2016 US Holidays is complete list provided by the team of 123NewYear that will be able to help to follow the holidays that are celebrated throughout the year in the United States. You can also learn more about the holidays from the short descriptions that are given.

List of Holidays 2016 in US

Holidays in US …….Date……. About the holiday
New Year 2016 01-Jan-16 The United States has a special way of welcoming in a New Year with plenty of fanfare and lots of noise. Large parties are organized for this occasion, including the most famous one at Times Square that has music and a dropping ball to mark the passing time. Most of the large cities also organize music, parades, feasts, games, dancing and dressing up. There are also numerous football games that are scheduled for this day on a regular basis. Also, most towns and cities have huge fireworks shows that are watched with family or friends.
Epiphany 06-Jan-16 This holiday is a Christian holiday and it is thought to be the day when baby Jesus was visited by the Three Wise Men and was gifted the special gifts that they carried for him.
Orthodox Christmas Day 07-Jan-16 This is the date that the Orthodox Julian calendar celebrates as Christmas Day.
Stephen Foster Memorial Day 13-Jan-16 This holiday is celebrated in the honor of Stephen Foster, who is song writer from the 19th century.
Orthodox New Year 14-Jan-16 According to the Orthodox Julian calendar this is the date that the New Year is celebrated.
Lee Jackson Day 15-Jan-16 This day is celebrated and honors some of the most well-known Confederate Leaders, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Robert E. Lee.
Martin Luther King Day, Confederate Memorial Day, Idaho Human Rights Day, Civil Rights Day. 18-Jan-16 Martin Luther King Day    — This holiday is always celebrated on the 3rd Monday in January. It is a celebration of the life and works of Martin Luther King Jr., who is a famous Civil Rights activist.
    Confederate Memorial Day – This day is the day where the veterans from the American Civil Wars from the 1860s are remembered and honored for their sacrifice.
    Idaho Human Rights Day – This is the day during the year when the residents of Idaho state acknowledge the population diversity throughout the United States and uphold the equal rights for everyone.
    Civil Rights Day – This holiday is always on the 3rd Monday in January and is one where all of the Civil Rights Activists are celebrated, honored and remembered.
Tu Bishvat/ Tu B’Shevat (Arbor Day) 25-Jan-16 This is the holiday that the Jewish communities celebrate for upholding the relationship between Mother Nature and man. The day is celebrated by planting tress and spending the day out in nature and eating the fruit gathered from nature.
Kansas Day 29-Jan-16 This date is celebrated as the birthday of Kansas State and the residents reflect back upon the history of the state on this particular day and celebrate with various festivities.
National Freedom Day 01-Feb-16 This is the day that celebrates the ending of slavery by Abraham Lincoln, who was the current President of the United States. He did this by amending the Constitution of The United States to end slavery in 1865.
Groundhog Day 02-Feb-16 This is the day where everyone watches and listens for whether or not the groundhog has seen his shadow when he comes out of the burrow. People head to various parks in large groups and listen to the radio and the news in order to find out how much longer the winter will last or how soon spring will come.
Rosa Parks Day 04-Feb-16 This day is a day where everyone honors Rosa Parks, who was a Civil Rights Activist and who had fought for equal rights for everyone, no matter their race.
Chinese New Year 08-Feb-16 This is the traditional Chinese New Year and it has become an extremely popular holiday due to the number of people who celebrate it. During this day the festivities are full of color, movement and there are plenty of different Chinese offerings and feasts for the day. Often, people organize trips to local China Towns to enjoy the festivities and other events.
Mardi Gras/ Shrove Tuesday 09-Feb-16 This is always the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and is the last day before the 40 day period of Lent begins. This day is celebrated in full carnival style complete with masquerades, masks, colorful necklaces, food and street dancing. This day is also when people eat huge meals that are full of calories to stock up before Lent.
Ash Wednesday 10-Feb-16 This is the first day of Lent, which is a period of 40 days that is auspicious for the Christian religion. During this time people pray often in the churches and are given blessings using holy ash on their foreheads from the priests in the churches.
Lincoln’s Birthday 12-Feb-16 This holiday is celebrated all over the world, but most in New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Illinois and Connecticut states. This date celebrates the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, who was by far the most beloved President ever in the history of the United States.
Valentine’s Day 14-Feb-16 This day celebrates Saint Valentine’s martyrdom after he gave his life in order to uphold love. This is also a day where most people purchase numerous gifts, cards and flowers for loved ones, including family, friends and significant others. This is a day where numerous restaurants have large number of guests and chocolates and flowers are sold in huge numbers.
Susan B Anthony’s Birthday 15-Feb-16 This is the birthday of Susan B. Anthony, who is another one of the most popular female leaders who campaigned for civil rights.
Daisy Gatson Bates Day, Presidents’ Day 15-Feb-16 Daisy Gatson Bates Day – This day is celebrated in honor of Daisy Gatson Bates, who had worked hard and tirelessly in order to get rid of racial segregation in the schools and was a well-known civil rights leader.
    Presidents’ Day – This day is for honoring and giving tribute to the numerous Presidents of the United States. This day coincides with the birthday of the first President of the United States, George Washington.
St. David’s Day 01-Mar-16 This is the day when St. David, who is the patron saint for Wales is honored and celebrated.
Town Meeting Day Vermont 01-Mar-16 This day in 1791 the state of Vermont because part of the United States of America. The state chooses to honor all of the citizens of the state this day by listening to any issue that they choose to speak about on any public platform. There are also numerous celebrations that are held on this day in honor of the state.
Texas Independence Day/ Texas Flag Day 02-Mar-16 This day celebrates when the State of Texas adopted their independence declaration. This is also the same day when the State Flag for the state was adopted.
Casimir Pulaski Day, Read Across America Day 02-Mar-16 Casimir Pulaski Day – This day is the birthday of Casimir Pulaski, who was a Polish-American famous for his contributions to the American War of Independence.
    Read Across America Day – This day is celebrated as the birthday of Dr. Seuss, who is the beloved and famous writer of numerous children’s book. This day was selected to uphold the good habit of reading books, especially among the younger children.
Daylight Saving Time begins 13-Mar-16 This is the day that the whole country sets their clocks forward one hour, which makes everything come an hour earlier.
Evacuation Day 17-Mar-16 This day is when the British troops removed themselves from Boston during the American Revolutionary War.
St. Patrick’s Day 17-Mar-16 This day is celebrated in honor of St. Patrick, who is Ireland’s patron saint. It had originally been celebrated by the Americans who were Irish, but these days everyone celebrates it. Most people decorate and wear green and head out to the bars in the evening to celebrate with a few glasses of beer or other spirits.
March equinox 20-Mar-16 This day is the Vernal Equinox and it symbolizes the arrival of a new season, Spring and all that comes along with it.
Palm Sunday 20-Mar-16 This is the day that the Christians consider to the be day that Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem. The customs on this day include putting crosses made from palm leaves behind any religious photographs and statues both at home and at businesses.
Purim 24-Mar-16 On this day the Jewish communities remember and celebrate their escape from death by royal decree during the 4th century BC. The Jewish followers celebrate that together they managed to figure out that conspiracy and remain alive.
Maundy Thursday 24-Mar-16 This holiday is always on the Thursday before Good Friday and it celebrates that Last Supper given by Jesus. This is also the initiation day for the Holy Communion or the Eucharist.
Good Friday 25-Mar-16 This is the day that Jesus Christ had been crucified, which makes it an extremely importance holiday for the Christians.
Maryland Day 25-Mar-16 This is the day back in 1634 when the British colonists decided to settled in what is now Maryland while being led by Lord Baltimore.
Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day 25-Mar-16 This holiday is traditionally celebrated in the State of Hawaii and it is honoring their leader,  Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole.
Holy Saturday 26-Mar-16 This is the day that is also called Easter Eve and it marks the period of 40 days called Lent, which is a period of fasting. This is also the day that Jesus Christ spent laying in his tomb and is a Christian holiday.
Easter Day 27-Mar-16 This is celebrated by the Christian believers and they remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the following Resurrection. There are numerous different traditions that are done on this day, including organizing an Easter egg hunt for the younger children or those who are young at heart to participate in. The eggs can be hard boiled or even plastic ones that are filled with small goodies or treats.
Easter Monday 28-Mar-16 This is Monday immediately preceding Easter Sunday and the people spend the day celebrating and enjoying festivities. The White House typically holds their customary Egg Rolling competition on this day and all are invited to participate.
Seward’s Day 28-Mar-16 This day celebrates the day back in 1867 when the future state of Alaska was purchased from Russia by the United States.
César Chávez Day 31-Mar-16 This holiday is typically celebrate in the states of Texas, Colorado and California. They celebrate and honor  César Estrada Chávez for the contributions he gave to the areas of human dignity and social justice.
Pascua Florida Day 02-Apr-16 This holiday celebrates the day that the state of Florida was discovered by  Juan Ponce de León in 1513 while he had been searching for the Fountain of Youth and for gold.
National Tartan Day 06-Apr-16 This day celebrates and honors the Scottish Declaration of Independence since that was what those who had drafted the Declaration of Independence upon. This is also a day where the contribution of those Scottish born Americans during the war for independence. They are honored and celebrated on this day for their sacrifices and hard work.
Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday 13-Apr-16 This day is celebrated as the birthday of Thomas Jefferson, who was the 3rd President of the United States. He is considered as one of the founding fathers of the countries and was also one of the main writers of the Declaration of Independence for the United States.
Tax Day 15-Apr-16 This is the final day that anyone can file their taxes for the previous year, unless they have been given an extension for a particular reason.
Father Damien Day 15-Apr-16 This is the day where Father Damien is honored and celebrated in the state of Hawaii. He is honored for his contribution towards those who were suffering from Leprosy or Hansen’s disease. He had died in 1889 from Leprosy.
Emancipation Day 16-Apr-16 On this day in 1862, Abraham Lincoln had signed the Compensated Emancipation Act and this day celebrates that.
Patriot’s Day 18-Apr-16 This holiday is celebrated in Massachusetts and Maine to celebrate and honor the Battle of Lexington and Concord that happened in 1775.
San Jacinto Day 21-Apr-16 This is a day of remembrance for the Battle of San Jacinto that took place in 1836. This battled led to Texas being declared independent from the country of Mexico.
Oklahoma Day 22-Apr-16 This is the day that the state started letting the European settlers in to settle from 1889. They celebrate this day to remember that occasion.
First day of Passover 23-Apr-16 This day marks the beginning of the crucial time period for those in the Jewish communities. The followers believe that this is the day that God had “passed over” the houses located in Israel.
Arbor Day (Nebraska) 24-Apr-16 Celebrated on the last Friday of the month of April, this is the day when the State of Nebraska encourages its residents to plant trees.
Confederate Memorial Day 27-Apr-16 and 28-Apr-16 27 April, 2016 — Primarily observed in the States of Alabama, Florida and Georgia, this is the day to honor the Confederate Soldiers.
    28 April, 2016 – The State of Mississippi honors the Confederate Veterans.
Administrative Professionals Day 27-Apr-16 Thsi is the holiday where the people remember the Administrative professionals and their contribution to the economy during the present year.
Last Day of Passover 30-Apr-16 This holiday is called by many different names, including Feast of Unleavened Bread, Pesach or Pesah. This is the day where the Jewish followers end their observance of Passover and the hardships that were faced by their ancestors is remembered, including the Egyptian slavery days. They also have a ceremonial meal that they partake in that is called Seder.
Law Day, Loyalty Day, National Day of Prayer 01-May-16 Law Day – On this day the citizens of the United States are reminded of the liberties that they fully enjoy and are urged to appreciate and even uphold their rights, including justice and equality for everyone.
    Loyalty Day – On this day the citizens of the United States are also reminded of the duties that they have towards their country and are urged to remain loyal to the country.
    National Day of Prayer – This is the day when all of the Nations are united to pray for the well being and health of the leaders. Numerous people from all walks of life and religions will gather together and hold hands and pray..
Rhode Island Independence Day 04-May-16 This is the day in 1776 when the state of Rhode Island earned their independence from the rule of the British. They celebrate this day to remember the sacrifice and it is a happy day.
Yom HaShoah 04-May-16 This is a day of mourning for the Jewish followers for those who died during the Holocaust from 1933 until 1945. This is also a day of reverence that is shown to their fellow Jews who had died during this time period.
Cinco de Mayo 05-May-16 This is a holiday that is typically celebrated by the Americans that are Mexican by birth. This day is a day of celebration and to enjoy their rich heritage, traditions and culture. It is also the day that they celebrate the French defeat at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.
Ascension Day 05-May-16 This holiday is mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible and it is the day that the followers believe that Jesus Christ had ascended back to Heaven
National Nurses Day 06-May-16 This is the day that marks the start of a celebration that lasts for a week and it celebrates the contribution of nurses. This is also the day that the general profession of nursing is honored and the celebrations that are planned end on May 12th, which is the birthday of Florence Nightingale.
Truman Day 8-May-16. On this day the State of Missouri respects Harry S Truman, the earlier President of the United States, who was a native of this State.
  Since it is a Sunday, the day would be observed on 9-May-16  
Confederate Memorial Day 10-May-16 Veterans of the Confederate War are revered on this day.
Mother’s Day 08-May-16 This is the day to demonstrate your adoration and pay your tribute to one’s Mother and Mother figures. Going through the day with them, sending blossoms and endowments to them, and so on imprint the event.
Primary Election Day Indiana 10-May-16 On this day the state of Indiana is the host to a myriad of different elections, including local, state and Federal.
Yom Ha’atzmaut 12-May-16 On this day, the Jewish followers celebrate Israel’s Independence day. They celebrate this holiday since they believe that Israel is their spiritual homeland.
Peace Officers Memorial Day 15-May-16 This is the day when all of the officers, despite their sex or position, including the local, state and Federal ranks are honored. This day is for those who where injured or killed while in the line of duty and is celebrated as part of Police Week.
Pentecost 15-May-16 This is another holiday from the New Testament in the Bible and it is the day when Jesus Christ’s disciples experienced the feeling of the Holy  Spirit descending down upon them.
Whit Monday 16-May-16 This day celebrates 2 different events, including the birth or origination of the Christian church. It also celebrates the day that the Apostles were given the “gift of tongue”.
National Defense Transportation Day 20-May-16 This is a day to honor everyone who works for the United States Transportation Department.
Armed Forces Day 21-May-16 This is the day that honors and celebrates the men and women who have decided to dedicate their lives to serving in the Armed Forces of the United States.
Harvey Milk Day, National Maritime Day 22-May-16 Harvey Milk Day – This day honors Harvey Milk, who was one of the gay rights activists. He was also the first person to be openly gay and to be elected to any public office.
    National Maritime Day – On this day everyone related to any Maritime profession is honored for their contributions to the country.
Trinity Sunday 22-May-16 This holiday falls on the first Sunday after Pentecost and this day is celebrated because of the Union of the Doctrines of Trinity.
Emergency Medical Services for Children Day 25-May-16 This is the day for making the citizens aware of the needs, including the specialized ones, and Emergency medical services to ensure the welfare of the children.
National Missing Children’s Day 25-May-16 Presented in the year 1983, this is the day when goes for expanding mindfulness among individuals with respect to Child Abduction. Presented in the year 1983, this is the day when goes for expanding mindfulness among individuals with respect to Child Abduction.
Lag Ba’Omer 26-May-16 This is the last day of the Omer mourning period for the Jewish faith. This holiday is marked with joyous activities and festivities with friends and family. It is also thought to be a good day to get married on this day.
Corpus Christi 26-May-16 This is a traditional celebrate by the Catholic Christians who believe this day is the one of the last supper of Jesus Christ before he was crucified. This is also a popular day for people to choose to receive their Communion.
Memorial Day, Jefferson Davis Birthday 30-May-16 Memorial Day – This day is the day when the country honors and remembers those who had given their lives while serving the country in the Armed Forces.
    Jefferson Davis Birthday – This day is also the birthday of Jefferson Davis, who was one of the Confederate leaders and had taken part in the American Civil War.
Statehood Day (Kentucky, Tennessee) 01-Jun-16 This is the day when Tennessee and Kentucky became independent states in 1796 and 1792.
Jefferson Davis Birthday (Florida) 03-Jun-16 This is the date that the birthday of Confederate leader, Jefferson Davis is celebrated in the state of Florida. Davis is honored for his part in the fighting of the American Civil War.
D-Day 06-Jun-16 On this day in 1944, the Normandy forces had reached France where the World War II was being fought at the time.
Jefferson Davis Birthday (Alabama) 06-Jun-16 This is the date when the state of Alabama honors the birthday of Jefferson Davis, who was one of the Confederate leaders who is well-known for fighting during the American Civil War.
Kamehameha Day 11-Jun-16 This is the day that Hawaii honors their Monarch, Kamehameha the Great. He had been the one to form the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1810.
Flag Day 14-Jun-16 This day celebrates 2 different events, including the formation along with the adoption of the flag for the United States of America. It also celebrates the day that the US Army was founded.
Bunker Hill Day 17-Jun-16 This day is the day of celebration and remembrance of the Battle of Bunker Hill that was fought in 1775.
Shavuot 12-Jun-16 This day is on the Jewish calendar and it celebrates the end of slavery of their faith in Egypt when Moses arrived from Mount Sinai. Moses had come back with a stone that is believed to have contained the first 10 commandments that God had revealed to Moses.
Juneteenth 19-Jun-16 On this day in 1865 slavery had been abolished in the United States. It is also the day that people uphold the rights of equal opportunity for everyone and give honor and respect for human rights along with dignity.
Father’s Day 19-Jun-16 The modern version of this day is for paying tribute and showing father’s love, including those who are believed to be father figures. However, the origin of this holiday goes back to 1907 when a huge number of men were killed during a mining accident in West Virginia. A huge portion of those men had been fathers.
West Virginia Day 20-Jun-16 On this day in 1863, the state called West Virginia had been formed and subsequently adopted as part of the United States of America.
June Solstice 20-Jun-16 This day is the day that has the longest daytime and the shortest night.
Independence Day 04-Jul-16 This is the day that celebrates the independence of the United States from their ruler, Great Britain in 1776. This day is often called the “Fourth of July” and people decorate their homes and other places of public interest with various patriotic displays. Also, this is a day of barbecuing with family and friends and enjoying the firework shows that light up the sky at night.
Pioneer Day 24-Jul-16 This day celebrates the day that Brigham Young along with the first Mormon pioneers landed up in the Salt Lake area of Utah in 1847. this event is celebrated by remembering their victory over numerous difficulties and people often take part in parades, speeches and band music to celebrate and honor the holiday.
Parents’ Day 24-Jul-16 On this day the citizens are urged to become parents and are given some understanding into the significance that parenting holds and to uphold the roles of the parents in any child’s life.
Friendship Day 07-Aug-16 This is the holiday that honors the bonds of friends and on this day people will tie bracelets, which are typically made of thread, on the wrists of their friends to mark their friendship.
Victory Day 08-Aug-16 This is the day in 1945 that the Allied troops defeated the Japanese soldiers during World War II. Also, on this day Nagasaki and Hiroshima suffered devastating bombing of their cities.
Tisha B’Av 14-Aug-16 During this holiday the Jews mourn for all of the different incidents throughout history that made the Jewish followers suffer, including the destruction of their First and Second temples.
Assumption of Mary 15-Aug-16 On this holiday the Christians have a huge feast to honor the ascent of the Virgin Mary into Heaven.
Bennington Battle Day 16-Aug-16 This day celebrates the Battle of Bennington that took place in 1777. This battle was crucial as it was the first victory that the United States experienced during their Revolutionary War.
National Aviation Day 19-Aug-16 This day celebrates the birthday of Orville Wright, who had made significant contributions to the aviation sector, along with his brother, Wilbur. This is the day that people remember the history, development required and the significance of the powered flights.
Statehood Day in Hawaii 19-Aug-16 On this day in 1959 the state of Hawaii was formed.
Senior Citizens Day 21-Aug-16 This is the day that the contributions from the elderly people in the cities and towns are remembered. They have numerous awareness programs that are planed to support the various senior citizen causes and also create plans for their benefits.
Lyndon Baines Johnson Day 27-Aug-16 This day is celebrated as the birthday of Lyndon Baines Johnson, who was the 36th president of the United States.
Labor Day 05-Sep-16 This holiday had been originally designed to honor the working class members of the country who had contributed to the economy. This day acknowledges the importance of the various Labour Associations that had worked to safeguard the workers’ rights. However, in the modern days this is a holiday that is used to take a break from any work.
Carl Garner Federal Lands Cleanup Day 10-Sep-16 On this day the President of the United States reminds the citizens of the country to keep the land clean.
Patriot Day 11-Sep-16 This day is also called by the names of September 11 or 9/11 and this is the day that honors those who died in the terrorist attacks that devastated the country in 2001.
National Grandparents Day 11-Sep-16 On this day the importance of grandparents in the children’s lives is acknowledged and is celebrated with a family party or get together.
National POW/ MIA Recognition Day 16-Sep-16 In this day the nation gives tribute and respect to those who had been MIA (missing in action) or POWs (prisoners of war) while they were fighting for the country. The families of these individuals are also given tribute and honor.
Constitution Day and Citizenship Day 17-Sep-16 This is the day in 1787 that the Constitution of the United States of America was declared and signed. This is also the day where those who have become naturalized or citizens by age of the United States.
Emancipation Day 22-Sep-16 This is a holiday in the state of Ohio and they uphold the abolition of slavery.
September Equinox 22-Sep-16 0This is the day that marks the yearly movement of the Sun and this is the day that marks the start of Fall.
Gold Star Mother’s Day 25-Sep-16 This holiday honors the mothers who have had children that have been killed while serving in the armed forces for the country.
Rosh Hashana 03-Oct-16 This is the New Year marker for those of the Jewish faith and they spend the day celebrating with their family and friends. They also undertake some traditional rituals, including blowing of the horn and eating some of the  most symbolic foods.
Child Health Day 03-Oct-16 On this day the country tries to spread the awareness about children’s health, who they will one day depend on for the future of the country. This day is celebrated with numerous discussions and awareness programs all over the world.
Feast of St Francis of Assisi 04-Oct-16 This day celebrates St. Francis, who is the patron saint for natures and animals. This is also the day when the people bring their beloved pets to the Church in order for them to be blessed.
Leif Erikson Day 09-Oct-16 This is the day to remember Leif Erikson,w ho is thought to be the first Nordic explorer to ever step upon the land of the United States.
Columbus Day, Native Americans’ Day, Indigenous People’s Day 10-Oct-16 Columbus Day – This holiday is always held on the 2nd Monday in October and it is thought that Columbus had reached the US on October 12th, 1492. Many people consider this to be the day that America was discovered and led to the Europeans settling in the country. Some of the states don’t celebrate this holiday because they believe that the European settlements had wiped out the heritage and indigenous culture of the land.
    Native Americans’ Day/ Indigenous People’s Day – This is the holiday that is celebrated in the states that don’t celebrate Columbus Day. It is a day to uphold the culture and heritage of the indigenous people that first lived in the country.
Yom Kippur 12-Oct-16 This is holiest of the Jewish faith throughout the entire and this is the day that they believe they gain atonement for any sins that they might have committed.
White Cane Safety Day 15-Oct-16 On this day the visually impaired people are honored and it upholds the contribution of the White Cane sticks that allow the independent living of these individuals.
Boss’s Day 17-Oct-16 On this day colleagues express their love and appreciation for their bosses and it is thought to enhance the bond between coworkers.
First Day of Sukkot 17-Oct-16 This day is the first day of the period called Sukkot and it is a Jewish holiday. This is the period that the Jewish followers remember the various hardships of their ancestors when they had been forced to leave Egypt.
Alaska Day 18-Oct-16 On this day in 1867 the Alaskan territory was transferred to the United States by Russia, who had ruled over the area before that.
Last Day of Sukkot 23-Oct-16 This holiday is also called the Fest of Tabernacles and this is the last day of the Sukkot period. On this day there is a festive meal along with various rituals that are performed.
Shmini Atzeret 24-Oct-16 On this day the Jewish followers will follow certain rituals in order to express their love for God.
Nevada Day 28-Oct-16 This holiday occurs on the last Friday of October every year and it is the day in 1864 when the state became the 36th state in the United States of America.
Halloween 31-Oct-16 This holiday started as a Pagan festival for harvest with different rituals and customs. However, these days it is associated with honoring the souls that have departed and there are numerous different traditions that are observed on this day. These traditions including trick or treating to friends, family and neighbors, along with costume parties, spooky parties, carving of pumpkins, decorating of homes and much more.
All Saints’ Day 01-Nov-16 On this day all the of the Saints are given tribute and it has been a day to honor the Saints that don’t have a special feast day that is dedicated to them.
All Souls’ Day 02-Nov-16 On this day people give tribute to the souls that have departed this world.
Daylight Saving Time ends 06-Nov-16 On this day the clocks are all set backwards, which means the country gains an extra hour.
Election Day 08-Nov-16 The elections are always held on the 1st Tuesday of November and on this day elections for various local, state and national level offices are held. This is the day when most of the governmental representatives are elected.
Veterans Day 11-Nov-16 This is the holiday that celebrates all of the veterans of the wars in the United States and both the living and dead veterans are celebrated. There are numerous parades that are organized and there are special services that are planned for the day. The living veterans are honored and given badges and other special treatment on this day.
Thanksgiving Day 24-Nov-16 This holiday started as a harvest festival, but now it is celebrated as a time when family and friends get together to express their gratefulness for everything they were given throughout the year. This is a day where feasting takes precedence and a roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry relish and other favorite items are served.
Black Friday 25-Nov-16 This is the day after Thanksgiving and is known for a day of plenty of shopping and sales. This is the official start of Christmas shopping and the name of the holiday comes from the tradition of using black ink to mark in the profits by businesses.
American Indian Heritage Day, Lincoln’s Birthday 25-Nov-16 American Indian Heritage Day – This day honors the cultural heritage of the Indians who had lived in this country before any explorers or settlers had arrived.
    Lincoln’s Birthday – This holiday is celebrated in West Virginia due to the fact that the state attained their statehood under him. During his leadership, he had often given State employees a paid holiday on the day after Thanksgiving, which created Black Friday and made it an official holiday in the state.
First Sunday of Advent 27-Nov-16 This is the start of the Christian Year and is treated as such by may Western Churches.
Cyber Monday 28-Nov-16 This day is associated with general shopping, especially online shopping and is held on the Monday after Thanksgiving is celebrated.
St Nicholas’ Day 06-Dec-16 This is the day that St. Nicholas is honored and it is believed that he started the tradition of bringing gifts to the children on Christmas. The families who celebrate this holiday do so by giving the children in the house gifts.
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 07-Dec-16 This is a day of remembrance and honoring those who had been killed in the attack of Pearl Harbor in 1941 by Japanese bombers. The harbor had been attacked during World War II.
Feast of the Immaculate Conception 08-Dec-16 This is a Christian feast that they observe in order to uphold their beliefs that Virgin Mary had committed no sins when Jesus Christ was conceived.
Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe 12-Dec-16 This day a feast is held by the Christians and it is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, who was the mother of Jesus Christ.
Wright Brothers Day, Pan American Aviation Day 17-Dec-16 Wright Brothers Day – This is the day when the United States remembers the first airplane flight that was undertaken by the Wright Brothers after they had created their mechanically propelled airplane.
    Pan American Aviation Day – This is the day for upholding and furthering the spread of interest in aviation. It is thought that this holiday would become a connector between different people and cultures all over the world.
December Solstice 21-Dec-16 This is the day that has the longest daytime and the shortest night.
Christmas Eve 24-Dec-16 This is the day before Christmas and it is typically a merry one as everyone starts to get into the holiday spirit. This is the day when all last minute shopping for Christmas and the other preparations are completed, which makes it a busy day. Also, there is a midnight mass at many churches that are attended.
Christmas 25-Dec-16 This day celebrates the birthday of Jesus Christ and on this day people spend extra time with their friends and family. They exchange gifts, decorate their homes with a tree and other decorations and enjoy a huge meal.
First Day of Hanukkah 25-Dec-16 This is the first of 8 days for the Jewish followers for celebrating their religious freedom.
Day After Christmas Day, (KS, NC, NH, SC, TX, VA) 26-Dec-16 This day is celebrated in Virginia, Texas, South Carolina, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Kansas. These states give their residents an extra day off so that they can fully enjoy their festive season.
Kwanzaa 26-Dec-16 This is the day that the African-Americans celebrate in order to pay tribute to their traditions and cultures of their native lands. This festival was first observed back in 1966-67 after it was proposed by Maulana Karenga. Numerous exhibitions on the African-American culture and the origin are planned and held, including drumming and music to create a cherry atmosphere.
New Year’s Eve 31-Dec-16 This is the last day of the year and this is the celebration that says good-bye. The partying takes place throughout the entire country and it is done with zeal and bar hopping is extremely popular on this night. Also, formal parties and dinners are organized at numerous places, including charity dinners. Also, in New York they plan a huge celebration at Times Square complete with a parade and a ball drop.