Sagittarius Love Horoscope 2015 speaks of a year when you shall experience fulfillment and happiness in romance. Your partnership would be a matter of your pride, and you shall gain a lot of strength and support from each other.

This would be especially a blissful feeling for the Sagittarius born natives because the last few months you have not been particularly lucky in this sector of your life.

Relationships perhaps had seemed to you only too much of a hard work. This was mainly due to the confluence of the planetary influences of the Planets Saturn and Pluto. But as the stars changed their positions the clouds in your romance sector have vanished and in the year 2015 you shall be able enjoy happy sunshine of love and affection. You shall be more open to meeting new people.

You shall lower your guards. Your inhibitions would be less. This would make you come across as a friendly and jovial person; and people would naturally flock to you. This active social life would be one avenue for those who are single to find their love. Married or committed couples would experience a deeper understanding and bonding.

Positions of Planets/ Stars:

Planet Uranus casts a strong influence in the sector of love and romance in your life; and as a result of it you shall experience a love life that is exciting to say the least. The influence of Uranus would also imbibe in your love life interest and adventure. Your love life for the year 2015 would be anything but mundane. Planet Mars too would be in this sector of your natal chart for a while, and it would give you a greater reaching out ability making people feel attracted towards you naturally.

There would also be the influence of Moon in the relationship sector of your life. This means that you shall be able to experience intense emotions during this time. You shall feel a strong connect, and whatever relationship you get into during this phase would emulate a bonding that is strong enough to last for a lifetime. However, this does not mean that you need to rush through things. You should weigh all the odds before committing for something that would change your life. If you decide to bring a change in your life, it should always be for the better.

Suggestions for Amicable Compatibility:

This is one phase of your life when you should not any kind of cloud darken your happiness. You should be conscious so that events from the past should not create any kind of fear or inhibition in your mind. This would only block out positive vibes and as a result of it good people from your life. You should not judge people by a generalizing way – every person deserves a benefit of doubt, and you should have the openness of mind to grant them that. This is one step that you have to consciously take to welcome romance, laughter, love and related happiness to your life.

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