2016 would be a Leap Year. So the world gets one extra day, extra twenty four hours, to inject some excitability to this brand New Year. Indeed, even before any New Year sets in, individuals begin arranging about all the real occasions that are lined up in the upcoming months. 2016 Events is our endeavor to make an informed and composed arrangement of some of the major events round the world that would dot the calendar in the year 2016.

However, this is not a list of the various festivals round the world. Don’t you generally need to know whether there is a long weekend in the up and coming New Year? Haven’t you ever moaned at locating an occasion matching with a weekend? We know you have. But to satisfy all such cravings there are separate pages in 123NewYear that tell you about various occasions depending on the country or religion or society. But this page is meant for the rundown of Events round the globe planned for the year 2016.

The year 2016 would carry with it a bundle of new occasions and happenings round the world. These are those details that make each New Year exceptional and make one New Year unique in relation to the next. These are occasions that individuals look up to, and these fill individuals’ existence with zest and zeal, taking away the mundane and injecting bout of enthusiasm.

  • Panama Canal development venture gets finished – The new doors open to welcome transportation activity as the development of the canal gets finished in this way multiplying the limit of movement in the Panama Canal.
  • ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO), a joint venture between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos), would make a demonstrative landing to Mars. The mission aims at sending data which would aid in research about environment and the atmosphere.
  • All mutts in England get smaller scale chip to lessen the quantity of strays – From April 2016 all canines in England would get fitted with bio good miniaturized scale contributes a measure embraced to decrease the quantity of strays.
  • On May 9, Planet Mercury is expected to come between the Sun and the Earth. This event is known as the Transit of Mercury. During this time, if observation is made on the surface of the Sun, then the Planet Mercury appears as a tiny black moving dot. This event would take place after about ten years, since the last one happened way back in 2006. Parts of South America and North America would be able to observe the event completely. Partial observation would be possible from most other parts of the world except for Australia and far eastern parts of the Asian continent.
  • France has Euro 2016 – From June 10, 2016 to July 10, 2016 France would have the European Football Championship. This year the quantity of groups taking part and interest in the event would grow from 16 to 24 according to understanding amongst the participating countries.
  • Juno, a mission that was launched by NASA way back in 2011, is expected to arrive at its destination in July 2016. Juno was set in the atmosphere by NASA with an aim to study the composition (constituent of its core and amount of water and solid mass etc) of Planet Jupiter and also related components like its magnetic field, gravitational field, polar magnetosphere etc.
  • Rio de Janeiro has the Olympic Games 2016 – From fifth August 2016 to 21st August 2016, Rio de Janeiro would have the Olympics in this way turning into the first South American city to host this major worldwide major occasion.
  • First Space Hotel would be prepared to welcome visitors – Space tourism may not remain a unimportant dream amid 2016. The Russian firm that was taking a shot at giving visitors a displaced person in the space would be prepared to open their entryways amid this year. The lodging is proficient to have around seven individuals. Then again, before you check in you have to have a preparing time for around three months to take in the traps of survival in the space.
  • Suborbital Balloon Trips up to 20 miles high – An American Startup Company offers suborbital flights that would utilize an inflatable fitted container give a joyride up to 20 miles in this manner giving the travelers fantastic perspectives of the Earth from route above. In any case, travelers would be obliged to pay an incredible whole sum of $75,000 per trip.
  • NASA’s InSight is required to touch Mars in September 2016 – NASA dispatched InSight to test the center’s consistency of the Planet Mars – whether the center is strong or fluid. It additionally plans to focus why the hull is not shaped of tectonic plates not at all like that of the Earth.
  • China would finish making the world’s biggest single aperture telescope – What started in March 2011 will see light of fulfillment in September 2016. This would be a noteworthy commitment to galactic observatory. The telescope which is a large portion of a kilometer wide can gather a region of 196,000 sq m and can give a 40 degree view from the vertical.
  • Automation expected in Mining and Agriculture Industry – A ton of building is being connected in these two circles, and the year 2016 would see a considerable measure of modern computerizations in these businesses utilizing mechanical autonomy and numerous different types of cutting edge innovation.
  • United Kingdom is set to embrace polymer certified receipts – Britain would receive plastic cash notes at a bigger scale. Authorities broadcast that these polymer monetary certificates would be much more secure than their customary partners.
  • On November1, 2016, an unmanned spaceship by the name of Dream Chaser that was built privately would get commissioned in its first ever mission.
  • 58th United States Presidential Elections – On 8th November 2016, the 58th United States Presidential Elections would take place.
  • 2016 would see United Kingdom sanctioning three-person babies – A noteworthy jump in fertility treatment would see Britain supporting infants that are produced using three individuals. This would help to battle numerous hereditary issues.
  • December 31 – America, Britain and Australia have announced that they shall withdraw the residual troops from Afghanistan by this time.
  • New Years too are major events that are celebrated by all and sundry. Apart from the Gregorian calendar various places still celebrate traditional New Year as per their old calendar system. Some of such New Years round the world in 2016 are –
    • Hindu New Year: Wednesday 13 April, 2016
    • Chinese New Year: Monday 08 February, 2016
    • Hmong New Year: Tuesday 12 April, 2016
    • Persian New Year: Monday, March 21, 2016
    • Japanese New Year: Friday 1 January, 2016
    • Jewish New Year: celebrated from the evening of Sunday, October 2, 2016 to the evening of Tuesday, October 4, 2016.
    • Korean New Year: Monday 08 February, 2016
    • Thai New Year: from Wednesday 13 April to Friday 15 April, 2016
    • Tibetan New Year: Monday 08 February, 2016