Test Dreams have been reported to be very common among people with one of every five cases that dream analysts come across being that about a test or exam of some kind. These dreams could be a pretty confounding experience if you have been seeing them.

These are so vivid that people often say that they can even remember the minutest of details. Well, Test Dreams have been basically associated with stress and tension of some kind.

The exam room, the ticking of the clock marking time, the questions etc have been mostly related to anxiety and worry by most people, and the subconscious has thus recorded such situations with those kinds of emotions. Well, Test Dreams can be literal manifestations of an impending exam or test.

But people who have long past that stage also report of such dreams for the subconscious mind relates to any kind of stress and anxiety with that of taking a test. It could even be the message that the subconscious mind is sending you to be conscious about certain shortcomings that you have and to rectify them for better performance in life.

Is there anyone or anything that is challenging your capability? Do you feel that you are unprepared to achieve well and to compete with others? These are what can trigger test dreams relating to lagging behind. Test dreams could be positive ones too, and many a times people have reported that these positive test dreams have motivated them for better performance in life.

  • Common Variations of Test Dreams:


As we keep on saying each dream differs in its own way and the variations depend a lot upon the various challenges or situations of life that the viewer is going through or has experienced or is anticipating to experience. The interesting fact about test dreams is that the dreamers of various cross sections with varied backgrounds have often talked about the same setting while describing a test dream. Now let us discuss some common variations of test dreams –


o    You are running out of time – You want to prove a lot of things but do not have adequate time or opportunities.


o    You are running late for a test – You are either very disorganized in life or fear that you shall not be able to keep up to something.


o    You are unable to find the destination of test or the seat you are assigned for the test – You lack confidence in taking situations to your stride and are feeling left behind in life.


o    You have forgotten to carry your stationery items – Implies that you feel unprepared to face something that is already happening or is coming up.


o    You visualize the whole thing in a language unknown to you


o    You have failed in a test – You fear that you are not being able to keep up to the expectations.


o    You have performed brilliantly or beyond your expectations in a test – You feel confident that you have a strong footing in life and would be able to outdo others.




  • Inferences that can be drawn from Test Dreams:


From the above discussions we can safely conclude that test dreams do not necessarily have to be negative ones, these could be positive too. the interpretations of your Test Dreams depends on what exactly you see in your dreams plotted against the situations that you have been facing or anticipating in your life. Researchers have opined that Test Dreams are greatly related to the level of confidence that the dreamer has. Test Dreams basically are trying to convey you the message that perhaps you are trying to move on to the next level in your life which you are finding difficult to achieve. Positive test dreams are the manifestations of the happiness and the confidence that you feel when you have taken or are sure to take something to your stride.


Here is a summed up list of the inferences one can draw from Test Dreams –


Negative Test Dreams



o    When you are procrastinating with anxiety about something that you need to do

o    When you feel scared to next the next step in anything – in a relationship, in your profession etc.

o    When you feel afraid that others would leave you behind

o    When you fear of failure in any competition – it may even be the race of life

o    When you feel lonely and that you have no support, which consequently scares you

o    When your confidence level is low

o    When you have fear of performance of any kind

o    When do feel that you are not prepared for something

o    When you lack self esteem

o    When you feel that you have no motivation

o    When you feel that you are stuck somewhere in life and are unable to move forward

o    When you feel that someone is scrutinizing you

o    When you are in a mode of self assessment

o    When you feel that you are not up for a challenge that life is bringing your way

o    When you feel heightened sense of pressure to perform in life

o    When you feel that you are trying too hard to prove yourself but in vain



Positive Test Dreams



o    When you feel satisfied by where you stand in life

o    When you are confidence of your performance of any kind in life

o    When do feel that you prepared for anything

o    When you have adequate self esteem

o    When you feel that you are inspired and motivated

o    When you feel that you have a proper direction in life and are moving forward

o    When you feel confident

o    When you have proven yourself in life

o    When you feel like a winner in the race of life

When you feel you have given your best shot

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