Virgo is the sixth sign in the zodiac chart which comes immediately after Leo and right before Libra. This astrological sign spans between the 150th degrees and 180th degrees of zodiac in the celestial longitude.

People who are born between 23rd August and 23rd September belong to this particular zodiac. This sign has originated from the Virgo constellation which is the second biggest constellation after Hydra and the brightest star of this constellation is Spica. It is an Earth sign along with Taurus and Capricorn. Among all the planets in the Solar System, Virgo is ruled by Mercury.

The symbol allotted to this zodiac is that of a maiden. However this maiden particularly represents Astraea who was also called the Star Maiden in the age old Greek religion. According to the Greek mythology, Astraea was the Goddess of purity and innocence. It was believed that virgin Astraea was the very last immortal to live on Earth with the humans in Golden Age.

However on seeing the wickedness of human nature, she fled and abandoned Earth at the latter half of the Silver Age after which she rose to heaven and became the constellation of Virgo. People born under this astrological sign tend to be extremely organized in life thus making them diligent and efficient workers. They have a habit of paying attention to every little detail which can make them over-critical and hence they are extremely hard to please.

However they are perfectionists and if given a responsibility, they will carry it out by putting in full effort. In that way, Virgos are extremely trustworthy. They have a shy nature and tend to be conservative. Virgos are fiercely independent and will get things done in their own way no matter what. They are cheerful and charming making them the kin d of person everyone would like to have by their side. The Sumero-Babylonian name given to this sign is the furrow.

Zodiac Signs Compatible With Virgo


  • Virgo and Taurus – In this relationship Taurus seeks Virgo’s intellectual strength in order understand this world better and to have a clearer outlook. The Taurus can sometimes be unreasonably stubborn which makes it difficult to have a conversation with them. However, Virgo’s mutable nature will allow them to find other ways to approach their Taurus partner and make them understand their viewpoint. As both of them are Earth signs, they can tend to be extremely rigid and inflexible when it comes to accepting the point of view of others. In this case however, the soft nature of Taurus and the intellectual strength of Virgo will allow them to reach a point where they can achieve mutual understanding.
  • Virgo and Cancer – The trust these two signs share is unbreakable. The Cancer partner can instill trust in a Virgo like nobody else. Cancers tend to be stable emotionally and if they choose a partner they will remain loyal as by being unfaithful they would only shatter their dream of having a loving and a passionate relationship. This is why they tend to be extremely faithful leaving no room for their partners to doubt their actions. Their topic of conversation and intellectual strength match on a whole new level and id they accept each other completely, their conversations can be really magical. The relationship these two share is beautiful in the truest sense and they will respect and value one another.
  • Virgo and Scorpio – These two signs share a very strong mutual understanding and are hardly unfaithful towards one another. While one hates dishonesty, the other is terrified of betrayal and thus building a strong sense of trust between the two. They always don’t have the need to give words to their feelings as they understand each other’s silence which is a beautiful thing to share. They connect on a deep spiritual level and there will be a constant flow of passionate vibes between the two even will both of them remain silent. They even share a strong intellectual connection and the excitement in their relationship will remain intact for a long time.
  • Virgo and Capricorn – Their relationship is completely based on trust as Capricorn being an Earth sign hardly tend to have a shady nature and Virgo usually doesn’t undertand the entire concept of cheating and has no reason to cheat whatsoever. Even if their faithfulness waivers, a Capricorn partner will motivate them to be as faithful as possible and inspire them. Their communication might seem boring to others but is deep enough to excite them as they can acquire knowledge and learn new things from each other. These two signs take time to get to know each other and once they do get to know their partner, they become more and more fascinated by them and their urge of knowing each other more increases. They can have a perfect fairytale relationship which will be based on love, respect and trust.

Zodiac Signs Incompatible With Virgo


  • Virgo and Aries: This might be the worst match for a Virgo. They hate each other’s presence and annoy one another so much so that it might irritate the people around them too. While a Virgo will be hysteric when misunderstood, Aries partner will be easily lose their calm and ready to fight them. Their relationship will be filled with fights and will not last long. While Virgo likes things prim and perfect, Aries are animal spirited people.
  • Virgo and Gemini: When it comes to trust between the two, there is probably none. While Gemini has a somewhat trickster nature, Virgo has major trust issues making this a terrible combination. They can make each other lose their piece of mind but as they don’t have jealous nature they won’t probably end up stabbing each other. As Virgo will try to analyze their partner’s behavior, Gemini will simply run away from this relationship.
  • Virgo and Leo: The trust between the two will begin to waiver as soon as the Leo decides to show who the king is. Moreover Leo’s nature attracts people making them the centre of attention; this is what a Virgo can’t handle. Things tend to get worse if they don’t communicate to regain confidence in each other. The lack of intimacy poses a great threat to this relationship. Even though a Leo craves for it, they find it difficult to be close to their Virgo partner. It is almost like they don’t make each other feel anything and are as good as numb from within.
  • Virgo and Libra: This earth – air pairing doesn’t go down too well for a number of valid reasons one of them being that both the signs tend to avoid fights and hence differences and resentments may go unspoken. Virgo’s are more productive and like to be on the go always while Libra’s are more relaxed and laid back. Virgo’s may consider their partner to be too lazy or indecisive while they see you as too serious and workaholic. Virgo’s are organized and responsible while Libra’s are reckless and carefree. Virgo’s are reserved and quiet while Libra’s are sociable and outward. You are more into saving money while Libra’s love to spend extravagantly and maintain a large wardrobe. Another fundamental difference between them is that Virgo’s are usually pessimistic while Libra’s have an optimistic nature. These are the reasons why this coupling may not result in a happy ending.

Zodiac Signs Variable With Virgo


  • Virgo and Virgo: This is a relationship which has a great scope of being a ten out of ten relationship but it also has a few ifs and buts that tag along. The main drawback of this pairing is that there’s too much of intelligence and practically. Both the partners tend to be workaholics and perfectionists. This will lead to a super business relationship rather than a loving or emotional one. However, on the bright side, they have the same likes and dislikes and understands each other perfectly. Both the partners are very loyal and trustworthy and should follow the heart sometimes instead of the head.  This match can be a successful one only if both the partners can set aside their urge to be productive and competitive nature and just decide to be laid back and unproductive for once.
  • Virgo and Pisces: This earth – water pairing has a lot of shades some you may love and others you will hate. There are numerous ways in which they are opposite and it will make them feel that the other person is not able to understand them. The main root of the communication problems will be the difference in views as Pisces sees everything as an illusion and hardly cares about materialistic possessions while Virgo’s are practical, have an ambitious outlook and is all about working hard and getting their way.  Virgo’s have common sense while Pisces are dreamers, Virgo’s like being organized while Pisces prefer chaos, Pisces like to be comfortably idle while Virgo’s are always on the run and Virgo’s are frugal about money while Pisces are clearly not. In spite of all this, this match does have a chance as in many respects both these partners complement each other. The Virgo is attracted to the caring and romantic nature of the Pisces who in turn are drawn to the practicality and intelligence of the Virgo. Both the partners can learn a lot from each other and with just a few adjustments this pairing will go from near perfect to perfect.
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