When two Sagittarians fall in love, theirs would be an engaging relationship that would stimulate the academic bend of mind that they have.

They would be more like friends sharing fun, frolic, banter and laughter; and also enjoying exploring the world in unison. They would have intelligent conversations and would be able to keep up to each other’s interests and ideas.

Easygoing and independent by nature, they know how to balance personal interests. Due to the influence of Planet Jupiter, they have varied interests and are always busy with something or the other – this leaves no room for pettiness or jealousy between them. Also, by nature they are trusting. Their charm and charisma would make them an enticing couple. However, they should restrict over indulgences and start taking their commitment seriously.

Sagittarius being a Fire sign is full of life and passion. They like to live life to the fullest and never limited within the four walls of their home. However, they should keep in mind that always being in company is robbing them off the opportunity of intimacy with their partner. They should try to give more time and attention to their partner and their relationship. Flirty and exciting nature makes it easy to start the relationship, but to make it last, dedication is essential. Also these people like to hop on to the next project – they are not ones to stick to one thing for long. As such they should work on keeping their partners engaged by coming up with new things to make the relationship exciting. The best part is that they are very accommodating and would never let grudges stay.

Sagittarius treasures freedom, love to explore and enjoy leading a happy go lucky kind of life that is spiced up with loads of fun. They like to enjoy each day as it comes. Life to them is like a party. They are social beings who love to mingle with people and are never tired of meeting new people. When two Sagittarians come together, their compatibility is furthered by the fact that they both like to lead similar kind of life. They love to learn and take life as a learning experience. As such, they are always welcoming new adventures with open arms. Travelling is something they really enjoy. However, when in a commitment they should remember that a relationship needs sincere dedication and not a carefree attitude. Being too independent sometimes leads to a detached attitude that may affect a relationship negatively – the right balance of intimacy and space is a must. Also their direct and blunt nature may hurt feelings, even if they do not want it to happen. The good part is that Sagittarius is not the kind to nurse wounds for long. They are willing to forgive and forget easily. But for best results a bit of sober sincerity and some tactful attitude would be needed for a happy union.

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