There are a plethora of new experiences and opportunities waiting for you to embrace them. But you should consider them with care before you embark upon any new journey.

Your analytical skills and foresight would be put to test, and you should strive to emerge winner.

  • January – You are a diligent worker, and once you set out to achieve something you stop only after you get the desired results. But make sure that to be on the race you do not pile up your plate beyond your capacity and then falter.
  • February – You are craving for company. But you should make careful considering while choosing this company. Do not decide at the spur of the moment to just eliminate your loneliness.
  • March – This is the time of the year when it is auspicious for you to start new ventures. This would also benefit you and your family financially. It is recommended that you invest this extra money into something futuristic.
  • April – You feel sensitive and under the weather. You crave the attention of your loved ones. However, you also need to understand that you sometimes need to be vocal about your needs and wants, or else you may stay deprived just for the want of asking.
  • May – You start questioning the direction you are headed to. As a Virgo you believe in detail oriented planning beforehand. But at times it is essential to adapt to changes as per the needs of the hour.
  • June – This is the time of the year when you may find it a little difficult to look at the brighter sides of life. A vacation with friends or family may provide you with the rejuvenation of body and mind.
  • July – You are disciplined and you become impatient with people who are not. You need to understand that each person functions uniquely, and you need to adjust a bit according to those around you.
  • August – This would be an action packed month for you with plethora of opportunities coming your way. You need to sift and prioritize to give an opportunity your best shot instead of going for it all and doing a slip shod job.
  • September – This is a month that needs careful budgeting for a little miscalculation during this time may throw off all your savings.
  • October – Your energy level shall be high and you shall be eager again to try a variety of projects. Some of you may turn your vocation into your profession.
  • November – This is the time to focus on your nest. You have been too busy for a while, and you shall try to make up to your family for the lost time.
  • December – You get back to the spring cleaning mode where you look back to analyze like a typical Virgo about achievements of the year gone by and plan to achieve more in the year to come.

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