Traveling dreams form some of the most emotionally charged dreams for they compel the dreamer to take a journey within the “self”, and take a spiritual tour to have a better understanding of the innermost feelings and emotions.

Travel dreams are often indicative of the various developmental stages of your life – outward or inward. While interpreting travel dreams it is of utmost importance that you consider the minutest details of your dream for the correct interpretation.

  • When you see yourself Time Travelling


Time travel is an interesting subject in dream and various thinkers and psychologists have attached various meanings to such dreams. The most common interpretation of a dream where you are traveling through time is that you are not happy in the situation of life you are currently in, and as such you either want to rewind or fast forward your life to live in happier times.

It may also indicate end to some emotional bonds that are coming in the way of the larger goals that you have in life. These dreams could also suggest that you regret having done something in the past and would like to change it, for it is either affecting your quality of life at present, or you fear that it may have some adverse effect on your life in the future.


  • When you see yourself travelling around the World


Traveling dreams are seldom expression of your desire to travel. They are more intertwined with the emotions embedded in you and also with the conditions of life you have faced or are facing. Traveling the world is perhaps an indication that you have overworked yourself or are overburdened with the responsibilities of life and are considering to take a break – your travel dream in such a case would be a symbolic representation of your desire to escape the pressures that life is creating on you. Traveling round the world is also indicative of the fact that you should take some important decisions in life – about your goals and targets. It may also indicate an urge or a nudge to break free the confinement of your soul. It may be suggestive of living your life out of the box.


  • When you are travelling via train


When a journey by train appears in a dream it can be potent with a lot of messages and should be interpreted in context to know the right indications. It may so be that you are burdened with a lot of responsibilities which would be best for you to share with others around you – you would probably find help if you look for it. It may also suggest that you are going with the flow of your life or just the way others are going without trying to curve a special niche for yourself. Train journey is in its essence a symbolic representation of the journey of your life.  A train crash is indicative of the chaos and mayhem in your life.


  • When you have traveled to a dessert


These are usually associated with an unhappy phase of your life. It could be indicative of a lot of things, all negative, unfortunately. It could be a feeling of desertion that exists within you – a feeling of solitude or loneliness. Or perhaps the dream is indicative of the fact that you have probably lost something in life that was of high importance to you. Desert dreams have often found to be messengers of the subconscious mind that try to bring to your consciousness certain incidences that are about to happen. Traveling through a desert means that you lack happiness and enjoyment in life and are feeling emotional vacuum. It may also suggest that you are losing your creativity. It could also indicate bareness or infertility or impotency.


  • When the plane you are traveling in crashes


When you dream of a plane crash, more often than not it is suggestive of the fact that some of your hopes and aspirations in life have been smashed. It is highly indicative of the fact that you are in a negative frame of mind. It could also be a symbolic representation of the fact that there is some trouble brewing up in the horizon of your life. It may also suggest that you have pinned your hopes on something unrealistic, and that there is a high probability that the castle in the wind would come crashing. It may also indicate that you are suffering from lack of confidence. Consider whether you have some fears embedded deep inside that is preventing you from making progress in life.



  • Travelling to a dead end


If you see in your dreams that you are faced by a dead end at the end of your journey, it is indicative of the fact that you need to reconsider the decisions that you are taking or have taken in your life, for the path you are traversing would not take you anywhere. It is a symbolic representation of the fact that the path you are traversing would not lead you to your desired destination. This may also be a form of self repression that gets expressed through your dreams. There is probably something that is holding you back from making progression, and your subconscious mind is as such sending messages for you to break free from the clutches of the past or any mental block that you have that is causing hindrance in your progression.



  • Condition of the Road that you are traveling by


When you are traveling in your dreams, the condition of the road that you are traversing is one important point that is taken into consideration for interpreting the true meaning of your dreams by the psychologists and researchers. Was the path rocky or was the ride a smooth one? Were you travelling alone or did you have company? A smooth ride in happy company is indicative that you are going through a happy phase in your life. On the contrary, a lone journey denotes solitude, and a rough or rocky ride is indicative of the hurdles that you are perhaps facing in your waking life. The rough ride could also indicate fear of failure. Likewise, a travel that takes you through lush greenery indicates of fulfillment, contentment, abundance and enjoyment all around.



  • Getting into a by-lane during your travel or getting isolated from others


If you see that in your travel you get sidetracked or isolated from others or that you have to take a by lane then it is indicative of the fact that you have lost focus in your life. There are perhaps too many distractions around you and you are lagging behind in the race and in the course of it getting deviated from your target. Getting lost is here a transparent enough metaphor to comprehend and it plainly suggests that you are not confident of your next course of action or not sure of what you want to do next. It may also mean that you fear losing your identity and trying to distance yourself from others in your attempt to cover up for your insecurities or shortcomings.

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