Halloween is celebrated around the globe on or around October 31. This is holiday time around the world considering the involvement of witches, ghosts and spirits. So, when is Halloween? The celebrations of Halloween are centered around costume parties for both adults and children. They play trick-or-treat, watch horror films. It is sometimes a combination of all these activities as well. The day of celebrated is not marked as a holiday. Majority of the offices are open. This year it would be celebrated on October 31.

Activities of Halloween


In a Halloween celebration you can involve family, friends and to some extent your peers and colleagues. In many parts of the globe, there are large community events as well. This year it would be celebrated on October 31. The Halloween parties are either celebrated on this day or before and after this date. Children dress up in fancy clothes and make sure that they visit neighborhood homes to show that they are a part of the celebration. There is a demand for sweets, snacks or small gifts.

There are families who carve lanterns with ‘scary’ faces made out of pumpkins or other vegetables. They decorate their homes in Halloween style. They have been intended to ward off evil spirits.

Public life during Halloween


As told earlier, Halloween is not an official holiday. As a normal rule, government offices and businesses are kept open. Public transit services are carried on regular schedules. It is advisable to stay wary of your surroundings as children come out in the late afternoon or evening and keep on playing tricks. Moreover, if they are wearing dark colored costumes or masks – it might be difficult for you to see them with normal eyes.


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