Virgo Health Horoscope 2015 predicts of a year when there is a chance that you may need to be a little extra careful about your health. This would be especially true in the first half of the year when Planet Saturn would rest in the third house of your natal chart.

You need to work on increasing your energy level in general and also on tips that can increase your overall immunity system. Meditation may help you focus on all that is positive.

A balanced lifestyle would help you to remain fit and fine. The second half of the year however would see you in a better shape, and you shall end the year with a lot of zest and zeal.

Ailments that may bother the natives:

This year you shall be troubled by chronic illness. If you already have a history of any kind of illness, you may find it bothering you on and off. Apart from that you may suffer from problems that are minor but may get irritating due to their repetitive nature. This may include stomach related troubles and allergy problems. You may also suffer from trouble in your upper respiratory track.

Some of you may suffer from asthmatic conditions and even chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); others may get bogged down by bouts of pneumonia. You should also take care of your digestive system and lover function. Apart from that some Virgo born natives may suffer from chronic pains in the lumber region – back, neck, shoulders etc. You may also experience joint pains and muscle sprains in your limbs.

Dietary Requirements and Suggestions:

Virgo is an Earth sign according to the norms of astrology. Like the other two Earth signs you are more inclined to be static and in some ways sluggish. As such it is recommended that you include such items in your diet that would help to provide you with more energy. This includes proteins like legumes, eggs, chicken, various kinds of beans etc.

Almonds and walnuts too can provide you the required source of energy when taken in a balanced proportion. Intake of protein would also be beneficial to you because of the fact that it would also help to ease your sore muscles from sprains and aches that you are likely to be subjected to in the course of the year. Along with that you should try to increase the intake of garlic, leeks, onions and shallots for they are known to help in the betterment of liver functioning.

Dark leafy greens, fruits like berries and apples too would be good for your digestive system. For the same reason you should take yoghurt which is rich in pro-biotic content. Drink a lot of water not only to keep your system hydrated but also to assist your body in flushing out the toxins.

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