This list of holidays in 2016 is 123NewYear’s attempt to help remedy the instinct of checking the holidays for the next year when the calendar is flipped over and the goodbyes are said to the previous year and the New Year is fully welcomed.

Despite your age, or how mundane you might be, nobody can deny that we are excited and happy when the holidays come around. Whether you are looking for the date of your favorite holiday or simply checking for the date of one that you would like to start celebrating, then here are the dates you need to know.

This can also help you to plan your vacations accordingly since you will be able to find out about any holidays, including bank holidays, which will allow you to plan all of your financial transactions properly, here is your list of the holidays for 2016.

However, before we start on the list of the holidays for the upcoming year, let us explain what types of holidays are typically observed in numerous different countries.

  • Legal/National/Public Holidays – These are the holidays that are mandatory by the laws of various countries and these vary depending on what country you are in along with the history and culture.
  • Bank Holidays – These days are typically given to financial companies and banks and are non-working days.
  • Gazetted Holidays – These holidays are those that are given to the employees of the government, but private companies aren’t required to give these days as holidays to their employees. However, if the employee desires to observe a particular holiday, then the day should be given off to that employee.
  • Local Holidays – These holidays are celebrated in particular countries or certain areas of a country and are because of the rich history and cultural diversity that abounds.
  • Restricted Holidays – These holidays are optional and a person can choose to take them off in order to celebrate a holiday that is religiously important to the person or the community. These holidays are set in advance and there is often a limit on the number of restricted holidays that can be taken off in one single year.
  • Observances – These occur when people are following any of the ritualistic holidays or celebrations.
  • Religious Holidays – These holidays are completely dependent upon religion and they vary depending on the religions.  They can also vary depending on the country and not all celebrate the same ones and they could also be classified as restricted, National or observances.


  • State Holidays – These holidays are important to particular states and aren’t relevant for those who are in different states. During this time, a State wide holiday is typically declared.

This list of holidays in 2016 is a complete list that includes all types of holidays, including major religion based ones and observances for certain regions. This list primarily covers the largest festivals and holidays that are celebrated in most part of the world with emphasis on the following listed countries.

  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

List of major holidays round the world in 2016:

Name of the Holiday Date Day of the week Where or Who Celebrate the occasion/ observance
New Year 2016 01-Jan-16 Friday Around the world
Concluding day of Hogmanay 01-Jan-16 Friday UNITED KINGDOM
Guru Govind Singh Jayanti 05-Jan-16 Tuesday India
Epiphany 06-Jan-16 Wednesday Christian
Orthodox Christmas Day 07-Jan-16 Thursday Christian
Stephen Foster Memorial Day 13-Jan-16 Wednesday UNITED STATES
Orthodox New Year 14-Jan-16 Thursday Christian
Pongal, Makar Sankranti 15-Jan-16 Friday India
Lee Jackson Day 15-Jan-16 Friday UNITED STATES
Martin Luther King Day    National holiday, Robert E Lee’s Birthday, Robert E Lee’s Birthday, Confederate Memorial Day, Idaho Human Rights Day, Civil Rights Day. 18-Jan-16 Monday UNITED STATES
Tu Bishvat/ Tu B’Shevat (Arbor Day) 24-Jan-16 Sunday Jewish
Burns’ Night 25-Jan-16 Monday UNITED KINGDOM
Republic Day 26-Jan-16 Tuesday India
Kansas Day 29-Jan-16 Friday UNITED STATES
Nation1al Freedom Day 01-Feb-16 Wednesday UNITED STATES
Groundhog Day 02-Feb-16 Thursday UNITED STATES
Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti 04-Feb-16 Friday India
Rosa Parks Day 04-Feb-16 Thursday UNITED STATES
Mardi Gras 09-Feb-16 Tuesday UNITED STATES
Shrove Tuesday 09-Feb-16 Tuesday UNITED STATES/ UNITED KINGDOM
Chinese New Year 11-Feb-16 Thursday Chinese
Vasant Panchami 12-Feb-16 Friday India
Valentine’s Day 14-Feb-16 Sunday Around the world
Susan B Anthony’s Birthday 15-Feb-16 Monday UNITED STATES
Daisy Gatson Bates Day, Presidents’ Day 15-Feb-16 Monday UNITED STATES
Ash Wednesday 10-Feb-16 Wednesday Christian
Guru Ravidas Jayanti 22-Feb-16 Monday India
Guru Ravidas Jayanti 22-Feb-16 Monday India
Shivaji Jayanti 26-Feb-16 Saturday India
Town Meeting Day Vermont 01-Mar-16 Tuesday UNITED STATES
St. David’s Day 01-Mar-16 Tuesday UNITED STATES/ UNITED KINGDOM
Texas Independence Day/ Texas Flag Day 02-Mar-16 Wednesday UNITED STATES
Casimir Pulaski Day, Read Across America Day 02-Mar-16 Wednesday UNITED STATES
Mothering Sunday 06-Mar-16 Sunday UNITED KINGDOM
Maha Shivaratri 07-Mar-16 Monday India
Evacuation Day 17-Mar-16 Thursday UNITED STATES
St. Patrick’s Day 17-Mar-16 Thursday UNITED STATES/ UNITED KINGDOM
March equinox 20-Mar-16 Sunday UNITED STATES
Palm Sunday 20-Mar-16 Sunday Christian
Purim 23-Mar-16 Wednesday Jewish
Dolyatra/ Chhoti Holi/ Holika Dahan 23-Mar-16 Wednesday India
Holi 24-Mar-16 Thursday India
Maryland Day 25-Mar-16 Friday UNITED STATES
Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day 25/26-Mar-16 Friday/Saturday UNITED STATES
Seward’s Day 28-Mar-16 Monday UNITED STATES
César Chávez Day 31-Mar-16 Thursday UNITED STATES
Maundy Thursday 24-Mar-16 Thursday Christian
Good Friday 25-Mar-16 Friday Around the world
Holy Saturday 26-Mar-16 Saturday Christian
Easter Day 27-Mar-16 Sunday Christian
Easter Monday 28-Mar-16 Monday Christian
Pascua Florida Day 01-Apr-16 Friday UNITED STATES
National Tartan Day 06-Apr-16 Wednesday UNITED STATES
Chaitra Sukhladi/ Gudi Padwa/ Ugadi/ Cheti Chand 08-Apr-16 Friday India
Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday 13-Apr-16 Wednesday UNITED STATES
Baisakhi/ Vaisakhi 13-Apr-16 Wednesday India
Ambedkar Jayanti 14-Apr-16 Thursday India
Pahela (Poela) Baisakh (Bengal)/ Bahag or Bohaag Bihu (Assam) 14-Apr-16 Thursday India
Ram Navami 15-Apr-16 Friday India
Father Damien Day 15-Apr-16 Friday UNITED STATES
Emancipation Day 15/16-Apr-16 Friday/Saturday UNITED STATES
Tax Day 18-Apr-16 Monday UNITED STATES
Patriot’s Day 18-Apr-16 Monday UNITED STATES
Mahavir Jayanti 19-Apr-16 Tuesday India
San Jacinto Day 21-Apr-16 Thursday UNITED STATES
Hazarat Ali’s Birthday 21-Apr-16 Thursday Muslim
Oklahoma Day 22-Apr-16 Friday UNITED STATES
First day of Passover 22-Apr-16 Friday Jewish
Administrative Professionals Day 27-Apr-16 Wednesday UNITED STATES
St. George’s Day, Shakespeare Day 23-Apr-16 Saturday UNITED KINGDOM
Last Day of Passover 30-Apr-16 Saturday Jewish
Yom Ha’atzmaut 11-May-16 Wednesday Jewish
Confederate Memorial Day 26-Jan-16 (Texas) Monday UNITED STATES
  25-Apr-16 (Florida, Alabama, Mississippi)    
  26-Apr-16 (Florida)    
  (North Carolina, South Carolina)    
May Day 01-May-16 Sunday India
Law Day, Loyalty Day, National Day of Prayer 01-May-16 Sunday UNITED STATES
Early May Bank Holiday 02-May-16 Monday UNITED KINGDOM
Primary Election Day Indiana 03-May-16 Tuesday UNITED STATES
Rhode Island Independence Day 04-May-16 Wednesday UNITED STATES
Isra and Mi’raj 04-May-16 Wednesday Muslim
Yom HaShoah 04-May-16 Wednesday Jewish
Cinco de Mayo 05-May-16 Thursday UNITED STATES
Ascension Day 05-May-16 Thursday UNITED STATES
National Nurses Day 06-May-16 Friday UNITED STATES
Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore 07-May-16 Saturday India
Truman Day 08-May-16 Sunday UNITED STATES
Mother’s Day 08-May-16 Sunday Around the world
Peace Officers Memorial Day 15-May-16 Sunday UNITED STATES
Pentecost 15-May-16 Sunday Christian
National Defense Transportation Day 20-May-16 Friday UNITED STATES
Armed Forces Day 21-May-16 Saturday UNITED STATES
Buddha Purnima 21-May-16 Saturday India
Harvey Milk Day, National Maritime Day 22-May-16 Sunday UNITED STATES
Trinity Sunday 22-May-16 Sunday Christian
Emergency Medical Services for Children Day 25-May-16 Wednesday UNITED STATES
National Missing Children’s Day 25-May-16 Wednesday UNITED STATES
Corpus Christi 26-May-16 Thursday Christian
Lag Ba’Omer 25-May-16 Wednesday Jewish
Whit Monday 26-May-16 Monday Christian
Spring Bank Holiday 30-May-16 Monday UNITED KINGDOM
Memorial Day, Jefferson Davis Birthday 30-May-16 Monday UNITED STATES
Jefferson Davis Birthday 30-May-16 (Mississippi) Monday/Friday/Monday UNITED STATES
  3-June-16 (Florida)    
  6-June-16 (Alabama)    
D-Day 06-Jun-16 Monday UNITED STATES
Ramadan begins 07-Jun-16 Tuesday Muslim
Kamehameha Day 11-Jun-16 Saturday UNITED STATES
Shavuot 11-Jun-16 Saturday Jewish
Flag Day 14-Jun-16 Tuesday UNITED STATES
Bunker Hill Day 17-Jun-16 Friday UNITED STATES
Juneteenth 19-Jun-16 Sunday UNITED STATES
Father’s Day 19-Jun-16 Sunday Around the world
West Virginia Day 20-Jun-16 Monday UNITED STATES
June Solstice 20-Jun-16 Monday UNITED STATES/UNITED KINGDOM
Jamat Ul-Vida 01-Jul-16 Friday Muslim
Lailat al-Qadr 02-Jul-16 Saturday Muslim
Independence Day 04-Jul-16 Monday UNITED STATES
Ramzan Id/ Eid-ul-Fitar 05-Jul-16 Tuesday Muslim
Rath Yatra 06-Jul-16 Wednesday India
Orangemen’s Day 12-Jul-16 Tuesday UNITED KINGDOM
Pioneer Day 24-Jul-16 Sunday UNITED STATES
Parents’ Day 24-Jul-16 Sunday UNITED STATES
Friendship Day 07-Aug-16 Sunday Around the world
Victory Day 08-Aug-16 Monday UNITED STATES
Tisha B’Av 13-Aug-16 Saturday Jewish
Independence Day 15-Aug-16 Monday India
Assumption of Mary 15-Aug-16 Monday Christian
Bennington Battle Day 16-Aug-16 Tuesday UNITED STATES
Parsi New Year 17-Aug-16 Wednesday Parsi
Raksha Bandhan 18-Aug-16 Thursday India
National Aviation Day 19-Aug-16 Friday UNITED STATES
Statehood Day in Hawaii 19-Aug-16 Friday UNITED STATES
Statehood Day 19-Aug-16 Friday UNITED STATES
Senior Citizens Day 21-Aug-16 Sunday UNITED STATES
Janmashtami 25-Aug-16 Thursday India
Lyndon Baines Johnson Day 27-Aug-16 Saturday UNITED STATES
Summer Bank Holiday 29-Aug-16 Monday UNITED KINGDOM
Labor Day 05-Sep-16 Monday UNITED STATES
Ganesh Chaturthi 05-Sep-16 Monday India
Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day 10-Sep-16 Saturday UNITED STATES
Bakri Id/ Eid ul-Adha 10-Sep-16 Saturday Muslim
National Grandparents Day 11-Sep-16 Sunday UNITED STATES
National POW/MIA Recognition Day 16-Sep-16 Friday UNITED STATES
Constitution Day and Citizenship Day 17-Sep-16 Saturday UNITED STATES
September Equinox 22-Sep-16 Thursday UNITED STATES/ UNITED KINGDOM
Gold Star Mother’s Day 27-Sep-16 Sunday UNITED STATES
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti 02-Oct-16 Friday India
Rosh Hashana 02-Oct-16 Sunday Jewish
Child Health Day 03-Oct-16 Monday UNITED STATES
Feast of St Francis of Assisi 04-Oct-16 Sunday Christian
Leif Erikson Day 09-Oct-16 Sunday UNITED STATES
Maha Saptami 08-Oct-16 Saturday India
Maha Ashtami / Durgashtami 09-Oct-16 Sunday India
Maha Navami 10-Oct-16 Monday India
Columbus Day, Native Americans’ Day, Indigenous People’s Day 10-Oct-16 Monday UNITED STATES
Yom Kippur 11-Oct-16 Tuesday Jewish
Dussehra/ Vijaya Dashami 11-Oct-16 Tuesday India
Ashura 11-Oct-16 Tuesday Muslim
Muharram 12-Oct-16 Wednesday Muslim
White Cane Safety Day 15-Oct-16 Saturday UNITED STATES
Boss’s Day 17-Oct-16 Monday UNITED STATES
First Day of Sukkot 16-Oct-16 Sunday Jewish
Alaska Day 18-Oct-16 Tuesday UNITED STATES
Karva Chauth 19-Oct-16 Wednesday India
Last Day of Sukkot 23-Oct-16 Sunday Jewish
Shmini Atzeret 23-Oct-16 Tuesday Jewish
Chhoti Diwali/ Naraka Chaturdasi/ Kaali Puja 29-Oct-16 Saturday India
Diwali/ Deepavali 30-Oct-16 Sunday India
Govardhan Puja 31-Oct-16 Monday India
Halloween 31-Oct-16 Monday UNITED STATES/ UNITED KINGDOM
All Saints’ Day 01-Nov-16 Tuesday Christian
Bhai Duj 01-Nov-16 Tuesday India
All Souls’ Day 02-Nov-16 Wednesday Christian
Election Day 08-Nov-16 Wednesday UNITED STATES
Guy Fawkes Day 05-Nov-16 Saturday UNITED KINGDOM
Veterans Day 11-Nov-16 Friday UNITED STATES
Remembrance Sunday 13-Nov-16 Sunday UNITED KINGDOM
Guru Nanak Jayanti 14-Nov-16 Monday India
Chhat Puja 17-Nov-16 Tuesday India
Guru Tegh Bahadur’s Martyrdom Day 24-Nov-16 Thursday India
Thanksgiving Day 24-Nov-16 Thursday UNITED STATES
American Indian Heritage Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, Black Friday 25-Nov-16 Friday UNITED STATES
First Sunday of Advent 27-Nov-16 Sunday Christian
Cyber Monday 28-Nov-16 Monday UNITED STATES
St Andrew’s Day 30-Nov-16 Wednesday UNITED KINGDOM
St Nicholas’ Day 06-Dec-16 Tuesday UNITED STATES
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 07-Dec-16 Wednesday UNITED STATES
Feast of the Immaculate Conception 08-Dec-16 Thursday UNITED STATES/ UNITED KINGDOM
The Prophet’s Birthday (Milad un-Nabi/ Id-e-Milad) 12-Dec-16 Monday Muslim
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe 12-Dec-16 Monday UNITED STATES
Wright Brothers Day, Pan American Aviation Day 17-Dec-16 Saturday UNITED STATES
Winter Solstice 21-Dec-16 Wednesday UNITED KINGDOM
Christmas Eve 24-Dec-16 Saturday Around the world
Christmas 25-Dec-16 Sunday Around the world
First Day of Hanukkah 25-Dec-16 Sunday Jewish
Kwanzaa 26-Dec-16 Monday UNITED STATES (Afro-American)
Boxing Day 26-Dec-16 Monday UNITED KINGDOM
New Year’s Eve 31-Dec-16 Thursday Around the world
Last Day of Hanukkah 01-Jan-17 Sunday Jewish