Every year, Diwali- the festival of lights and sound, comes with an opportunity to strengthen family ties and social bonding.

It is a perfect time to socialize and interact with loved ones and Hindus all over the world, never miss this opportunity. They celebrate this festival to the fullest with their family members and friends in their own ways.

In most of the places, people are found to arrange special Diwali gatherings or parties called the “Diwali Milan”. Some people prefer them to be organized at home but some also hire community halls for the same. You can invite your friends, family members, business associates, neighbors and celebrate it in a grand way with exchange of gifts, and sweets among each other.

If you are really planning for a grand Diwali Milan, this year, you need to plan it beforehand. Since it is a gathering so invitations form a crucial part and you need to check whether everyone you intend to invite, will be available or not. Through Diwali Milan, you can create a friendly atmosphere all around which will invoke the mood of festivity among all present out there. The leading woman of your family or the grihalaxmi may prepare delicious items and sweets at home for the invitees. When people turn up, she can herself serve them to the guests and that will also convey her love and affection to all. Thus people can sit together, sweeten each other’s mouth, satisfy the taste buds with mouthwatering food and above all enjoy with their loved one under one roof.

Earlier, such Diwali Milan used to be homely affairs where small gatherings were arranged at someone’s residence only. But now, time has changed and we are becoming trendy enough to handle traditional affairs. So today we get the opportunity scale up the grandeur of the gathering and give it a shape of an enthralling party. Today you can get professionals who can arrange for such parties for you at affordable costs so that you, as host, can enjoy the party without being tensed of taking care of the quality of food or lavish arrangements. You can fix the menu of food and beverages according to the choice of your guests and ask them to keep the quality of everything under surveillance. Choose the desserts carefully as sweets are the integral part of Diwali celebrations.

For special attractions you can ask the arrangers to keep entertaining games exclusively for your guests, like musical chair, dumb charades, housie, etc. In Diwali everyone purchases new fashionable clothes so you can arrange for a fashion show for both adults and kids and eventually announce special prizes for the winners. This will please the guests as they can enjoy as well as feel good by being awarded.

Diwali is an occasion when we try to forget all the grudges and grief among each other and try to re-unite with our loved ones. These Diwali Milan parties give us one more opportunity to forget and forgive in order to move towards a better tomorrow.


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