You can send romantic New Year wishes to a lot of people including relatives, friends and coworkers. However, the tone of the message should differ according to the age group of the person or couple.


For example, the way you wish a classmate should be different from the way you send message to a relative senior to you on New Year.

You can be a little casual in your approach while wishing colleagues and friend in your age group though.

It is possible to send such wishes through web or the old fashioned card based method is also suitable.

Romantic New Year Greetings


    • I wish you find a suitable caring boyfriend this year.


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    • I sincerely wish you find a lady suited for you this year.


    • May the almighty bless you with a spouse who fits your mentality this New Year.


    • I wish you and your husband conjugal bliss and happiness this year.


    • I wish you come across a suitable partner at this year’s prom bash!


    • I wish you find a nice girl to date in high school this year.



    • I wish you find a nice guy to date this year.


    • I sincerely wish you win a couple trip to a tropical holiday this year.


    • I wish you win a trip with your better half to a luxury cruise.


    • I wish you spend your honeymoon in an exotic Mediterranean island this ear.


    • I sincerely wish you succeed in reigniting the spark in your conjugal life this year.


    • I wish your online dating endeavors bear some fruit this year.


    • I wish the pretty office colleague you have a crush on asks you out for coffee this year.


    • I wish you get numerous offers on this year’s valentine day.


    • I wish you finally gather courage to propose to the classmate you secretly admire this year.


    • I wish your boyfriend proposes to you on birthday this year.


    • I wish your wedding anniversary to be a grand success this year.


    • I wish you come across a suitable match during college excursion this year.


    • I wish this New Year brings an end to the clashes and ego issues between you and your girl friend.


    • Wish you a great new year that brings your boyfriend from abroad close to you.


    • I wish your spouse takes you to a trip to Caribbean’s on anniversary this year.


    • I wish you win a lottery or contest to meet your dream actor personally this year!


    • I wish you find that hunky baseball player you drool on in flight’s next seat this year!


    • I wish you eventually meet someone you have been dating on Facebook in person this year.


    • I wish you befriend a gorgeous guy while waiting at Black Friday sale queue this year.


    • I wish you come across that cute ex teacher at some social gathering this year.


    • I wish your best friend chooses you as the most suitable guy this year


    • I wish your cousin brings her gorgeous classmate to thanksgiving dinner this year and introduces her to you.


    • I wish your parents happily accept the guy you have decided to date this year.