Mexico celebrates its New Year on January 1, according to Georgian calendar. December 31st of the Old Year or New Years Eve is the major day of celebration in Mexico. Take a look at what all major happen across Mexico, the beautiful nation of North America.

Celebrations on New Years Eve in Mexico

People in Mexico usually have late night celebrations on New Years Eve. They keep themselves awake whole night to be a first hand witness of the arrival of the ‘once in a year’ moment of New Year. People ensure to spend as much time as possible with one’s family.

However, it still can’t be called as family oriented as the Christmas in Mexico. But still, the least Mexican people ensure is to have their New Years Eve dinner with their family only. It is only after completing their family dinner that they move out to be a part of community celebrations. Usually, there has been a tradition to have certain dishes on the menu for the late dinner of the New Years Eve. Bacalo, a dried salted codfish, and ponche, a hot fruit punch, are required to be compulsorily present on the platter. Also, toasts made up of dazzling cider are also highly endearing.

Other than private parties, many other parties are organized in formal party places such as discotheques, pubs, and clubs, there are many parties going on over the streets. Some of the formal party places also have orchestras in place, giving out live performances on traditional music. Usually, the throng of people make all such formal places jam=packed, leaving not even a single leg to get inside, and therefore people in large numbers gather on streets to have their New Years Eve celebrations in Mexico. For the fact, one of the biggest celebrations occur in the form of a street festival organized around Zocalo, the main square or the heart of the historic centre of the Mexico city.

With the moment of New Year drawing close, even those inside their houses or party places come out to be a part of these street celebrations. The best part about them is the fireworks show which is set off at the stroke of midnight. It makes one feel special, and a part of something grand. This sparkling show elevates everyone’s spirits to new heights. Everyone present cheers out loud at that moment, and wish everyone with ‘Feliz año nuevo’, the Mexican quote for ‘Happy New Year’.

Another favorite place to be on New Years Eve is the beautiful Mexican beach. They are plenty in numbers, with Acapulco, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo San Lucas the most preferred ones. Right from the early part of the day of New Years Eve, people start coming in with their group of pals, to have some good time there.

Traditions on New Years Eve in Mexico

New Years Eve in Mexico is associated with the fulfillment of certain traditions, which are believed to have certain specific benefits of their own on its practitioner in the coming year. For instance, eating twelve grapes on the stroke of midnight of New Years Eve is considered to fulfill one’s wishes for the coming time. It has to be completed within a minute of the arrival of New Year. Each of these twelve grapes is considered to denote for a month of the coming year, in the same order as eaten. While eating each grape, one should make a wish for the New Year. Doing so is believed to fulfill all the wishes of a person.

Wearing red colored underwear on New Years Eve is another popular tradition, rather amusing. However, some people prefer to wear white from top to bottom on New Years Eve, as they believe it as a symbol of peace, spirituality, and positivity. Similarly, wearing green is considered to denote for good health, and wearing yellow is considered to symbolize for wealth. However, it is not recommended to wear two of them at the same time.

Doing is believed to confer one with good luck in the coming year. Those who are always ready with their travelling bags to explore more, perform a tradition which is believed to bring abundance of travelling in the coming year. As a part of it, people walk around their block or around the house with an empty luggage in their hand.

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