities of UK. These parades go through various popular streets of the city. Many eminent and local performers participate in it. Being high on entertainment value and the vibrant festive environment it crates, almost everyone ensures to be a part of this gala. The biggest New Year parade is organized in Britain, which goes through the famous streets of Whitehall and Pall Mall, and concluding at Berkley Square. It initiates during the noon time, and everyone is invited to be a part of it. Parade has all sorts of performers from musicians, dancers, acrobats, magicians, drummers, etc. entertaining everyone all through the way of procession.

New Year Celebrations in Four Countries

United Kingdom is divided in four parts- England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Island. Among these, the initial four celebrate New Year. The major part of these celebrations is mostly similar.

New Year in England- England hosts prolific New Year parties which began on the evening of December 31 and go on till the dawn of New Year’s Day. Other than this, there is a tradition of organizing parades, and firecrackers show at midnight of the arrival of New Year.

There is a tradition according to which people keep the back door of their houses open to symbolize for their farewell to the old year. On the same lines, they expect a dark haired and young man to arrive at their threshold on New Year’s Day, as it is considered to symbolize for good luck in the coming year. They are made to carry salt, coal, and bread, which respectively symbolizes for abundance of money, warmth, and food in the coming year. However, arrival of a blonde, or a red haired, or a woman is considered to be the source of bad luck in the coming year. There is also a tradition of burning bush, which symbolizes for tearing down of all evils and bad lucks of the past.

New Year in Scotland- The New Year celebrations as hosted by Scotland can be undoubtedly called as one of the best and grandest celebrations of the world. In Scotland, New Year celebration is referred as ‘Hogmanay’, which is also the name of an oatmeal cake given to small children on New Year’s Eve. People in Scotland also follow the first footing tradition, similar to the way it is followed by the people of England.

New Year in Wales- In Wales, New Year’s Eve is referred as ‘Nos Galan’, and New Year Day is referred as ‘Dydd Calan’. There is a tradition of clearing all past debts before the arrival of New Year. On New Year’s Day, small children wake up early, gather as one, and make a visit to all the houses in neighborhood while singing New Year special songs. In turn, people confer them with sweets, cookies, pies, apples, and coins.

New Year Celebration in United Kingdom
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