Every relationship generates energy of its own. Taurus and Sagittarius should identify the kind of energy their bond emanates so that they can make the union a gainful one.

This relationship can be turned into a gainful one for they both can learn a lot from each other. Sagittarius and Taurus enjoy different ways of life. Sagittarius thrives on interacting with people – they love new experiences and adventure.

Taurus, on the other hand, likes to stay within the secured circle of his/her known environment. Sagittarius gets bored with routine while Taurus finds discipline to be an integral part of being functional. While Taurus harps on commitment and stability, Sagittarius may find this attitude a little claustrophobic.

Taurus is more patient and practical while Sagittarius is restless and impulsive. Sagittarius may at times find the company of Taurus to be dull and boring. The relationship would start to work when Sagittarius appreciates the security of a stable base, and Taurus learns to welcome a little bit of adventure of their life.

The influence of Venus makes Taurus a sensual and sensitive lover. The influence of Jupiter makes Sagittarians philosophers at heart who also love to learn, expand and explore. The confluence of these two energies can be molded towards a positive direction. Sagittarius being a Fire signs relies on impulse to direct them, while Taurus being an Earth sign takes a down to earth approach. The relationship can work as long as Taurus flexes a little and Sagittarius tames down a degree.

Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman

Taurus man holds strong opinion and is stubborn. He may force the comparatively timid Sagittarius woman to follow his ways of life at all times. This creates a clash for Sagittarius enjoys independence. Also the woman should be very careful about not getting involved with anyone else for the sake of some variation or adventure. Taurus can tolerate most things but not infidelity.

Taurus Woman and Sagittarius Man

The shy and gentle Taurus woman can get easily attracted to the outgoing Sagittarius man who is full of zeal and zest. However, she should also be aware of the fact that a Sagittarius man is prone to be friendly to others of the opposite sex too. This may make the Taurus woman feel insecure and unwanted for she has a strong sense of loyalty and possession.

The Bull and the Archer should learn to complement each other if they want their romance to sustain. They should give themselves time to learn about each other. Taurus is a domestic soul who likes to be cozy and comfortable in the company of a small and intimate circle of family and friends. Sagittarius on the other hand is social and extrovert. With gentle care Taurus can imbibe some thorough wisdom to the impulsive Sagittarius, who in turn can teach Taurus to let the hair down once in a while. This balancing act would be pivotal in making this relationship stand the test of time.

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