A love relationship between Taurus and Libra may take much time and nurturing to bloom. On the surface, they apparently share a lot of common interests.

However, their ways to look at life and to face the rigors of life are very different. Both these sun signs enjoy the comforts of life and have a strong sense of aesthetics. They both enjoy flirting with their partner and be wooed in return.

They would prefer to have a long and romantic courtship period. In their dating phase, you may find them smug and cozy in some of the best fine dining places, in art galleries, theatres and music concerts. They also complement each other’s perspective in life – while Libra teaches Taurus to look around instead of having a one-sighted vision, Taurus in turn teaches Libra to overcome indecisive nature. Taurus and Libra are both snobs in their own ways.

While Taurus is a firm believer of innate practicality, Libra seeks refuge to intellectualism. This may cause some conflict. The hopeful part of the story is that people belonging to both these sun signs are charming and seek harmony – that is what will help them sort their ways. Libra with gentle persuasion will be able to flex the otherwise sweet at heart Taurus and happiness shall prevail.

Taurus Man and Libra Woman

From an astrological point of view Taurus man and Libra woman do not make the perfect match. However, they would share a lot of common interests like music, movies, fine arts, food and above all the comforts of home. But he is too possessive to allow her to move around with others. Libra woman on the other hand is a social butterfly who gets stimulated by ideas she gets interacting with others. Both of them should spend quality time with each other and work out the differences without losing their temper.

Taurus Woman and Libra Man

This relationship would be a romantic one peppered with a lot if intense passionate moments. However, Libra is a more outgoing person than a Taurus. The Taurus woman would like to stay in the cozy comforts of her home surrounded by chosen few friends. Libra is very opposite in nature. This may make the woman feel a little insecure at times. But with time her strong determination to make the relationship work and his convincing loyalty will overcome all shortcomings.

Although both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Planet Venus, their approach to love is a little different. Taurus is blessed with a practical mind while Libra is ruled by idealism. The Utopian concepts of Libra may seem a little over the top to the very prosaic Taurus. However, both the sun signs seek security and stability in a relationship. This will make them adjust according to the likes and dislikes of one another making the relationship stand the test of time.

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