Do you want to experience the beauty of camp out music in India? The state of Karnataka offers you with musical performances that will change the way you arrange parties forever! The Storm Music Festival is an annual celebration of music through the performances of world famous DJs and local artists. Music at the backdrop of nature is the perfect excuse for all enthusiasts to pack their bags and set off for Coorg. The Storm Music Festival makes sure that all performances are staged following rules of eco friendly atmosphere.

Legend behind the Storm Music Festival

The unique name given to this music festival comes from the concept of creating a storm with music in the lap of nature. The organizers had introduced the concept of this festival to celebrate open air music for a period of two days while also educating the people of Karnataka about the importance of an eco friendly atmosphere in spite of festivities that incorporated loud music. Today, the Storm Music Festival is hailed as the first eco conscious music carnival of India.

Not only is music reduced to a non disturbing decibel at the venue, use of plastic goods and drugs are not allowed while watching the performances. It is punishable under the law. Responsible entertainment is what the producers Liquidspace Entertainment want to promote through the Storm Music Festival.

Customs, Tradition and Cultural Importance of the Storm Music Festival

It is a custom that the organizers Liquidspace Entertainment follow every year that the festival be held in the hilly areas of the district of Coorg in Karnataka. The venue is generally fixed at a place within a few kilometers from Bangalore so that traveling for international visitors becomes easier.

The festival is staged during the winter months, anytime between November and February. Since rains are a common factor in the hills of Karnataka, the organizers have to arrange for the festivities when the weather forecast does not record imminent rainfall.

The Storm Music Festival is important not only for music lovers, but also for different sections of the society who want to tour the coffee plantations of Karnataka. Liquidspace Entertainment arranges the music carnival very close to the coffee hills of the South Indian state. The festival is organized with the assistance of well known artiste managers of India, The Syndicate and Submerge.

Every year sees the participation of at least 35 music bands from across the world, who presents a fusion of classical and modern music to the gathering.

Well Known Music Personalities at the Storm Music Festival

Listed below are the names of the most popular performers in different editions of the Storm Music Festival.

Domestic DJs

  • Nikhil Chinnappa
  • Pearl
  • Breed
  • Kay Mikado
  • Arjun Vagale
  • Kalypso
  • Vachan Chinnappa
  • Clement
  • Vishnu
  • Swing (the Official Storm DJ)

International DJs

  • DJ San
  • Sied Van Riel
  • Dale Anderson & Anil Chawla
  • Thomas Gold
  • Julie Thompson & Richard Durand

Music Bands

  • Lesle Lewis
  • Indian Ocean
  • La Pongal
  • The Raghu Dixit Project
  • Swarathma
  • Astitva
  • Ankur and The Ghalat Family
  • Rishi Inc
  • Yodhakaa
  • Project Square

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