Leo Love Horoscope 2015 promises to be a roller coaster ride with abrupt changes in the course of direction. People may seem to come in and go out of your life in a rush, and you may be tempted to hold them all back in your life. You shall have to learn to make choices – confident, conscious and careful choices.

Taking people by their face value may cause regrets later. You shall never have shortage of company, but that does not mean that all of them would lead to a great partnership when you want to play long term. Here in will come the aide of your mental sieve – the compatibility measure, the measure of emotions so strong that would encourage the two of you to overcome any difference that may ever crop up in your relationship.

You should also learn to accept your partner as in and be less demanding. Romance would bring you some exciting times in the course of the year. The only effort required from your side is making the right choice at the right time.

Positions of Planets/ Stars:

Planet Neptune would play a pivotal role in your intimacy genre of the natal chart in the year 2015. You have the strong urge to find your soul mate. This along with the influence of Planet Saturn makes you a little less frivolous in your attitude towards love and relationship. Saturn helps to tame any idealistic or unrealistic expectations that you may have nurtured from your partner or from your relationship at large. You are tired of playing with a bunch of people. What you are looking for at the moment is committed long term dedication. Planet Mercury would be retrograde in your chart for a while, and it is during this phase that you take decisions to severing bonds – these would be conscious decisions taken for long term benefits. Influence of Planet Mars keeps your thought and words clear and consolidated. This openness in communication would be an important ingredient in your relationship this year.

Suggestions for Amicable Compatibility:

Leos should keep in mind that in your bid to enjoy attention, you should not adopt any flirtatious or frivolous attitude that may cause indignity to your partner. Also if you are faced with temptations to look back to your past, you should remember to let bygones be bygones, especially if you have already made a new beginning. There is another tendency prevalent in you which makes you hanker for the limelight at all times. You should remember that romance is a partnership, and as such you should share everything with your mate, even the spotlights. Try to maintain a breathing space in your relationship so that both of you can flourish individually as a person. Spending quality time with your mate would strengthen your bonding.

Love Horoscope 2015

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