Ranking among the most auspicious events celebrated across the world. New Year is celebrated by millions of people and brings people of all races, creeds, customs and ages together.

All countries celebrate the first day of the year in their own possible way. There is nothing more exciting than hosting parties among your relatives and friends.

To make your party experience special, you can choose from a number of party themes or make your own innovative party idea.

Dining forms a major part of New Year parties. Some of the food items which are served New Year are cakes, confectionaries, fish, pork, legumes and so on. Red wine and white wine are very popular New Year drinks.

Major New Year Party Themes

Patriotic theme: One of the popular party themes for New Year, the patriotic theme symbolizes New Year according to your country’s customs and traditions. You can decorate your interior and exterior with small symbols and flags of your country and make wear traditional dresses. Local food is prepared as well.

Clock Theme: One of the enjoyable New Year party themes, the clock theme is wonderfully used to symbolize the coming year. You can make your invitations in gift boxes shaped as clocks and watches. Children can dress themselves as giant clocks and watches. Cakes shaped as watches are also served.

Celebrity Theme: In this theme, people dress themselves as celebrities. You can choose the style of any celebrity you like and follow his or her hairstyle, dressing style, behaviors and so on. Celebrity fancy dress competitions are also held.

Disco party: If you love dancing with exhilarating foot tapping music, then a disco theme party is your perfect choice. Dance to the great disco music of the 70s, 80s and of today and have a great time with your friends and relatives. Wear polyester print disco shirts and disco suits and bell bottom trouser to bring that retro look. Decorate your party area with lights.

In addition to these, you can also organize other New Year party themes like stock hop party themes, slumber theme, fancy party themes, traditional party themes and lots. By making parties with these themes, you can enjoy with your dear and dear ones to the fullest degree.