Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope 2015 says that in this year you shall learn to come in terms with whatever you have, to be happy with whatever you are blessed with and to make the most of what is available.

This feeling would imbibe in you a sense of contentment that would help you make progress.

  • January – This is the time when you should be careful about your words and action. Any discrepancy may land you in trouble. As such you should make the habit of thinking before you do or say anything.

  • February – This is the time of the year when you may want to spend more and more time with your family and friends. This would give you good opportunity to strengthen the bonds.

  • March – You are still in a mood to relax. It is a good time to go for a vacation with your family or friends. But you should also be aware of updates in the work front and keep yourself abreast of the latest developments in that front.

  • April – You start contemplating sincerely on your career goals. This is the best time to chalk out a plan for the rest of the year so that you have a definite target which would in turn give you a sense of direction.

  • May – You shall face some trouble handling people. This is not the best time for team work or partnerships. In fact you may be misunderstood. It is a good time to connect with your sub conscious.

  • June – You have faced serious crisis in the past few year. This year you want to have all the fun that you missed out. However, you should know how to create the right balance.

  • July – This is the time when you should try to expand your horizons. If you have been contemplating to travel abroad for professional reasons you may get the scope now.

  • August – This month is considered astrologically auspicious to advance your career. If you have been contemplating any change in your career path the time to do so is right now.

  • September – This is the month to fulfill your dreams and desires. You may think that you are living in Utopia. You should make the most of this astrologically auspicious time to accomplish as much as you can.

  • October – You may face challenges during this month. In fact this may put your strength and stamina to test. Hold on, this is only a passing phase.

  • November – You try to get back a grip on your life. You shall be happy to find that you have all the love and support of your friends and family.

  • December – This month you shall continue to pursue your career goals, now with more zeal. You have plans that you resolve to accomplish in the coming months and you intent to rise to the pinnacles of success.

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