Pisces Financial Horoscope 2015 would teach you how to make the most of the good times and learn the most from the not so good times so as to convert them into a constructive learning experience from where you seek resolution to your problems and evolve into a more experienced person.

Also you should learn to focus with all your concentration towards the positives so that the negatives soon seem to be nonexistent. During most of the time of the year 2015 the Pisces born natives would be able to enjoy a good financial status. This is because of the fact that the Planet Jupiter resides in the second house of the natal chart of the Pisces born natives for the most part of the year.

The interesting feature of the positioning of the celestial bodies is the fact that Ketu too exerts an influence in the financial sector of your natal chart; but the more powerful influence of Jupiter shields you from any negative effect that Ketu may have caused you in matters of money.

However, the problem arises in between the months of February and April when the Planet Jupiter goes into a retrograde position in your natal chart. During this time the power of Ketu increases that may cause you some tension in matters of finances.

This is the time when you shall experience increased expenditures both at home and at your place of work. The trick to solve this problem is to cut the frills and plan your monthly finances in advances in a detailed manner.

Post the month of April however, this kind of planetary configuration would not remain thereby paving the way for better financial scenario once again.

Professional growth is predicted on the cards during the course of the year, and this would also lead to your financial growth. You only need to know how to handle this extra cash that is available to you so that you can invest it in a way that would bring you gainful returns and would help you increase your savings factor. This year you would have to learn to be a little stern and say no if you find people asking for financial favors just out of habit and not out of a need that is of urgent nature. It is a good year to invest in an immovable property or even a vehicle of your choice.

Favorable Professions: Money would come more easily to those Pisces born natives who are involved in the following professions –

  • Counselors and Politicians
  • Writers
  • Musicians
  • Doctors
  • Poets
  • Historians
  • Archeologists
  • Librarians
  • Alternative therapists like Yoga practitioners, physiotherapists etc.
  • Stage show entertainers
  • Air Hostesses and Aviation Staff Members
  • Shipping and Marine Industry
  • Transport Business
  • Travel and Tourism Industry

Event Management and Public Relations.

Financial Horoscope 2015

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