On the eve of the New Year, you can send religious wishes to friends, family members or anyone who matters to you.

When you compose religious wishes, it is necessary to be a little careful about the words used. Unlike casual New Year wishes, religious wishes should have a tone of somberness and devout feelings imbued.

This needs to be maintained when you send such wishes to senior people in particular.

You can send such wishes through regular cards but nowadays a lot of people make use of the web to send New Year messages. It would be good if you design the cards personally.

Religious New Year Greetings


  1. May the god bless your family with prosperity, good health and happiness in New Year.

  3. I wish the almighty empowers you with blessings to stay safe from any wrongdoings.

  5. I wish the almighty blesses you for a healthy body and prevents you from ailments this year.


  7. I wish your kids are blessed by the God for success, happiness and good luck this New Year.

  9. I wish you and your family stays safe from any mishaps by God’s grace this year.

  11. May the Lord ensure you get success in your career and resolve all conflicts this year.

  13. I wish the god blesses you with a rewarding job this year.

  15. I wish the god sends you his love and blessings for success in your exams this year.
  16. I sincerely wish the lord blesses you for a rewarding conjugal life this year.

  18. May the almighty bless you to find a suitable life partner this year.

  20. I wish the god bless you with his love to get rid of ill health.

  22. I wish the almighty blesses you with a lovely kid this New Year.

  24. I wish the lord blesses your kids to overcome all ailments his year.

  26. I wish you can fulfill your long cherished aspirations with blessing of almighty this year.

  28. I wish the almighty protects your family from any natural disasters this year.

  30. I wish god blesses the elderly members in your family with good health this year.

  32. May the lord empower you with confidence and faith to do well amidst competition.

  34. I wish the god blesses you with the might to take every problem head on and emerge unscathed.

  36. I wish the almighty gives you the courage to deal with hostile situations this New Year.

  38. I wish the god blesses you to get enough prospects of merriment and celebration this year.

  40. I genuinely wish the lord blesses you to get into better shape this year.

  42. I wish the god bless you with adequate rainfall for crops this year.

  44. I wish the almighty make your business prosper and grow this year.

  46. May the almighty strengthen your bond with family and friends this New Year.

  48. I wish the god empowers you to resolve issues with people who matter in life this year.

  50. I genuinely wish the god gives you all the material comforts needed this year.

  52. May the almighty bless you for success in games and everything that comes your way.