The fifth sign of the zodiac is the royal sign – the sign of Leo Zodiac. They are the royal leaders and are truly fierce, bold and royal in their approach to life. This is the most masculine amongst all signs of the zodiac and depicts sheer regality and power.

The Leo born people are extremely warm hearted, impressive and possess a deep magnetism.

These are people who exude creativity in all spheres of life. The confidence, ambition, intelligence and positive thinking that they exude are exemplary and unparallel amongst all zodiac signs. They are also the most authoritative amongst all the signs. It is really impossible to miss them should you be in a room full of other people.

The Leo born people show an urge of being enthusiastic, energetic and strong willed. Their personal magnetism makes every job easy. Their purposeful strength in each and everything, makes them being able to accomplish a whole lot of things.

Therefore it is no wonder that the sign of Leo is represented by the Lion and is a deeply masculine sign. They actually consider themselves the rulers of all that they survey and often they ensure that they are so.

Leo born people are great to have by your side, because these are people who will see a project through completion. However, being of cardinal sign they are also opinionated and fixed in their ways.

Leo born people are ruled by the sun and thus it is of little surprise that they will be born leaders. They are basically independent and love their own space and seek social powers and status.

In matters of love, the Leo born can be tender and loving yet at the same time be demanding and outspoken. They have an attitude of never-to-give-up, which holds them in good stead and helps them turn around their failures into positive stepping stones.

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The Sign of Fire – Leo

Leo is of the sign of Fire and is a fixed sign being ruled by the Sun. their personality often are fiery, masculine, strong and bitter.  The symbol of this fiery energy is the Lion. They are commanding yet are generous and vivacious and joyful.

The Characteristics that Leo possess –

  • Courageous
  • Passionate
  • Loyal
  • Creative
  • Influential
  • Dominating
  • Arrogant
  • Stubborn
  • Self-centered
  • Lazy

The Positive Traits of Leo

The Leo born people are natural leaders and can take center stage at any given point of time. These are people who ooze self confidence and are supremely creative and talented. All these qualities actually make them irresistible.

Most of these people are outspoken. Their ambition and positive thinking makes them irresistible and a leader in their own sphere.

The Leo born people can also be intensely romantic and extremely proud too. They are attracted to the limelight and the famous and the bold people also.

The Negative Traits of Leo

There are quite a few negative traits of Leo which irk other people and create a bad impression for them. these negative traits are as follows –  the Leo s aware of their own powers are supremely arrogant and often become obsessed with their own leadership qualities not paying heed to others.

These people also often become more aggressive than is good and their aggression becomes sometimes difficult to cope up with.  Disputes and problems will often arise when there are too many achievements he has made and he becomes lazy and impossible to tolerate.

Leo Personality Traits Redefined

  • Courageous –  Leo s are often described as the most courageous of all zodiac signs and they are those people who often in the most critical of situations will be able to retain their courage and composure and move ahead. This makes them a good leader.
  • Passionate – The Leo born people are extremely romantic and once they know that it is love, they will leave no stones unturned to woo you with his arduous passion.
  • Loyal – Despite having an inflated ego and knowing they are the masters of their own lives, the Leo s are extremely dedicated to their family and friends and sometimes this loyalty becomes possessiveness too.
  • Creative – This is one of the biggest strength of a Leo. They are creative people who coupled with their innate intelligence will be able to carve a niche for themselves.
  • Influential – In general, the Leo people are always at the center of everything and very easily influences others. They dominate others and also hate taking instructions from others. Their influence is profound on people.
  • Dominating – Just like the lion is the king of the jungle, so are the Leo born people the king of all zodiac cycle and they feel and know it and thus are the most dominating people of the zodiac.  This is why they do well the jobs of managers, corporate top bosses etc.
  • Arrogant – The Leo born people will at many a time is status conscious. Just like the sun is unique and so is the lion and knows their worth, the Leo born people too will know them to be supreme and will be very arrogant at times.
  • Stubborn – The Leo is a fixed sign and with their dominating attitude will be most often than not an extremely stubborn person.
  • Self-centered – These are people who are very proud of themselves and their obsession with their own self is also perceived by others as self-centeredness or ego.
  • Lazy – Knowing that they are the masters of all that they survey makes these Leo born people extremely lazy as well, as they do not believe that they need to put that kind of an effort.

The Strengths and Weaknesses that Leo Possess

In Human Resource, there is a term called SWOT analysis, where apart from other things a strength and weakness is considered.  The full form of this is the strength, weakness, opportunities and threat. Let us also see what are the five strength and weaknesses that Leo possesses.

The Strength Analysis

Leo people are supremely self confident and will see a project through.  They have unswerving courage and their great power and prowess in everything is well known.

They are for reasons professionally not suited to mediocre jobs and will excel in high profile jobs.  Their creativity, enthusiasm, ambition are some of their biggest asset and they are also loyal to their family and friends. Their strength is as follows –

  • Ambitious
  • Loving
  • Loyal
  • Courageous
  • Idealism

The Weakness Analysis

An overdose of good things can sometimes turn into a negative trait. Thus with Leo too. Their ambition may at times look like self-centeredness, and caring may become dominance.

Let us then have a look what are the weaknesses that plague the Leo born people.

  • Pride
  • Dominance
  • Arrogance
  • Laziness
  • Obstinate

The Leo Nature

The Leo born people are natural leaders and they are like the lion, king or queen of all that they survey. There may be instances when the Leo may seem brash and rude, but they will remain generous to their core and will also be affectionate and sometimes melodramatic.

The Leo born people are ambitious and will never settle down to mundane or low brow jobs. Belonging to the fire sign, the Leo born people show a great deal of energy and are equally comfortable in corporate and social settings. They strike up friendships with people who may benefit them in some way or the other.

In love they are possessive and demanding yet for the loved ones they will be caring and generous.

These people try to build a larger than life persona for themselves and always try to have the social acceptance and veneration that a king seeks. Creativity, idealism, enthusiasm and ambition are things which are their greatest assets.  They have a tremendous drive to perform and outshine others with their indomitable energy and spirit. But if one fails to recognize their work or show admiration then they are scathed and badly reacted at.

Leo Career Graph

The Leo born people have great leadership abilities and always shine through in their workplace. They are complete go=getters who with their enthusiasm can turn any work situation in their favor.  They are loyal people and do not divulge things, which makes them cherished as top employees.

However being supremely sure of themselves, they do not like being ordered around. It is prudent to give them a respect even when ordering them around.  They will shine where they are not cornered and ordered around, rather where they have a free will of their own to exert. Since they have fantastic social skills, they do well in a group.

Some of the potential career for the Leo could be medical profession, designing, animation, anchoring etc.

Leo Finance Graph

Money will flow in pretty easily to the Leo born people. They will earn enough to take care of all his responsibilities yet have something left for them to be generous about. If money is there they will not hesitate in spending it for family and friends or those who need it.

Leo Friends and Family Graph

Leo is probably the most generous and devoted sign of the zodiac and they will devote all their spare time and money for their family and friends. They will help others even sometimes at the cost of themselves.  They are the cynosure of all eyes when in a social gathering and their energy makes them indomitable in family and friends gatherings.

Leo tends to stick to his family and friends in good times and in bad times and also stays loyal.

Leo Romance/ Marriage Graph

Leo born people are some of the most passionate amongst all zodiac signs and being of the fire sign; their passion runs high and shines bright.  But much as they are loving and caring, their dominating nature stays well put in place in case of such partnerships.  In fact they at times seek partners who may not be as intellectually aware of them.

Because they are extremely flamboyant and beautiful looking people they can be often involved in several romantic relations. They are easily attracted to beautiful people.  Once married, Leo would want to show the world that they are the dominant partner in the relationship.

Leo Health Graph

Leo born people are mostly strong and healthy. However severe back pains and problems of the back and spine may plague them. They should take care to sit in a proper posture.  Their heart and eyes remain other areas of botheration. They should practice yoga, exercises and other forms of alternate healing to keep them in shape.

Quick Facts Leo
Lucky Numbers 1, 4, 10, 12, 19, 22
Birthstone / Lucky Stone Peridot, Diamond and Amber
Lucky Color Yellow, Gold, Orange
Ruling Planet The Sun
Favorable Months April, August, September, December.
Unfavorable Months February, March, October, November.
Most compatible with Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius
Special Qualities Generous, Responsible, leadership
Weaknesses Hyper Aggressive, dominating
Suitable Profession Career with high inclination towards leadership skills, creative profession
Energy Signs Yang
Health Problems Heart, Upper Back, Eyes, Blood, Lungs
Most Clashes with Gemini, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio
Represented By The Lion
Some Famous Leos Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Jacqueline Kennedy, Kevin Spacey, Roger Federer, J. K. Rowling, G. B. Shaw

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