A lot of people today consult the numerologists when they have a baby, primarily because of their strong belief that the number value of the name of a person has an impact on his fate.

Numerologists study numbers and believe that all the objects of the universe have some sort of a relationship with numbers and their numerological value does play a pivotal role in their destiny. If you hold the same view then you can also lean the method in which the numerological value of the name of a person is being calculated to find out what lies ahead in his/her future.

A certain set of qualities are associated with each number. A numerological value is attached to each day. According to numerologists, your child can have an excellent start and a wonderful future if you keep a name that is a sign of the positive traits related with the numerological value of the name you have chosen.

How to calculate the numerological value of a name

If you want to find out the numerological value of a name then following are the steps you need to follow correctly.

You need to first spell out your full name. You can write down your first name and then the last or you can also choose to note down the first, middle initial and the last.

Each alphabet in the name is then converted into the number that it is assigned in the chart made with the use of a Pythagorean numerology.

According to this form of numerology, all the letters are denoted by some numbers.

A, J, S – 1

B, K, T – 2

C, L, U – 3

D, M, V – 4

E, N, W – 5

F, O, X – 6

G, P, Y – 7

H, Q, Z – 8

I, R – 9

You can use the above chart to find the numbers associated with each letter of your name. Calculate each part of your name separately. Each alphabet in your full name will have a corresponding arithmetical value. You can number each of the letters as your move till you reach the number 9 and then you can start back over with 1 from the letter, which will come right after the number that last appeared with numerical value as 9. Add the numerical values of each letter to get the numerological number of you name.

As the initial calculation of the numerological value of your name will be more than a single digit, you can add the two individual digits of this number in order to get a single digit. For example, you name number amounts to a total of 115 then 1+1+5= 7 to get a single number. 11 and 22 are the only numbers that are not reduced further as they have significant energies.

Once you have calculated the total number or numerological value of your name, you can find out the traits associated with each number.

Number 1

If you name number is 1 then you are likely to lead and be independent. You possess commendable inner strength and have capability to earn financially good status and other achievements in life

Number 2

You are co-operative and can adapt to any situation in life. This number will make you a good team player, mediator or someone who works for the welfare of others. People with number 2 as the numerological value of their name are amiable, friendly, compassionate and helpful.

Number 3

People with his name number have excellent social skills and articulate in nature. You can be a successful orator or writer because of a vivid imagination and desire to enjoy life to the fullest.

Number 4

You are disciplined, practical, sincere and hard working. You will work steadily to accomplish your objectives.

Number 5

People with this name number are bright, adventurous, enthusiastic and versatile. Possess love for their freedom and need to be occupied to avoid getting bored.

Number 6

Traits such as caring, sympathetic, balanced, and responsible are associated with people of this name number. Family is important and you can take on any kind of role and execute in the best way possible.

Number 7

People with this name number have sharp analytical skills and curious for they are hungry for more knowledge. Strong sense of freedom, self-reliance is associated traits of this name number.

Number 8

Ambition and confidence drives you to execute plans. You are an achiever and wish to be at the top of your work.

Number 9

You are selfless, kind, tolerant, idealistic and sensitive. Number 9 people have an unselfish approach to others.

Number 11

You inspire and have a broad vision. Number 11 individuals have deep spiritual side and are dreamers.

Number 22

You are very charismatic and have potential to achieve success despite problems. Number 22 individuals have an impact on everyone they encounter.


1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
11 22


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