Apart from the digits one to nine, the master numbers 11 and 22 have special significance in numerology, and traits of all the numbers are discussed below –


Positive – One is full of ambition and creativity. Their originality makes them great leaders.

Negative – One suffers from ego and come across as impatient, self obsessed and controlling.


Positive – Two is a gentle cooperative soul with a loving heart and peaceful nature.

Negative – Two tends to withdraw in cocoon and is too sensitive that leads to low self esteem and cynicism.


Positive – Jovial and expressive, three is full of creativity and social skills.

Negative – Three is moody and too critical and sometimes tends to put their foot in the mouth.


Positive – Four is disciplined, steady, conventional, and goes by reasoning.

Negative – Demanding and compulsive, four comes across as inflexible and sharp tongued.


Positive – With awe inspiring personality fives are resourceful, witty and adventurous.

Negative – Fives come across as unstable and impatient who are always revolting against norms.


Positive – Six is a friend in need full of love and compassion.

Negative – Six likes to have a say in dear ones’ lives and are never ready to experiment.


Positive – Seven has presence of mind with great knowledge and intuition about life.

Negative – Overtly analytical Seven tends to be suspicious and cynical that makes them seem insensitive.


Positive – Courageous and industrious Eight is an authoritative figure to whom success comes easy.

Negative – Eights are often labeled as materialistic and workaholics who ooze out arrogance.


Positive – Nine personifies sophistication, creativity and idealism.

Negative – Nine is never easily satisfied which makes them moody and snobbish.


Positive – Eleven is a dreamer with understanding, intuition and sensitivity.

Negative – Eleven is at times harsh on self and can get vindictive if wronged.


Positive – Twenty two is a power house of energy, resource and skill that lead to success.

Negative – Twenty two tends to be overly demanding and controlling and can even manipulate to have things their way.


1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
11 22


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