Taurus’ guiding Planet is Venus that deals with Love and Passion. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn that related to Karma and Uranus that represent rebellion.

As such, Taurus emanates a warm sensuality and likes to be enveloped in cozy comforts of a known sphere. Aquarius, on the other hand, is detached and is attracted to anything that is unusual. Aquarius can learn to appreciate security from Taurus, while the latter can learn to be a little flexible and to abandon a situation that seems impossible to take to stride. If this barter can be made, the relationship can move mountains – but the problem lies in the fact that both of them are obstinate in their own ways.

Taurus being an Earth sign focuses more on material and practical pursuits. Aquarius being an Air sign is all about intellectuality. While Taurus is focused on accomplishing tasks at hand and also resists change to some degree, Aquarius is always looking for fresh avenues even if that means abandoning the tasks undertaken. Taurus is too attached and Aquarius is most detached.

Both the partners in this match would be extremely opinionated and any argument should be avoided at all costs. This is not only because the argument can take a bad shape, but also because the partners would react differently to the tension and the process may create a rift between the two. An amicable partnership can be played if Aquarius learns to stimulate the mind of the Taurus while learning to appreciate the supportive stability that Taurus provides.

Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman

This match may be a love at first sight. However as they start getting to know each other, the differences become clearer. Both the partners would have very different ideas and opinions regarding just about everything under the sun, and also about life in general – the man being conservative, and the woman radical. They would both try to impose their thoughts on each other and the battle of wills may devastate the relationship.

Taurus Woman and Aquarius Man

To make this match a success, both the partners would need to budge from their stubbornness, willing to adapt to each other’s ways of life and forgive and forget about conflicts. Both the partners would have very different philosophies about life. But once determined, they may be resolute about making the relationship work.

Taurus is possessive, yet simple. Taurus is hardworking, disciplined and down to earth. Aquarius likes to take life as it comes and can easily change colors according to the needs of the time. They both have very different needs and wants. However, both of them can be very stubborn once they have made up their mind. Taurus’ tendency to stick to the tried and tested routes always may irritate Aquarius while Aquarius’ carefree attitude may enrage Taurus. If they can avoid arguments and coordinate to direct their energies to the same direction, they may make a contented pair.

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