When Leo and Virgo fall in love, they should learn to discover the goodness in each other true. Remember, finding faults is easy – what makes a relationship more cherished is when harmony is achieved in differences and when beauty can be discovered in flaws.

Leo is ruled by The Sun, while Virgo is influenced by Mercury. Just like the sun Leo radiates warmth and expects others to orbit around it.

Leo is about impulse and passion. Mercury is all about communication – Virgo is always detail oriented, committed and working to achieve targets. While the Leo can induce spontaneity in Virgo’s life, Virgo can gift stability in return. Leo being a Fire sign is always motivated to start something new. Virgo being an Earth sign is the one to add the practical touch to Leo’s impulsive dreams.

Leo never waits to think of the consequences, while Virgo never takes a step without assessing the outcome. Leo enjoys playing the role of the leader and assigning tasks to others; Virgo is in favor of working hard. . Leo can introduce fun in the grim world of Virgo, while Virgo may teach Leo to see beyond self.

Leo Man and Virgo Woman

A Leo man is demanding and is always looking for a word or two of love and appreciation. He is ruled by impulses. Virgo woman takes her responsibilities seriously and works sincerely. However, she may admonish her man a little too frequently thereby hurting the ego and pride of her man.

Leo Woman and Virgo Man

A Leo girl is too demanding for a Virgo man’s taste. She always likes to have things her way. In return she is ready to shower her man with a lot of love and compassion. But Virgo man’s seeks a soul-mate who can delve deeper into his spirits. Also he is not too expressive about his own feelings, and this may make the woman feel ignored.

When Leo and Virgo come together in a match, it may initially seem that nothing is right. However, the partners need to let the relationship evolve with time as each one starts to appreciate and adjust to what they have got. Leo is flashy and likes to charm everyone. Virgo is shy and hesitant to express feelings. Leo is always on the center of the stage, while Virgo likes to sit in the spot furthest away from the limelight. But again both of them sport an attitude: Virgo by being over critical, Leo by being flamboyant. The pride, that is Leo’s crown, gets snubbed by the judgmental nature of Virgo. The withdrawn nature of Virgo may also keep Leo from enjoying the expressions of love that a Leo would always enjoy being pampered with. The relationship would require both the partners to understand the unfamiliarity – Leo needs to tone down and learn humility, while Virgo needs to open up and be a little expressive but less critical.

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