Slovakia follows Georgian calendar system, and thus officially celebrates January 1 as its New Year Day. New Years Eve, i.e. December 31 is also referred as Silvester. This is because the last date of the year is named after the people with names of Silvester in the Slovak calendar.

The time of New Years Eve in Slovakia offers different aspects, and thus many options for on to choose from according to one’s preference. While some prefer to have their New Years Eve in a restaurant or hotel or club, there are some who head to the countryside or mountains or beaches for gaining a different experience. Some simply pass their time sitting at home and watching the special television programs telecasted on television. Some make a visit to their friends or relatives, or any of the parties organized by them on New Years Eve.

Irrespective of the nature of celebrations, everyone irrespective of their gender and age participates in them to express their happiness and to celebrate the special time. Great music, accompanied by great food and drink in the company of great people do make everyone’s evening a memorable one. Feasts organized in the house parties, are ensured to made as traditional as possible, and thus one can find the best of the traditional dishes being served on the dinner table on

Also, the fireworks display is organized at midnight in almost all parts of the country, but is apparently spectacular and extravagant in some of the major cities. Everyone moves out of their houses, with the midnight time drawing close, to have a view of the spectacular fireworks usually planned by the neighborhood community.

The city squares are some of the most preferred places on New Years Eve. The Silvester dances, the great music, the vibrant atmosphere, and the fireworks show at midnight provide all which one wish for having a spectacular New Years Eve. Rosining a toast in the presence of hundreds and thousands others, do leave a pleasant picture which remains etched in one’s mind for a long time.

One another prominent part of New Years Eve celebrations is the running event of New Years Eve Run, which is organized on every New Years Eve over the bridges of Bratislava, and alongside to the river Danube. People participate in it with lot of enthusiasm and good feeling. Event is ten kilometer long run, which commences from the campus of University of Economics in Petr┼żalka, and move over through all the five bridges of Danube and riverside of Danube, to conclude at Most Lafranconi Bridge. There are different categories for men and women, and winner from each category is awarded in the end.

The street party organized in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, is the major attraction of New Years Eve. It is the largest and the most anticipated street party of all, which puts a lot of spectacular things at offer. People not only from the different parts of Slovakia, but also from different corners of the world come all over to be a part of this gala affair.

The cultural celebrations as organized in the National Theatre of Slovakia on New Years Eve also draw throng of people. Number of live shows and live performances of different genre take place in the theatre, reflecting the culture and tradition of the country. Great music, and traditional food and drinks served in the event are another highlighting aspects of the celebrations organized.

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