The exquisite Singapore celebrates New Year with lot of grandeur, splendor, and enthusiasm. All the major celebrations as made in and around the time of New Year are in accordance to the Chinese traditions and customs.

On the basis of the traditional lunar calendar, an extended fifteen days of revels go on to celebrate the time of New Year. New Year is considered as amongst the major festivals of the nation, and thus, people in Singapore do more than enough to reflect the same in their celebrations.

New Year Celebrations in Singapore

The entire skyline of Singapore as well as streets of Singapore are illuminated with colorful lights in such a wonderful way that it seems that it have been taken directly out of an artist’s creative mind. Also, roads are lighted up with fancy blistering lights. All small and big markets and malls are also decorated, usually with flowers and cottons, to reflect the essence of New Year festival and to draw more and more people during the time. Shopkeepers put attractive gift items on display, including toys, flowers, clothes, firecrackers, etc. it is necessarily required to have a plum tree among the range of gifts, as a plum tree is considered as a perfect gift to be given to anyone on the occasion of New Year.

Several parties are organized all over the Singapore, giving adequate options to everyone to choose according to one’s preference. The major parties are hosted by The Jewel Box on Mount Faber, Mardi gras at Clark Quay, and Havana Bill at Indo Chine Waterfront.

The Siloso Splash party and Cirque Aquatique Ball are other great party options, much because of the great music and fine food they serve. This party begins on New Year’s Eve and goes ion till the early hours of the New Year.

One partying at The Sky Symphony countdown can witness an amazing light show at midnight. Then, there is a Three Marina Bay which is organized with a theme of ‘A Wish for a Better Tomorrow’. Acting on its theme, this event saw people writing down their wishes for the New Year on a piece of paper, which is then wavered over the bell charms. It also have an amazing fireworks display at midnight.

Various other events which saw thousands and more in numbers include Chun Jei festivities, and Chingay Parade of Dreams, other than the countdown parties organized at various places in Singapore. New Year is also a good time to make a visit to Chinatown, the shopping hub for the Chinese in Singapore. It has around 500 stalls are set up to offer various kinds of products including traditional food dishes, beautiful and vibrant flowers, various sweet meats, and the traditional Chinese New Year ornaments.

Traditional New Year Celebrations in Singapore

There is a tradition of organizing feasts during the time of New Year, in which all friends and members of the family are invited to be a part of the mutual celebration. There is another tradition which is referred as Chun Jei, for which preparations begin a month before the day of New Year. The tradition of Chun Jei calls everyone to develop positive hopes for the future, and abandoning all negativities, troubles, miseries, and failures of the past in the past itself. Significant amount of importance is given to a belief that one should look forward to give a new and positive start with the initiation of New Year, and that will lead to wealth, prosperity, peace, and healthiness in the coming time.

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