We all know that dreams are symbolic representations of what we think. When something is in your mind, half the time you are aware of it in your waking life.

However, there are thoughts that go on in your subconscious mind that you may not be conscious of, but they exist in you nevertheless.

Dreams bring out some such key thoughts. Since dreams are fabricated from what you do or see or where you go to or with whom you interact, it is not surprising that the places you frequent would feature in your dreams.

Place Interpretation
Abbey You feel spiritual. There is peace of mind and the feeling of tranquility. If there has been a need of help recently, this suggests that such help is around.
Airport When you see a busy airport it is indicative of the fact that you are ready to set your ambitions high up and take off to reach your goals. It may also be suggestive of impending travel. A desolate airport on the other hand speaks of delayed missions.
Alley If you have to execute some plans be prepared to face some delays. If you are contemplating something, be aware that your options would be limited.
Amusement Park This denotes fun and adventure. Depending on the context of your dream, it may either mean that you need to let your hair down a little more; or it may be suggestive of the fact that you are having a gala time in your life.
Apartment A luxurious one speaks of your prosperity and that perhaps you enjoy finer things in life. A dingy one denotes financial trouble.
Asylum This is suggestive of the fact that you are emotionally wrecked and is desperately looking out for some help.
Bank You feel secure and protected. It may also be suggestive of abundance or your prosperity.
Banquet This kind of paints a rosy social picture and also that of prosperity. You are likely to be surrounded by friends. You are prosperous, and you like sharing happiness with people.
Barber Shop This is where you get a new look. So it is all about changing something about yourself or your life. It may also be suggestive of the fact that you are trying to conceal something.
Beach This generally denotes calmness of mind and relaxed attitude.
Beauty Shop This represents your vanity and also the image that you plan to portray before others. It also speaks of a preparatory phase for something.
Building Buildings may often represent you and your dignity. A tall erect structure may represent the fact that you are “standing tall”. Buildings may also denote your financial condition – dilapidated ones are suggestive of hard times while luxurious ones represent luxury.
Cafeteria There are perhaps a plethora of problems that are bugging you from within.
Casino Depending on the context of the dream it could be suggestive of two things – either you are taking too much risk and need to restrain yourself, or perhaps you are likely to succeed if you took some risks, albeit calculated ones.
Castle This is a symbolic representation of not only grandeur, prosperity and luxury, but also of honor, pride and recognition. It is more likely than not your efforts would bring you awards and accolades.
Cemetery This symbolizes that there is an element of grief in your life that has engulfed you.
Church Church is a symbolic representation of spiritual wellbeing and nourishment. It also signifies something sacred. This may also represent your high moral values. If you see a church in your dream during a lull period of your life it may indicate that a bright future is awaiting you after this phase.
City A city represents society and community. It is also a symbolic representation of your relationships with people in the society.
Classroom On one hand it may be indicative of personal growth, on the other it may suggest that you need to learn some lesson, be it lessons of life or something skills related to your profession.
Cliff Cliff can represent two things which are contrary to one another. On one hand it can be suggestive of an edge in life that is critical and which can make you lose control of all that you have. On the other hand it can be suggestive of your peak of achievement, worldly or spiritual.
Corridor This is perhaps representative of the fact that you are passing through a transitional phase in life.
Court You feel you are being judged, morally or otherwise. It may be indicative of a sense of guilt or distress in you.
Dessert Desert is representative of the fact that you feel lonely or abandoned. It may also be indicative of unfavorable times.
Dock This is indicative of a journey that would not prove very fruitful for you.
Farm This is indicative of success, growth and profit.
Factory To see factory in your dream says that you are contemplating on some work related topic or perhaps are thinking that you are not working enough.
Forest This may be indicative of a transitional phase of your life, or perhaps that you are trying to find answers to some life’s questions.
Garden This is representative of domestic comfort and naturally this comes when you have enough resources – you may not have luxurious lifestyle or abundance of prosperity, but you have enough to keep your home and hearth a cheerful one.
Gutter Indicative of bad times or misfortune. Can also be suggestive of moral or social degradation.
Gymnasium This is indicative of the fact that you need more lessons in applying theories to the incidences of life.
Harbor Harbor is a symbolic representation of protection and shield. It may be a refuge in a stormy phase of your life or a shield during a rough patch in your relationship.
Heaven This is indicative of your lookout for utopia. It may also be suggestive or moral and spiritual achievements.
Hell This is a symbolic representation of a situation that you consider messy but are yet unable to escape from its clutches.
Hospital This is indicative of your need to heal – this may be physical or spiritual. It may literally be warning you of some impending illness. It may also suggest that you are giving up or losing control of your mind and/ or body.
Hotel This represents a change of some sort – in your position in life, in your identity etc.
Island On one hand it can be suggestive of relaxation and rejuvenation of the body and mind, while on the other hand it may symbolically represent solitude, depending on context.
Jail The interpretation of this dream depends largely on the context. To see yourself in the jail may be suggestive of your feeling of suffocation or confinement. To see someone in jail is suggestive that you consider that person to be fraud or unworthy of trust.
Jungle This is symbolic representation of those traits in you that are still unexplored. It may also give you feeling of being trapped with someone or in a certain situation in life. It may also indicate hindrance in your progress.
Laboratory This may either suggest that you are experimenting – whether with your relationships or with your characteristics; or you are going through some metamorphosis in life.
Lighthouse This symbolizes faith and assurance of help when times are not easy.
Mall This is a symbolic representation of all that are worldly pleasures.
Mansion This is indicative of the luxuries that you already possess or aim to possess. It may also represent your ambition to climb up in the social circle.
Market This is indicative of the fact that you are eager to offer something – it may be that you are out in the market for a job or are out again in the dating scenario. It may also indicate frugality.
Mausoleum This is indicative of something negative – it can be illness, problems or even death.
Meadow This is indicative of bright future and happy times.
Mine This is representative of the fact that you are delving deep into some situation for better understanding. It may also suggest that you are getting a better grasp on the messages of your unconscious or subconscious mind.
Mountains Mountains may either express high degree of spirituality or achievement. Or these may be representative of the hardships that you may have to tackle, and surmounting a mountain represents taking such hardships to your stride.
Movie Hall You are probably trying to shield your own emotions, or are trying to learn lessons of life from experiences of others thereby attempting to protect yourself from experiencing hardships.
Museum You perhaps have some qualities that are unique and as such should be treasured. You are trading an unconventional path in your route to success.
Oasis This may mean that you are overworked or over exhausted and are seeking rejuvenation – perhaps a vacation. It can also mean that you feel drained emotionally and are seeking help to soothe your soul.
Observatory This can either be indicative of your foresight or say that you have pinned your goals way high up.
Opera This is symbolic representation of pleasant times with friends.
Orchard An orchard in bloom is indicative of a life that is contented and filled with domestic bliss. It may also suggest loyalty and longevity. On the other hand, a barren orchard is indicative of lost opportunities or unfulfilled duties or unwelcome guests.
Palace This is indicative of wealth and luxury.
Park It may indicate a passionate love affair. It may also indicate that you are taking some time off from the harsh realities of life. It may also be indicative of your adjustment to some temporary conditions in life that brought about certain changes.
Parking Lot Depending on context, it may indicate that you are probably running too fast and need to slow down and take some time of your own to rejuvenate. Inability to find your sport in the parking lot suggests of insecurity in life.
Post Office It is indicative of some wisdom that your subconscious is trying to send to your conscious mind.
Prison You are probably feeling suffocated and restrained. You are facing some problem in expressing yourself outright.
Reservoir Water bodies are mostly related to emotions. Reservoirs symbolically represent repressed emotions. However if you see an empty reservoir it may express your feeling of void or vacuum.
Restaurant You have too many choices in life and are unsure which way to go.
School This may be a symbolic representation of the fact that you still fear some insecurity from your childhood. On the other hand it may also be indicative of your eagerness to learn. It may also prompt you the fact that you are gathering knowledge as you walk the journey of life.
Sidewalk This is indicative of steady progress in life even if there are temporary hurdles for those shall be surmounted without much trouble. You are focused and have a proper direction.
Store You are taking some time to carefully consider the options that life has put before you before you take your pick.
Subway These may indicate that there are certain hidden traits in you that you are about to explore. It may also be indicative of alternate routes to reach your goals. It may also forewarn you of hasty decisions.
Swamp These uphold the hidden and dark aspects of your mind.
Theater These dreams should be interpreted in light of the context in which these are seen. Mostly these indicate of social pleasures. These may also indicate of certain traits in you are someone around you depending on what characters you see in the theater.
Tunnel This is considered to be an ill omen by dream analysts who attribute failures to it.
Valley The interpretation depends on context. Some people relate it to prosperity and abundance. Some people say this indicates of troubled times before some awakening or achievement. Some others have also related it to illness or death.
Vineyard This is indicative of the fact that your efforts would be fruitful.
Wine Cellar This dream is a reminder to you of experiences from the past, whether positive or negative.
Woods How you feel during the dream would help to interpret the correct feeling. It may be suggestive of abundance and fertility. Or it may suggest of confused state of mind.
Workshop You are trying to develop new skill set or mental abilities.
Zoo On one hand it may represent chaos and mayhem. On the other hand it can be indicative of the feeling of confinement or being trapped.

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