The Chinese New Year celebrations are incomplete without the processions being taken out in the streets. Taking out the Chinese New Year Parade is a significant tradition of the people during the Lunar New Year festival.

It is an amazing spectacle to witness parade being taken out on the streets.

Young kids and adults, all watch in awe as the city comes alive with tantalizing treats, visually appealing sights and wonderful sounds of drums reverberating in every corner.

People come out from their houses to enjoy the stunning vista and be a part of the fabulous tradition. It is a great rollicking time for bystanders as well as performers in the parade to be a part of the beautiful carnival.

Chinese New Year parade is famous not only in China but is observed with awe in several parts of the world. Here is a mention of some of the most notable Chinese Lunar New Year parades as taken out in other countries:

Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco

The parade in San Francisco taken out as part of the Chinese New year festivities is considered to be as one of the top 10 parades in the world. The IFEA has ranked it as one of the amazing parades to witness during the Chinese New Year festival. It is organized by the Southwest Airlines, under the direction of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. The roots of the origin of the parade can be traced back to the 1860s when the Chinese population in San Francisco began the procession as a means to educate the community about the cultural traditions and to share their culture with those unfamiliar about it. Hence, the celebration that started off as a local community event has today evolved into the largest celebration of its kind in the world. The parade draws millions of spectators and television viewers throughout Asia, U.S and Canada.

Vancouver’s Chinese New Year Parade

The parade is one of the signature events of the Chinatown of Vancouver. It is one the largest annual cultural extravaganza and a non-commercial events, held to celebrate the new year of the Chinese lunar calendar. Spectators gather in large numbers to witness the assembly of traditional lion dance teams, cultural dance troupes with energetic performers from various local fraternal organizations and other performances that showcase the Canadian cultural heritage and its diversity. Other highlights of this festival include the marching bands, martial art performer and various community groups. Parade draw thousands of participants representing diverse cultural and communities in Canada. Each year, thousands of spectators throng the route along which the parade passes and many viewers witness it through TV coverage.

Sydney’s Chinese New Year Parade

Parade si organized in Sydeny to mark the Chinese New Year festival. As the dusk descends upon Sydney, people come out on the streets to capture the stunning visuals and be a part of electrifying celebrations. Before the procession is taken out, the spectators are treated with a good dose of pre-parade entertainment. Buildings in the city are all decked up with sparkling lights. Animals are decorated and brought out on the streets, children come out on the streets dancing to the beat of the drums and musical instruments being played out by the performers. Major highlights of the parade include the dancing dragons, floats representing local Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese communities, jockeys, dance troupes, martial arts performers and many more. As the streets come alive with performers, fireworks are also burnt in the sky as part of the popular belief associated with the Chinese Lunar New year Festival that cacophonous sound and light can ward off evil forces of the bygone year and bring luck in the year ahead.

Chinese New Year Parade

Chinese New Year Parade


Chinese New Year Parade in Hong Kong

Parade taken out on the streets of Hong Kong city as part of the Chinese New Year festivities only adds to fun quotient of this vibrant city. It is one of the most loved fun event events of all the traditions and festivities observed as part of the New Year’s celebrations. Organizers of the parade put up the best entertaining show to amuse the spectators and enliven the environment. The night parade includes special attractions such as brightly colored floats, performing artists, dancers, martial art performers and so on.

The Chinese New Year parade-be it observed in San Francisco, South East Asia, Canada, Los Angeles or any other part of the world-brings abundance of joy and spreads good cheer. The colorful extravaganza only adds to the excitement of celebrating the Chinese New Year festival.

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