For the Sagittarius, 2015 will be the year to make new beginnings. This is not the year when you shall continue doing what you have been doing for a while. Perhaps deep within even you were looking for a change in your life, and the time to make those changes is now.

Although not by cutting lose from the past connections. But clearly the cards indicate a year that would be full of new beginnings. The things that appeared to be problematic in the previous months will vanish all of a sudden. You shall see that as the year progresses all the hurdles that seemed to block your path would keep fading away – perhaps not all at once, but gradually yet surely.

This will imbibe in you a greater sense of optimism and positivity. Your confidence would also grow. With this new found zeal and confidence you will find it easier to climb the ladders of success – both in the professional and in the personal front. You shall obtain new friends in the walk of life who would happen to give you support in the ups and downs in the journey of life for years to come.

Remember these friends in need when they reach out to at some point. Life is all about coordinated walk in the forward direction – and it is best enjoyed in company of well wishers.

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2015 – New Year

Love and Relationship

If you are born under the sun sign of Sagittarius, then the year 2015 will make you experience the feel of bliss as far as love and relationship is concerned. The peace that you would experience in your love life would provide you with a greater sense of stability overall in your life. You will find strength and harmony in your present relationship and make it emerge as someone more confident than what you were in the previous times. It will show you the true characteristics of your partner – fortunately you will mostly find the loving and supporting side exposed along with loyalty and dedication. If you are not into any relationship yet, chances are that you will enter a short stint of romantic involvement that will give you memories to last for a long time. You shall be socially active, and would encounter many people who may feel attracted to you. However, you should take a step only after careful consideration, and only when you are sure of your level of commitment. Any fickle minded approach would not only hurt the other person, but also would complicate and jeopardize your own life. Strengthen your relationship with your partner by keeping communication flow smooth and in both ways.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope (December 03, 2015)

The day will be an uneventful one has far as your professional front is concerned. There will be no loss, but no major gain either. Consider this breathing space an opportunity to nurture your personal relationships by spending some time with your family and friends. You may feel indulgent. Spending within a limit is permissible, but you should try to curb your urge to splurge. Also you should not trust anyone in matters of finances on this day.

Lucky Number : 14, 38, 45

Sagittarius Horoscope 2015

Sagittarius Horoscope 2015

Career and Business

Keeping your eyes and ears open will see you through the year 2015 as far as the field of work and profession is concerned. Mostly you shall have to continue doing what you took up in the previous year.

But fate would also hold surprise twists for you. There will also be scope for new projects and assignments coming your way. Do not waste time to take decision – take a plunge – being too picky may make you lose the job. Your success in your professional sphere during the course of the year would mostly depend on your ability to take the right decision at the right time.

Maintain a good working relationship with your colleagues especially your superiors and resort to them for advice whenever in doubt. Your hard work and perseverance will be rewarded provided you are ready to brush up on your skills too.

A promotion is also on the cards. Those in business are likely to expand and make new contacts. If you have been contemplating a change in your career or if you are a working professional but have nurtured the dream of opening a venture of your own, the time to take your call would be now.

Health and Wellness

Sagittarians will see their health to be in a better position than that they have experienced for the past few years. Most health issues will get resolved as the year 2015 commences. If you have been suffering from a long standing ailment, even a minor chronic one, you shall decide to take it up seriously and eradicate it for once and all. For your treatment you may even decide to travel to take further expert opinion. However, during the second half of the year there may be some minor issues in the upper half of the body – but there will be nothing major to get alarmed about. A moderate change in the way of living may boost energy and immunity as well. Try to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life so that you don’t feel burnt out. Also, too much or worrying over things that are beyond your control should be avoided. Meditation and yoga may help you de-stress and also make you feel calm and composed. Your professional and personal commitments may keep you on your toes, but you have to find time for adequate rest too. If you are not well, you shall not be able to keep up to your commitments. So if you want to work more and for longer period, find time for yourself too.

Money and Finance

Good financial profit and gains is what is on the cards for you in the year 2015. The only thing you need to do now is to take the right step at the right time. The first half of the year is for you to make the efforts so that you can reap the results in the second half of the year. An increase in income is also likely, according to the predictions. But you should be overtly careful while making big investments. Resort to proper market research and weighing the pros and cons, especially if you are toying with the idea of stepping in unknown waters. It will be advisable to consult experts in the field before you sign any dotted line. You may also get some returns from investments made in the previous years. The first half of the year is not auspicious to make any long term financial commitment, for example – a bank loan or any contract. It is also advisable for you to stay out of speculative financial investments in the course of the year. However, do not feel dissuaded, for your hard work would bring you adequate returns and you shall never face any scarcity of funds during the year.

Family and Relatives

Family matters will not trouble Sagittarians much in the year 2015. However, there is a short stint of Jupiter being placed in an unfavorable position in the chart during the first few months of the year when this planet goes retrograde in your natal chart. Fortunately this period will not linger for a long time. But during this time you may need to worry about the health of a close member of your family. You may also have to incur some expenses to look after the health and wellbeing of your family or relatives. There may also be some opposition in points of view with someone dear to you. it is recommended that you handle such a situation with extreme care. Remember that this is a passing phase, but if the relationship gets strained it would be difficult to bridge the gap. This is the time when life would be testing your patience and you should not lose it. You should also be very careful about what you say, since words once spoken cannot be taken back, and may leave longstanding impact. But once this phase is over you shall again gain back the love, respect and support. There may be a social occasion in the family (like a wedding or a child birth), or good news in general, which would bring back the intimacy. There are also chances of religious activities occurring in your family in this year.

Travel and Vacation

For the Sagittarians 2015 will be dotted with business meetings all round the year in every direction possible. Consequently you shall have plenty of opportunity to globe trot during the course of the year. The good part is that all these travel would open up plethora of opportunities as you will meet many new people in your field and also further your ideas and knowledge. You shall also strike new business deals while on the move. The connections you make would also help you later on in your work. This will bring you name and fame too. You may have to trust your instincts and also the people around you for support and help. All this success will give a new meaning and zeal to your life. Even after accommodating such a busy schedule you shall find time for a leisure trip with friends and family that will bring you the much needed rest and relaxation. This would also be a scope for you to share the joy of your success with your near and dear ones.

Education and Studies

For Sagittarians pursuing academics, the year 2015 will prove to be a mixed year. The beginning of the year will not be up to the expectations, however, this will be more than compensated after the month of May when Jupiter takes a favorable position in the charts bringing success in this area. If you have been planning to take competitive exams, it will be best to hold it till you reach the second half of the year. But remember nothing can beat the outcome of sincere hard work. Those pursuing literature or language, or contemplating to learn a foreign language will see themselves shine bright. Many of you may need to leave your hometown for better opportunities and a brighter future against your will.

Areas of Growth

For the Sagittarians, 2015 is all about relationships and partnerships, and by partnership we mean both personal and professional ones. People in existing relationships will find the relationships rekindled with fresh energy and happiness. However, some people may think it is time to move on to something more emotionally satisfying. If you fall under the latter category, realize that what is happening is happening for the better. In business, multiple partnerships will leave you spoilt for choice and gives you the power to negotiate and settle for what is best for you. Rely on your intuition more than the advice of people you don’t know too well.

Areas of Challenge

In the year 2019, if there is an area that will have to give a test to prove its solidarity is your professional and public image. On one hand you need to make some important changes and take some vital decisions about your career, on the other hand you will be a little skeptic about whether you have achieved all that you had in your to-do list. You have to remember every growth comes with added responsibilities and you have to keep up to the expectations to maintain your reputation. You may have some issues with a person in an authoritative position – be diplomatic in your approach for long term benefits.

Areas of Excitement

Being innovative and expressive in romance is always fun and productive and is bound to bring in excitement. What adds to the adventure is the fact that your romantic life is not too predictable this year, and this influence is likely to remain beyond this year. You feel a bit eccentric and are inclined towards people who are free spirited and independent in nature. This would gift you a colorful life full of adventure. You may also want to explore unorthodox method of dating like online options, blind dating etc. If you are in the field of communication or arts your work will show ingenious ideas, and you will be in a mood to experiment.

Areas of Change

You look at finances, income, material valuables and other possessions in a different light now. There is a mix of challenges and beyond expectation results on the cards for you in the year 2015. It is for you now to meet the challenges so that you transform them into your gain, and not be swayed by the gains but make proper use of them. These challenges are meant to make you think and come up with innovations. Reorganizing and restructuring may help. Do not panic if you are giving it your best shot. Being humble is good, but you should know your true worth.