Leo Health Horoscope 2015 predicts of a year when you need not worry too much about your health as long as you follow a healthy lifestyle. The right balance of diet, exercise, work, play and rest is essential to keep Leos healthy and happy.

Above all it is recommended that you do not brood or over stress yourself with anxiety of any kind. As a Leo your ailments for the year would be mostly stem out of unhappy soul. Keep yourself happy and carefree without over indulging. The key to good health is maintaining this equilibrium.

Ailments that may bother the natives:

Leo born natives are not going to have too much trouble with their health if they can take simple precautions from the very beginning. As a Leo you are susceptible to enjoy the finer things in life. When you are in a mood you do not think twice before indulging, and at times even over indulging. This is something that can create trouble in your system.

As such, self control is one thing that you have to learn first and foremost if you want to stay healthy and hearty in the year 2015. Balanced diet along with moderate physical activity would help to keep you fit and fine. This would also help you to keep your weight under control. Increase in body weight is something that you should try and avoid, or else you shall be inviting to your bodies many kinds of illnesses that are associated with obesity.

However, there may be some health issues bothering you, especially in the last quarter of the year. You may face circulatory problems and this may cause bloating and swelling in your joints. If you have cholesterol problems then your cardio vascular system should be monitored regularly. Gain in weight can cause fatty liver.

Dietary Requirements and Suggestions:

As your health pattern for the year suggests, the first and foremost thing that you have to do for a healthy life is to invest in healthy habits. Leo belongs to the element Fire according to the norms of astrology. So these are fiery people who are prone to get heated up soon. As such you often have the tendency to suffer from hypertension and cardiac related issues. The best way to deal with this from the diet perspective is to avoid all things spicy, oily and junk.

For the hypertension related issues it is recommended that you have a low sodium diet. For the cardiac issues, Omega 3 fatty acids are considered very good, and you can include it in your diet via several kinds of fishes and beans. Green tea or herbal tea would help you to throw out the toxins from your body. Fresh fruits and leafy greens would ensure that your lipid profile is kept within the normal range.

Health Horoscope 2015

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