Taurus is ruled by Venus and Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Although both the planets are close to the sun, their attributes are very different.

Venus is all about romance, sensuality and pleasure – it is generally associated with softer feminine traits. Mercury is related to both masculine and feminine traits, and Gemini tends to oscillate between the two according to the needs of the hour.

They are a little too full of themselves and enjoy a tongue in cheek attitude. All these may get a little lost on Taurus whose basic requirement in a partner is dependence, stability and charm. The fun part is that Gemini is a quick learner and the mystery that Gemini evokes keeps the romance alive in the relationship.

Taurus is an Earth sign while Gemini is an Air sign. Gemini is all about whim and fancy that is backed by sharp intellect. Taurus is all about ground reality and hard work. While Gemini never cares about a set plan, Taurus is all about a methodical approach. Gemini is unpredictable, often alleged to be aloof, and have definite tendency to flirt. This may hurt the loyal Taurus who is always very possessive about partner. The basic difference between the natures of the two is that while Taurus is always focused at one thing at a time to which it attaches utmost importance; Gemini’s fickle mind likes to test different waters at the same time.

When these two sun signs come together, the relationship may run strong if both the partners learn from the positives of each other. Taurus may adapt to versatility while Gemini may learn to do away with a confused state of mind and be determined. Gemini’s intellect can beautifully complement Taurus’ practical approach. While Taurus can teach Gemini to take life a little more seriously, Gemini can imbibe fun and excitement is Taurus’ life.

Taurus Man and Gemini Woman

What attracts a Gemini woman to a Taurus man is his energy and confidence. However her vivacious nature may make the straight forward Taurus feel a little bewildered. He would like to settle down, while she would like to keep the relationship open as long as possible. They should try to reconcile the differences if they want to hold on to each other.

Taurus Woman and Gemini Man

Gemini man’s sense of adventure may hurt the possessive side of Taurus woman. She is all about sincerity and commitment, where as he is all about fun and frolic. A lot of understanding and adjustment would be required to make this relationship work.

Taurus is all about calm and stability, whereas Gemini’s mind is in a perpetual state of confusion. The restless nature of Gemini can be grounded by the peaceful countenance of Taurus. When this can be achieved, a Taurus-Gemini love relationship can be a compatible one. Taurus needs to learn the art of flexibility from Gemini, while Gemini needs to learn to achieve clarity of mind from Taurus. An open communication is very important here so that both the partners feel secure in the relationship making it a happy and trouble free one.

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