Scorpio is the eighth sign in the zodiac chart which comes immediately before Sagittarius and right after Libra. This astrological sign spans between 207.25th degrees and 234.75th degrees in the celestial longitude and between 210th degrees and 240th degrees of the zodiac.

People who are born between 24th October and 22nd November belong to this particular zodiac. This astrological sign has originated from the Scorpius constellation which is a huge constellation located near Milky Way’s centre in the Southern Hemisphere.  Scorpio is one of the three water signs along with Cancer and Pisces.

Out of all the twelve planets in the Solar System Scorpio is ruled by two of them, Mars and Pluto. As the name suggests, the symbol allotted to this sign is that of a Scorpion. According to the Greek mythology, the skilled huntsman, Orion, had told Goddess Artemis and Goddess Leto, her mother, that he would hunt and kill every single animal on Earth in order to show his outstanding skills in hunting.  

Even though Goddess Artemis was a hunter herself, she also provided protection to all the living creatures on Earth as she was the Goddess of forest, wild animals and wilderness along with being the Goddess of hunting. On hearing Orion boasting about endangering life on Earth, she and her mother sent forth Scorpius, a giant scorpion, to stop Orion. Orion engaged himself in a battle with the scorpion and was finally killed.

The battle was so lively and thrilling that it had attracted the king of the Gods and Goddesses, Zeus’s attention.  He was so impressed with the fighting skills of Scorpius that he raised it to heaven and turned it into a constellation as a reward. After which he also raised Orion to heaven and also turned him into a constellation on the request of Artemis so that it would serve as a constant reminder to the mortals that excessive greed and pride can lead to their own downfall. The Sumero-Babylonian name given to this sign is the Scorpion.

Zodiac Signs Compatible With Scorpio


  • Scorpio and Capricorn: This relationship is completely based on trust which is hard to break. Even though the Capricorns might not be always loyal with everyone, the Scorpio brings s out the best in him. The honest and direct Scorpio instills the need of Capricorn to be as loyal as possible. They tend to understand each other’s silence and approaches each other patiently in their unique way till the other one feels comfortable enough to open up to their partner. Together they will achieve great things in life and will channelize their efforts and energy to build the world they had dreamt about for themselves. This is not a fairytale kind of a relationship but is practical and realistic.

  • Scorpio and Pisces: As they both believe in true love, they both tend to be loyal and faithful in a relationship as they can’t handle an impure relationship where one of the partners is being unfaithful. If these two signs steps out of the silent zone and opens up, their conversation will be magical and beyond the understanding of the others. Pisces is probably the only sign that understands and can fathom the emotional depth of a Scorpio and handle it. They share a strong emotional connection and thus have intimacy in the truest sense.

  • Scorpio and Cancer: When in a relationship, loyalty is one of the main things a Scorpio searches in their partner. It is their need to base their relationship on the foundation of trust and Cancer partner fulfills their need. Being a Cancer and being unfaithful somehow don’t go hand in hand as it contradicts their idea of a perfect relationship. Both the signs provide enough security to feel safe and to feel comfortable in order to open up. They share a deep sense of understanding and they always don’t require words to express their feelings. They are connected on a deep spiritual level, so much so that one can finish off the sentence of their partner. It is a passionate relationship and they give each other exactly what they need.

  • Scorpio and Virgo: There is a strong sense of understanding and trust between these two signs. While one hates dishonestly, the other is terrified of getting betrayed thus when they get into a relationship, the chances of them being unfaithful is almost nil. They never want to let each other down and they even tend to understand each other’s silence. These two enjoys each other intellectual strength and they will try to find all the answers in life together. They can heal one another with soothing words and make each other forget about their tumultuous past.

Zodiac Signs Incompatible With Scorpio


  • Scorpio and Aries: A tiny bit of mistrust on any one of their part is enough to put an end to this relationship and the chances of it ending on a good note is less. While to a Scorpio the deep and dark emotions mean everything, their Aries partner doesn’t understand any of it. While a Scorpio will keep on talking about dark and mystical things, their Aries partner will lose their patience and wait for them to stop. One will probably think the other to be bonkers while the other will find their partner to be extremely shallow.

  • Scorpio and Gemini: Trust is again a very big issue in this relationship. While Scorpio tends to be possessive and jealous about their partners in a relationship, the trickster and carefree nature of Gemini is way too much for them to handle. Initially a Gemini might be attracted to a Scorpio’s interesting topics but as soon as they start getting dark and gloomy, a Gemini starts moving in the opposite direction. There is a lack of emotional compatibility between the two which forms a huge hurdle in their relationship.

  • Scorpio and Leo: These two signs go well together and are very different from one another. While Leo will never stop running after their passion, Scorpio will fight to achieve their goals and cling onto things that matter to them. The conversation between these two can be extremely heated and tense and they might end up wanting to kill each other. This relationship will not work on the emotional ground too as the only emotion that exists between them is hate. As both of them are stubborn, this will be an extremely difficult relationship.

  • Scorpio and Libra: No matter how much a Scorpio tries, they can never trust their Libra partner for Libra’s constant need to showing the world how attractive they are in order to feel accepted. When they fall in love the spark is enough to burn down entire forests, cities and might even burn them down into ashes in the process. Their emotional relationship is extremely complex and they need to understand that love is tender. If they let their inner animals out then it’ probably not love but just lust. This relationship will lack the touch of beautiful emotions and the want for body is the only thing that will remain.

  • Scorpio and Sagittarius: Trust is again a very big obstacle when it comes to these two. While Scorpio tends to tie their partners down in order to feel secure, Sagittarius loves adventures and no one can pin them down. Nothing terrifies a Sagittarius more than someone trying to control their life and that is exactly what Scorpio tries to do. Even if a Sagittarius is not unfaithful, the insecure and nagging nature of a Scorpio makes them unfaithful. They can hardly keep pace with one another in terms of everything which makes it impossible for them to maintain a relationship.

  • Scorpio and Aquarius: These two are probably the most loyal and a faithful sign in the zodiac but human nature is way too complex. When they get into a relationship, they face a lot of trust related problems. The Scorpio almost takes for granted that their partner should be tame and belong only to them, this is where their Aquarius partner comes in with rebellious nature and counterattacks. Their tendencies to keep things to themselves without speaking up is what make things worse and can end their relationship in a blink of an eye. They both tend to be stubborn and headstrong thus they will both try to control each other’s life creating a complete mess out of it.

Zodiac Signs Variable With Scorpio


  • Scorpio and Scorpio: They can bring out the worst in each other when in a relationship and they might together jump into the pool of dark and gloomy thoughts. However they share the best understanding in the entire zodiac.

  • Scorpio and Taurus: The relationship between them can be too binding and intense with no way out at all. The dark thoughts of the Scorpio can be too much for the bubbly Taurus to handle. However, they can satisfy each other’s need like no other partner.

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