Monthly Horoscope 2015 is a broad overview of what the month ahead has in store for the twelve zodiac signs. As a New Year unfolds itself everyone gets fired up with dreams and aspirations.

We at 123New Year attempt to keep you informed from the astrological point of view so that you can chalk your course of actions accordingly.

    • Aries: This month you need to be a little aware of your financial condition. It is recommended that you spend your money with care since you may have to suddenly incur some extra expenses probably to repay some loans from the past. In the personal front you shall win a special heart with your charming persona. Professionally you shall be full of energy and dynamism. Your creative ideas would be accepted and applauded by your colleagues and seniors.


    • Taurus: You are dynamic and you shall be able to use your full potential at your place of work. In fact professionally this would be a very satisfying month for you. Personally, you need to be a little more cautious in maintaining your equations with your loved ones – the key is to be tactful and diplomatic. Financially, this is the time when you should make investments that would bring you returns galore. A good time to buy a property.

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Monthly Horoscope 2015
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    • Gemini: You shall have a motivated month professionally. There have been some pending tasks from the month before, and this month you resolve to accomplish them. You suddenly become very realistic about your ambitions and desires, and as such you measure them via tangible parameters. This keeps you strongly grounded and helps you to march ahead without the fear of shattered dreams. In the personal front, it is best to keep to yourself for a while. As it is, you shall be too busy with your work.


    • Cancer: This month you are blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime in your field of work and you shall embrace it with all energy and enthusiasm. Financially, this would prove to be a crucial period. You shall be blessed with moments that you can turn into financially gainful for you by the virtue of your capabilities. This is a good time to invest the extra available money into futuristic ventures including but not limited to real estate, vehicles etc.


    • Leo: Charisma and luck come together for you to make this month a super productive one for you. However, the same cannot be said about the personal aspect of your life where you may have to encounter unstable atmosphere. It is not the time to nurse your ego. It is a time to act mature and solve the root cause of the trouble to bring back the equilibrium. Financial or legal transactions are best not performed at the moment.


    • Virgo: This is a time when you shall want to withdraw from the humdrum of life and lead a relaxed time by yourself or in the cozy company of dear ones. A family vacation may be on the cards. Financially this is the time to pump up your savings. It is perhaps also the time when you shall reap rewards from investments made in the past. The tip is not to splurge with the available moolah.


    • Libra: If you are honest and transparent in your approach towards life, this month would go without much trials and tribulations. There have been heated moments with members of your family in the recent past; and now it is time that you make efforts to bridge any gap that has been created. It is advisable to spend more time with your dear ones. A family vacation too may be a good idea to create happy memories.


    • Scorpio: This would be a month full of surprises for you. It is recommended that you make no promises during this period for you may need to make sudden changes in your plans as the needs of the hour demands. This is also the time when you shall evaluate your personal relationships – if your romantic liaison or marriage has been going through a tough time, it is time you took a form decision about it.


    • Sagittarius: This is the time when you see your plans taking a shape. This makes you feel restless and anxious to see the final results. As such, it is recommended that you should not start any new venture at the moment. However, an old abandoned project may reopen with new scope and this if properly dealt with would bring you financial gains.


    • Capricorn: This month a feel good factor would start to set in as you experience the accolades from efforts invested in the past. However, at the heat of the moment do not start with any new venture. It is best to wait for it – it is the time to put your thoughts into a tangible plan. In the romance front, there may be a provocation from an old flame. But you should remember what caused the rift and whether history may get repeated before you take any decision.


    • Aquarius: This is a month when you shall be on a creative high. However, you may also have the tendency to take decisions at the heat of the moment overlooking the practical aspects. It is recommended that you seek advice from trusted people or professionals, as the case may be, in matters of work and finance. In the matters of the heart, however, there would soon be a strong connection.


    • Pisces: This month would bring you good health and cheer. This is turn would give you confidence to take up projects that you thought had scrapped. You shall be backed up by your family and friends. Love too would be in the air as your gentle charm would act like a magnet. But you should make careful deliberations before you make a choice.