Are you looking for authentic outdoor Halloween decorations ideas? Outdoor Halloween decorations are increasingly becoming more popular all over the world. You can purchase Outdoor Halloween decorations props from novelty stores or use homemade outdoor decoration items.

Use can make your yard or the outdoor area as scary as you can during Halloween celebrations. You can make graveyard scenes to carving pumpkins in your yard.

Types of Outdoor Halloween decorations

Groovy Graveyard: If you want to excite the guests and passersby with eerie realism then you can make a Groovy Graveyard for your next Halloween celebrations. Make use of foam, paint to create a scary scene.

Barrow of Bones: Place your wheelbarrow in the middle of your yard. Fill the wheelbarrow with heap of dirt. To watch the eerie reactions put plastic bones on the wheelbarrow.

Monster Footprints: Draw a footprint in a sponge. Use magic marker to draw the footprint. Now, cut out the footprint. Put washable paint in a pan. Dip the sponge in the paint and press it. Now place the foot steps on the yard to see some trick-or-treaters reactions.

Halloween Scarecrow: Scarecrows has become an integral party of any scary outdoor Halloween decorations. To have a scary feeling you can place scarecrows in front yards. You can purchase scarecrows from the local department store or use a homemade scarecrow.

Glowing Ghosts: You can hang glowing ghost in the Halloween party area. Put a glow stick inside a balloon. Now, blow up the balloon. Tie the balloons at the top center. Use a black pen or a black marker to draw a face on the balloons. Hang the glowing ghost on the trees.

Crunching Bones Underfoot: Put dried bread and pretzels in the yard. Hide them under a rug. As the guests walks in to the yard dried bread and pretzels will sound like grinding bones underfoot.

Spider Webs: Fake spider webs are suitable for any outdoor party decorations. You can purchase fake spider webs from the nearest departmental shop.

Fake blood: You can purchase fake blood from the shop and spill it in the outdoor area. You can also hang plastic vampires in the area. You can also prepare fake blood at time. For this, you will require 1 cup karo syrup, 2 tablespoon red floor color, 1 tablespoon yellow food color and 1 tablespoon water. Mix them well and your fake blood is ready.

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