This is the seventh sign of the zodiac and acts as the point of shifting between the first six and later six zodiacs. The first six zodiacs are essentially about themselves while the last six focus on their own bonding with the world.

Those born within the dates 24th of September and 23rd of October are natives of this particular sign. Their constellation spans from the 180th and 207.25th degree of the celestial longitude. Libra’s are the foremost to give importance to their relationship with others and they can handle everything except being alone.

They feel most secure and happy when they are paired up as this zodiac symbolizes harmony and partnership. They are the most balanced and stable individuals among all the other signs. The symbol of this zodiac is the scales that are based on the scales of justice which are held by Themis who is the personification of law and custom according to Greek mythology.

Just like their symbol, they are very balanced and fair individuals. Ruled by the planet Venus, they carry the qualities of the smooth seductress Venus of the Greek mythology who always used to be at her best. They are classy and refined souls and love beautiful things especially beautiful people. Their charming nature and unique quality of making others feel at ease make them so popular in parties and social gatherings.

They are stylish people with an artistic flair and aim to create a beautiful world around them. The element of this zodiac is Air that refers to their elevating to a higher mind level. They love to utilize their mind well and use their smart talk to get to know other people. Being an Air zodiac, they can communicate with others fluently and are sure to make others see their point of view. The Sumero – Babylonian name of this zodiac is “The Scales”.

Zodiac Signs Compatible With Libra


  • Libra and Gemini: This partnership is worth to be jealous of as these two zodiacs are so much in sync that it feels like too good to be true. Both the signs are intellectual, logical and communicate efficiently with each other. This relationship is filled with interesting and fun debates and in cases of fights, both the signs forget and forgive without keeping a grudge for the other. Both Libra’s and Gemini’s love to travel and learning new things. They are very outspoken and social beings feeling mostly at home in parties. Gemini’s will admire Libra’s optimism, their flattering and charming nature and their communication skills. On every aspect, they understand each other perfectly creating a beautiful romantic match.

  • Libra and Sagittarius: There are a lot of common things between these two zodiacs that make this a successful match. To start with it, both the signs are charismatic, extroverts, flirtatious and social. Libra’s and Sagittarius’s both like new adventures and excitement in life and dislike confrontations and arguments. One difference between their natures is that Libra’s are generally the most diplomatic zodiac of all while Sagittarius’s prefer to be blunt and honest but the interesting twist is that this difference works in their favor and acts like a source of amusement rather than fights. Libra has all the traits preferred by its Sagittarius partner like optimistic nature, attractiveness and social skills while Libra’s love the passion, intellectuality and intensity of Sagittarians.

  • Libra and Leo: This fire – air pair showcases great chemistry and an explosion of love, passion and confidence. Both the zodiac signs are sociable and love to look their best and take the spot under the limelight. The Leo will be attracted to the sophisticated charm, classiness, intellectuality and social skills of the Libra. The Libra in turn will be drawn to the dominant and passionate nature of the Leo. Possessing the most confidence in the zodiac chart, they are capable of wooing the Libra partner in this relationship. Both the signs enjoy fun and drama and love adventures and trying out new things. Both Libra and Leo generally have creative flairs and will influence each other romantically in this relationship.

  • Libra and Aquarius: This is a light and fun match with a lot of chemistry. They have quite a few things in common and a strong mental connect is found. Libra will fall for this partner’s curiosity about everything and sharp mind while they will love Libra’s compassionate and romantic nature. Both the zodiacs are rational, sociable, carefree, fun loving and great communicators. Both the sun signs in this pairing look for a best friend in their lovers and they will find so too in each other in this match. Libra’s romantic nature meets the experimental lover instincts of the Aquarius to create a splendid long term match.

Zodiac Signs Incompatible With Libra


  • Libra and Virgo: Both these zodiacs are practical rather than emotional beings and tend to avoid getting into fights and confrontations that can lead to persistent and unspoken problems remaining for long. Differences rule this relationship as Libra’s are much more laid back while Virgo has to be constantly on the go. This may make the Libra’s see their partner as too serious and workaholic while they consider you to be lazy, too flighty and indecisive. Also, the pessimistic and methodical nature of Virgo clashes with the optimistic and care free nature of the Libras. The Libra’s tend to be socially much more outward and talkative while their Virgo partners are somewhat reserved and reclusive. This may make the Libra partner feel lonely and abandoned in this relationship. Another differing trait among them is that Virgo’s can be very efficient with month while Libra’s prefer to live an extravagant lifestyle.

  • Libra and Cancer: This pairing might seem like the perfect one on the first few days but it’s not such an easy match to handle in the long term. The main problem arises due to the fact that Libras are after a strong mental connect with their partner while Cancer’s look for an emotional connection. The second problem occurs due to Cancer’s volatile mood swings that can’t be handled by the impatient and non-empathically made Libra. Other differences include Libra’s preferring to socialize and go out with friends while Cancer’s desire to stay at home. Libra’s are also extroverts while Cancer’s are introverts. Libra’s love to spend money while Cancer’s are more about saving and spending sensibly.

  • Libra and Taurus: This air – earth pairing doesn’t make such a compatible one. The natives of Taurus are all about being stable, predictable, strong and determined partners which doesn’t much suit to the needs of Libra’s as they prefer a passionate, volatile and unpredictable lover. Libra’s sociable and charming nature grabs the attention of many that makes the Taurus partner increasingly insecure, jealous and possessive. Talkative Libra’s like to communicate while Taurus people like to be more of a solitary and individual thinker. Also, flexible Libra’s fail to understand stubborn Taurus. There are quite a few differences in their personalities of the optimistic Libra and pessimistic Taurus.

  • Libra and Scorpio: Both of them will find each other immensely attractive and fascinating at first but differences will creep into with time. Libra’s are analytical and intellectual while their Scorpio partners are deeply emotional. Libra’s talkativeness doesn’t impress the intuitive and quiet Scorpio. Scorpio is one zodiac that can see past fakeness very easily and thus Libra’s charm will appear to be superficial to the Scorpions. Scorpio’s jealous and intense nature will clash with the casual and easy going nature of the Libra’s. Thus, these basic differences in characters make this match a difficult one to last.

Zodiac Signs Variable With Libra


  • Libra and Libra: This pairing has its own shares of perks as well as problems. Problem arises because both want to get things done in their way but in a subtle and non-confrontational way. On the top, both of them appear to be fairly submissive but inwardly they both are dominant. Since there is an excess of practicality and intellectuality, this bonding often lacks intensity and passion. But also, they can understand each other and is quite an attractive and natural match. The same traits may act in favor of this relationship if only the partners understand how much space to give to each other.

  • Libra and Aries: This air – fire pairing isn’t as easy as it sounds. Aries are more of independent players while Libra’s believe in team work. This can often lead to Libra’s advices or ideas being crushed by their controlling partners. Things tend to get shakier in the long run. But the pros are that problem planner Libra and always in action Aries make an excellent match. Both of them are loyal to each other and once they realize how to use others strengths in this relationship instead of focusing on the weaknesses, this pairing will be a total success.

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