Often translated as Chicken or Cock, The Chinese Horoscope Rooster is 1 among the 12 year Chinese cycle of animals, going by the Chinese zodiac related. Those born under the Year of the Rooster are hardworking, sharp and definite decision makers, who speak their mind out.

These attributes are something that the Roosters happen to boast off. They are sociable, dreamers, extravagant and flashy dressers. They are admiration and attention seekers. Though the Roosters can sometimes be a bit melodramatic, yet they are also logical, practical, and discriminative.

Rooster and the Five Elements

  • Earth Rooster: 22 January 1909 – 9 February 1910
  • Metal Rooster: 8 February 1921 – 27 January 1922
  • Water Rooster: 26 January 1933 – 13 February 1934
  • Wood Rooster: 13 February 1945 – 1 February 1946
  • Fire Rooster: 31 January 1957 – 17 February 1958
  • Earth Rooster: 17 February 1969 – 5 February 1970
  • Metal Rooster: 5 February 1981 – 24 January 1982
  • Water Rooster: 7 January 1993 – 9 February 1994
  • Wood Rooster: 9 February 2005 – 28 January 2006
  • Fire Rooster: 28 January 2017 – 15 February 2019
  • Earth Rooster: 13 February 2029 – 2 February 2030

Metal Rooster

Metal Roosters have very inflated egos. They analyze everything they engage in. Owing to their aggressive nature, some prospective relationships and friendships for them don’t get the chance to develop.

Wood Rooster

Wood Roosters are team oriented and have many acquaintances and friends. They always try to seek what is good in a relationship, situation or people rather than the evil or the bad. They have a tendency to keep the work incomplete because they often take up more than what they can manage.

Water Rooster

Water Roosters are calm and they don’t feel it necessary to rise over and above the crowd. Their communication abilities are very refined. They are very energetic and detail-oriented. Staying focused on the goals rather than the intricate details can help them.

Earth Roosters

Earth Roosters are very detail-oriented and organized. When it comes to multi-tasking, they are very good. They are immensely encouraged by success, and would set high standards for others to follow. There high expectations from people can result in animosity; hence they should follow a subtle approach.

Fire Rooster

Fire Roosters are very good social organizers and also excellent leaders. Nevertheless they are too blunt that can sometimes hurt the sentiments of others.


Chinese Horoscope Rooster

Chinese Horoscope Rooster

Chinese Horoscope Rooster – Personality

The Rooster occupies the tenth place in the Chinese Zodiac and signifies personality traits such as pompousness, confidence and motivation. Those falling under the Chinese Horoscope Rooster are generally trustworthy and loyal. However, when it comes to giving opinion to others, they are very blunt not because they are mean but that they are Honest. They are very sociable and want to be in the center of attraction. They always brag about themselves and their achievements. The continuous tendency to seek the attention of others can sometimes be annoying. The Roosters are very organized personalities.

Chinese Horoscope Rooster – Health

Roosters are active people, which help them in staying fit and healthy. Even when they fall ill, they soon start feeling better. However, the Roosters often take too much on themselves that they are capable of handling and this sometimes make them moody and stressed out.

Chinese Horoscope Rooster – Career

Those falling under the Roosters are very hard working and highly motivated individuals. Owing to these qualities most of the Roosters are very successful in their careers. The prospective career options for the Roosters include actors, dancers, musicians, CPA, dentist, insurance agent, banker, secretary, and book keeper.

Chinese Horoscope Rooster – Relationships

The honest and bossy approach of the Roosters often goes wrong especially with sensitive people. Hence they require partners who happen to be tough-skinned and are capable of understanding the fact that underneath the tough, hard shells, there are the Roosters with caring and immensely loving hearts.

  • Rooster and Rat

People born under the Rooster and Rat fight more, than loving each other.

  • Rooster and Tiger

Since both Rooster and Tiger are very strong-willed so it is very difficult for them when in relationship together.

  • Rooster and Ox

The Rooster and the Ox stands a very good match. These passionate and sexual animal signs when together are madly in love with each other.

  • Rooster and Rabbit

Rooster and Rabbit are poles apart and don’t attract each other at all.

  • Rooster and Snake

Rooster and a Snake make up a great pair together.

  • Rooster and Dragon

Both the Chinese Animal Signs Rooster and Dragon have deflated egos that need to be maintained and controlled carefully.

  • Rooster and Sheep

Going by the Chinese Astrology, those falling under the Rooster and Sheep fight a way too much and therefore are not at all fit for any relationship together.

  • Rooster and Horse

Though at times the Chinese Zodiac Rooster and a Horse runs into conflict regarding who happens to be the boss, yet together, they make a good pair.

  • Rooster and Rooster

Roosters together can be real difficult since both are very egoistic.

  • Rooster and Monkey

As per the Chinese Astrological Cycle since the Rooster and Monkey are not attracted towards each other physically, this could mean a difficult romance between them.

  • Rooster and Dog

Those born under the Rooster and Dog have nothing much in common between them.

  • Rooster and Pig

There is a chance that the differences between a rooster and a pig can unite them.

Chinese Horoscope Rooster at a Glance

Position In The Chinese Horoscope
Chinese Name
Next Reigning Year
Month Symbolized by Rooster
Western Horoscope Counterpart
Rooster Lucky Color
White, Yellow
Rooster Lucky Gemstone
Rooster Lucky Number
Five, Nine, Ten, Seventeen
Ascendant Hour Of Birth
5pm To 6:59pm
Yin (Female)
Negative Characteristics Of Rooster
Self Centered, Selfish, Materialistic, Vain, Fussy, Pretentious, Eccentric
Positive Characteristics Of Rooster
Observant, Sharp, Witty, Loyal, Meticulous, Generous, Communicative, Talented, Hardworking
Most Compatible Signs For Rooster
Rooster, Snake, Ox, Dragon
Most Incompatible Signs For Rooster
Rabbit, Dog
Ideal Career For Rooster
Writers, Actors, Dancers, Analysts, Singers, Businessmen, Security Officers, Military Officers, Public Relations, Accountants, Salespeople
Famous Rooster People
Melanie Griffith, Donny Osmond, Gloria Estefan, Steffi Graf, Larry King, Joan Collins, Nancy Reagan, Prince Philip, Yoko Ono, Neil Young

Chinese Horoscope 2019

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