When pensive Scorpio joins hand with cautious Capricorn, the relationship would require time and patience to show its true colors. Both would need time to feel comfortable with each other.

These two are not the quickest to trust or commit for a relationship, but once they do, their devotion and loyalty is unparalleled. Although there will be rough roads en route, each would add immense value to the life of the other.

Scorpio can teach Capricorn to take a break from life at times and indulge in following the depths of their emotions. Capricorns in turn would bring stability to Scorpio’s emotions. Both the signs are quick witted and make strong critics – they should have a firm control over what they say in an argument so as not to hurt the other one.

Mars and Pluto’s influence bring aggression, courage and sensuality to Scorpio. Saturn’s influence on Capricorn imbibes diligence, ambition and sense of responsibility. When combined, the match can be a dynamic one each filling up what the other lacks in. Scorpio is a Water sign, Capricorn is an Earth sign. One takes care of the emotional aspect of life, while the other organizes the material needs. These two would need to learn to translate all their emotions to the language of love and the relationship will see harmony.

Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman

The zodiac compatibility of the two would depend on how well they learn to trust each other and create dependency. The man would have traits of jealousy. But then that would make his woman feel secured and wanted.

Scorpio Woman and Capricorn Man

The logical and ambitious man would provide stability to the determined yet emotional woman. They would need to understand each other’s emotions. He may at times seem detached, and that may hurt the woman. Both of them need to open up about their feelings, wants and desires.

Scorpios and Capricorns have many similar characteristics. The two may not be comfortable to share their feelings, thoughts and emotions at the onset, but as the relationship progresses, they mature with it. Their cautious nature will restrict romanticism initially. In other words the relationship will not be full of fun or excitement. But it would be strong and dependable. Also, they are very concerned about financial security – there will never be a conflict regarding spending pattern for both of them have a conservative style in this matter. Both Scorpio and Capricorn are stubborn, cautious and tend to nurse a wound long after. The problem can arise due to their inflexible nature – when in conflict neither may want to flex and adapt. However, since Scorpio and Capricorn are very determined to accomplish any project they take up; they shall work on making the best out of their relationship too. With that gets added their deep devotion and loyalty for their loved ones. Cumulatively these make a Scorpio-Capricorn love liaison a fairly successful one.

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