For people born with sun sign Libra, the year 2015 is the year full of successes as dreams come true making you feel like you are in your own private haven.

If you have nurtured an aspiration for long in your heart, now is the time to act upon it to make it a reality. And this good fortune will prevail both in your professional and personal spheres of life.

However, there will be barren phases too when you feel you are stuck in a place devoid of any ideas or even inspiration. But even in this phase, the love, support and guidance of your dear ones will make things easy for you.

Communicating with people may bring fresh ideas and open up new avenues. Always be open to newer prospects and ideas. Keep up your hope and gear up with positivity for a magical year ahead.

Love and Relationship

You shall have a happy note in your romantic life in the year 2015. Your partner will appreciate you as a good and caring person and would reciprocate your feelings with abundance. You shall be blessed with support and understanding from your partner. However you should learn to speak with caution – otherwise there are chances of hurting your loved one – and this is applicable more in cases of married couples. Avoid conflicts and heated arguments as much as you can so that peace and tranquility can people. Remember not to make an issue out of topics that are not of much consequence whatsoever. Also you should not sleep over your anger or resentment – resolve an issue instead of harping on it overnight or over days. Keeping communication open and sorting matters as soon as any difference crops up will prevent creating a distance between you and your partner. Those of you who are single may get committed – and it would be a good time for it too.

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Libra Daily Horoscope (December 03, 2015)

Today you shall feel happy and contented both at the professional and personal front. You shall reap benefits from deeds done some time back. It may be an old investment that would bring you return. Or it may be some work you had done at a professional level that would bring rewards and accolades for you now. You should take it easy today since your health would not permit hard industrious work.

Lucky Number : 5, 13, 24

Career and Business

Overall, this is a year that will see rapid rise in your career. The year 2015 will bring success in full swing in the professional front for the Librans. You shall be happy to find that all your efforts will be duly and rightly rewarded.

Libra Horoscope 2015

Libra Horoscope 2015

The predictions of the card also promise you special awards, promotions and other forms of recognition of your hard work and diligence. This will boost you to give more efforts with renewed energy and come up with more ingenious ideas. Co-workers will see you in a different light as the focus and limelight is fully on you. Your ideas and vision will get full support from people in the authority. There will be more than enough work for you – make sure you commit for just as much as you can handle, or else you may have to lose your goodwill just for not accomplishing what you promise to do. Some of you may have to relocate for the sake of your career.

Health and Wellness

Librans will be full of energy and vitality in the year 2015. For the most part of the year you shall be in the pink of health. This is imbibe in you renewed strength and vitality and boost your morale as well. This would also be the cause for which your immunity system would be up and about thereby helping you to keep any major ailment at bay. This mental strength and positivity will help you achieve your goals with ease. No major health issues will disturb you this year. However in the second half of the year you may face issues with the digestive system. Also too much work pressure and frequent travelling will take their toll too making you feel tired and exhausted. But all these hassles will be short lived. These can easily be sorted out by adopting a healthy lifestyle and finding time to relax at times. Also, a regular routine health check-up is always a must. You should also try to control your urges to indulge in the combination of junk food and sedentary lifestyle.

Money and Finance

2015 will bring you prosperity beyond your expectations. Financially it will be a gainful year for people born with sun sign Libra. Any venture that you have in mind and have the courage and power to execute will bring an inflow of cash to you. In fact many you may get pending payments too, things that have been in the shelf for a really long time may bring you gains. This is also a year when you may make some earnings from a monetary gift or some kind of inheritance – property or money. It is a good time to take up new projects and investments to supplement your income further. During the middle of the year, chances of over expenditure may occur. You should learn to understand what you really need to spend on and apply your discretion accordingly. Judiciousness is one of the greatest virtues attributed to the Libra born natives, and this is one sector where you should apply it in this year. This would be a great time to buy a new home or a new vehicle.

Family and Relatives

As far your family front is concerned, 2015 is not a year that will bring a lot of promises. Not that you shall be directly affected. The music will be faced by people dear to you, and that would naturally affect you in some way or the other. The readings of the card warn to be extremely cautious about taking care of the members of your family. In the second half of the year your mental peace will be hampered by some disagreements in the family – even your relationship may get strained. You may feel that your family members are going back on their words. This may make you feel insecure. You should be more cautious while dealing with your cousins or siblings – or else there may become a rift between you and them. It is advisable to keep a check on your temper and words so that you do not repent later. You have to understand that it is not essential for everyone in the world to concur in their opinion, but you all should have a matured attitude to respect and honor each other’s opinions and emotions, whether you agree or not.

Travel and Vacation

The year 2015 will bring you a lot of returns from tours and travels, and when we talk of returns, we mean positive ones. This will be a favorable year for travelling purposes. The year will be peppered with lots of scopes for travelling. The first half of the year will bring more business trips your way. These trips will be economically gainful for you. You shall be able to spread your wings far and wide and this would consequently make you grow not only as a professional but also as a person. You shall make new contacts during these travels and many of them would be pretty much influential and would become your guiding star in the various walks of life. The second half of the year will bring you the scope for pleasure trips with friends and family that will give you the scope to bond afresh with your dear ones. Those looking forward to travel to a foreign land should make careful plans before taking the journey. Hitches with visa or similar things may come in your way. However, such hurdles will be short lived. Play your part by being very cautious when planning the nitty gritties of your trip and also when getting things organized as per checklist.

Education and Studies

For students with sun sign Libra, the year 2015 will prove to be a mixed one – there will be tides of success followed by ebbs of barren phases, according to the readings of the card. You may sometimes feel that you are not getting results in proportion to the efforts you are putting. But you should learn to be patient. This phase will be over soon. To combat the unfavorable positions of the stars in your chart you may need to put in extra efforts for achieving your desired results. However, if you have been contemplating to take competitive exams you may consider postponing your plans. For people in the field of research, a lucrative offer may come your way. Remember to do a thorough background check before you sign those dotted lines – it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Areas of Growth

This year you shall be all excited to welcome new experiences in your life and boost your learning curve. You have a positive outlook and are ready to take the center stage. Your ideas will be showcased at work and you shall be aptly rewarded making your work front more exciting for you. However, this means that you shall be devoting a major chunk of your time for professional reasons. This may strike a discord with members of your family and you may need to brush up your communication skills to handle the situation diplomatically. You shall have to have the power of words and patience with you so as to make the people around you understand the situation. If you can do this, you shall have added support from your family that would make life easier for you. Many of you would take up new or better positions in your work sphere and there would be ample scope for you to learn and grow as a professional. Those of you pursuing higher education may find the scope to spread your wings abroad.

Areas of Challenge

Although there will be a fair inflow of assets all through the year it can be a challenge to manage your personal finances at times. By personal finance we mean strictly earnings from your own labor and not income from partnerships or joint venture. You should be extra careful before signing up for any financial commitment and also about your spending pattern. In fact it is time you ran a check on your savings plan. It is time you learnt to value money and security to achieve stability in your life. This is the year when you may feel a little too attracted to the worldly pleasures and would be willing you even splurge on fulfilling them. The challenge is to curb such tendencies. You may consider planning out your finances right at the onset with a fair amount kept secluded for investment purposes and then try sticking to it as far as practicable.

Areas of Excitement

This year you will enter an exciting phase of new relationships and partnerships. You will find yourself in unpredictable situations too often and it will be exciting and inspiring for you to take those situations to your stride and actually make them beneficial for you. This would be more applicable in case of your personal relationship with your partner. You are very attached to your partner. However, have you ever considered if you have often made your partner feel suffocated by always holding on? Perhaps your partner has craved for some space too? You have to learn and also accept the fact that every person has a spirit of her/his own that that individuality has to be respected. This opens up new horizons in your relationship. As a Libran you have always hold on to your partner – learning to play aloof may be a new ballgame for you altogether and it will be exciting for you to learn the tricks of the trade.

Areas of Change

This year the challenge and the transformation will be mostly in your home front. Your viewpoint about your family and your attitude towards its members will see a sea of changes. You shall be in a mood to reach out to your roots and do some introspection – this may make you seem out of bounds and reach creating a rift in communication. Your liaison with your siblings may get strained in the process. It would be best if you could retain your composure and deal with the matter in a mature way. You should also understand that it is not necessary for people to concur in thoughts and ideas. But by midyear you shall be your usual calm and composed self and prepared to anything to make up for the lost time. You need to strike a balance between what you want and the needs of your loved ones.