Libra Love Horoscope 2015 predicts of a year that would make you experience a sweet kind of romance if you are ready to work a little towards it. You are known to excel in the sphere of relationships, and there is a good reason for it too.

You are forever willing to experiment in the arena of romance, and as such a partnership with you is not likely to stagnate easily. You are spontaneous in your approach and this is a major element that attracts people to you. No wonder that most Libra born natives have their romantic life running with élan. The good part about Libra Love Horoscope 2015 is that it suggests you to keep doing exactly what you have been doing.

So there isn’t hard work involved from your side to bring that extra edge to your relationship. The only thing you may perhaps be conscious about is not to bring too much of structure in your relationship. Self expression would be an important key. This is an auspicious time to expand your family – getting married, or welcoming the little angel.

Positions of Planets/ Stars:

Planet Uranus would have a strong influence over your relationship sector all through the year. This would help you to keep up with your spontaneous spirit. You shall be eager to experiment and bring in fun and excitement to your relationship. You shall not be too inclined to remain tied down. However, along with that there would come a phase when Planet Mercury would be in the retrograde position. Because of this there can be some miscommunication. Your spontaneity may be mistaken as flirting. Your love for adventure may be considered as an attempt to break free. It would be recommended that you hold on to your patience and good judgment during this phase.

Planet Mars casts an influence over your romantic life towards the end of the first trimester of the year. This would make it an auspicious time to begin new partnerships. You shall be able to find someone who would be a perfect match for you. This is a time when you shall be open to quick commitment and would feel the bonding strengthen in no time.

During the month of September, however there would be lunar eclipse. During this time you should be doubly careful about your relationship. Unless well guarded there may be a drift.

Suggestions for Amicable Compatibility:

If you master the art of self expression you shall be able to woo your partner well enough. However, you should always remember that a partnership is not only about you. Your mate should also get as much scope and space for self expression too. You should also be careful not to get involved with someone else as long as you are already into a committed relationship. Imbibing in your partner a sense of belonging and security is very essential for a happy partnership.

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